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Wedding Day Zits

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It’s not often I actually write about wedding shit these days, but I have recently found a product that has made an incredible impact in my life. It could help with the rogue  wedding day blemish, so I thought I’d share.

But before I reveal this little gem of a product, I need to reveal a little something about myself. I’m a picker.

And I’m not talking about antiques found in old barns.

I’m talking about zits. And scabs. And boogies. Even my nails and the dry skin on my feet. If there is something to remove from my body, I’m tearing at it. And yes, I realize it’s disgusting and unhealthy and leaves scars.

I. Just. Can’t. Stop.

SO.  Needless to say, if there’s a blackhead, mini-zit or cyst-like growth on my face, it’s getting attacked. Over and over and over. Just call me Sisyphus. 

The ones that are the bane of my existence are the cyst-style golf balls that you can feel coming for weeks. You know what I’m talking about, right? If I could, I’d take a melon-baller and scoop those things right out of my face.

But I can’t, so I pick.

And then I try to repair the damage I’ve done by using every skin care product I can get my hands on. Some are definitely better than others. I’ve had the most let-me-try-to-kill-the-zit-before-I-rip-my-face-apart-success with Origins Super-Spot Remover and Therapy Systems Topcial Treatment Serum. The Therapy System is expensive, but it’s a big bottle and will literally last you forever. I’ve had my bottle for almost 4 years and it’s only half-empty. I’m sure someone somewhere will tell me that the shelf  life is like six months, but it still works so I don’t care.

I will also mix witch hazel with a dash of hydrogen peroxide, soak a cotton square and lay with down with the cotton on my face. Sometimes I’ll add an ice cube, generally balanced on my forehead, to help reduce swelling.

After the witch hazel soak, I’ll put on the spot cream, dabbing with a Q-tip just so that stuff gets on the zit and not all around it. If I put on too much, it gets really dry and my face starts to peel. Which looks awesome.

After that, I’ll put some Neosporin on and around to keep that dry factor away.


So the above has been my zit-MO for like, ever. Recently I was on a work trip and I had not brought any of my zit tools with me and my face was all like, “I’m going to pretend you’re an adolescent and break the fuck out.” It was so much fun. So I’m digging through my make-up bag and my toiletry bag and trying to find SOMETHING I might have to help.

You know what I found?

Preparation H Cooling Gel.

I shit you not.1

Now, I’ve tried PrepH before. The girls in my sorority would walk around with white dots all over their faces before bedtime. Never worked, not for them and not for me. But when I pulled out this tube (and no, I’m not going to tell you why I even had the stuff in my bag), I figured I had no other choice.

Somehow, the gel is different than the white stuff. It reduced the swelling. It didn’t dry my skin out. It reduced the redness. And it works FAST. Like in an hour I could see a noticeable difference. Overnight? Holy cow. A HUGE difference. And when I can’t feel the pressure under my skin, I pick less. It’s a win-win for T30SB and her adult-acne.

I’m telling you, you should try it. And you should keep some in your wedding day emergency bag (scroll down towards the end of the post for the ultimate list).

Oh, and happy picking.



1Pun intended.