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Me & Monique

Just a quickie....I was at The Bride Room on Friday for the start of their Monique Lhuillier trunk show. The ladies there are always so incredibly nice and their showroom is to die for. Anyway, I got to try on a sample gown! Can I tell you how excited I was just to have the damn thing on? AND I'M ALREADY MARRIED! What is wrong with me, people? Just look at how fun this dress is though!

Thank you ladies for letting me play dress up! You know I love you more than my luggage.




Just Go Shopping

So what's a girl to do when a house breaks up with her? Why, shopping of course!

Even The Candyman woke up today lamenting The House. I mentioned my lemon bundt cake plans and he admitted to having similar thoughts of new-neighbor death, but his were a lot more bloody than my bundt cake scenario. I'm not sure if this worries me, or turns me on. Hm.

Anyway, I went shopping for eye candy on the interwebs and for sure found some. I just thought I'd share.

Prettiness from Marchesa.


Killer back silhouettes from Anne Bowen!


Will someone please buy this dress from Rodarte?


Loving this from Nicolas Clements Lindsey.


Ruffled cuteness from Chado Ralph Rucci


Mariella Burani. Kind of reminds me of Lillian's get-away dress!

See a little shopping always make me feel better! I'm got this new-found love for back detail like the Anne Bowen dresses. Is there a dress aspect that you're focused on and just can't let go of? Trains? Buttons versus zippers? A-lines? Do tell.

And don't forget, today is the LAST DAY to win the wedding sign! Go enter the contest here! Good luck!

All photos source.



I am not the most eco-friendly gal on the block. Our stupid Home Owners Association won't include recycling in the garbage deal they have. We don't have room for extra places to separate garbage and honestly, I don't have the patience to deal with getting it where it needs to go. Self-centered? Perhaps. Honest - yup.

I do, however, recycle plastic bags from the grocery if I forget my totes, recycle all the plastic water bottles from work, as well as the aluminum cans. We keep our thermostat low, but we use a lot of water. There doesn't seem like a win-win scenario unless you have a lot of freakin' time and resources available. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Anyway, when I was in Hong Kong I saw this New Zealand-based reality show about how bad this one family's " carbon footprint" was to the earth. They started keeping a bucket of earthworms in their basement to put organic refuse into. Did you know that an earthworm can eat's it's weight in 24 hours and that it is a hermaphrodite? Anyway, you can plop all your veggies and carbs and such into a bucket of dirt and worms and voila, recycled worm poop to use in your garden! No meat or citrus though, they don't like those food groups.

The point I'm getting to is that I was thinking about my own "footprint" and this time, it was not how it would so nicely fit into a pair of Jimmy Choos. Once I start thinking, I start surfing. Once I start surfing, all things come back to weddings (and those oh-so elusive Jimmy Choos). My surfing found a really cool eco-chic wedding dress lady on Etsy. I thought for sure this chick was from San Francisco, maybe Portland. Oh no. She lives in KNOXVILLE. As in Tennessee. As in the reddest state in the Union (blech) as well as my home state. A-mazing. As are her gowns.

The name of her Etsy shop is Threadhead Creations.  

This is called The Jane (oh, Mr. Darcy!). It's made of organic cotton with an unbleached silk chiffon overlay. Fully lined in organic cotton. Yes, please.


Meet The Callie.

"Callie is constructed with five different hemp/silk blend fabrics. The hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is blended with wild peace silk (cocoons are harvested only after the moths have emerged). This dress features an organic cotton base layer and is fully lined in silk. "

How polite. They let the little moths be born before the wreck havoc on their little homes.


For the less traditional bride, there's The April, made of eco-friendly charmeuse.

"The landscape panel is handcrafted using many lovely colors of hemp/silk charmeuse. Over forty blossoms accent the intertwined tree limbs. "

This dress is from the Natural Bridal Collection by Morgan Boszilkov.

Bamboo and organic cotton jersey dress with hand made organic linen flowers and hemp/silk charmeuse details.

'Cuz you know I loves me some shrugs! Organic linen pleated wrap with large hemp silk crepe gathered flowers and hemp silk ties!

 Now everyone is all hip and crazy about "upcycling" ( process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value - thank you Wikipedia). I've yet to see any really pretty upcycled gowns, except for one on Bride Chic. I do think recycled gowns are totally cool though. Like, uber-swoon over this one.

Now, granted the MINK FUR TRIM kinda negates the whole "eco" theme of this post, but heck, that animal has been dead now for like SIXTY YEARS! How is that my fault? How am I responsible for the demise of that little rodent? Whatever. Check out the vintage stuff at The Frock.

Anyway, who can afford a used dress for $3700? If I was going to spend that kind of money, I'd be hittin' me up some Reem Acra, St. Pucchi or Vivienne Westwood. But that's just me. I hope you all have enjoyed this brief and incomplete visit to the politically correct world of eco-wedding gowns, courtesy of The Thirty-Something Bride. My opinion? Wear what makes you feel simply stunning and happy  and that will be the right dress.


The Big Chill

We got a handsome amount of snow here in Nashville Friday night. It became abundantly clear that we are indeed Music City as opposed to Snow Plow City, because here it is Sunday and the roads are still a mess. Major ones are passable, but there is much to be desired in the way of snow removal here in Nashville. Everyone was pretty much snowed in yesterday. It was a huge weekend buzz-kill. There was much planned at The Casa de Candyman and The Thirty-Something Bride.

We managed to get out while the sun was shining today, but are wary of going out this eveing for a friend's 40th birthday celebration. It's a bit far from home and if the roads freeze over when the sun goes down, it might be a dangerous trip. We shall see....

But what all the snow got me thinking about was a wintry-wonderland of bridal goodness. I went in search of pretty little dress for the winter bride. Here's what I found!


I love this long-sleeved style from Joan Shum.

What about this coat by Swedish designer Alicja Eklöw? I would think that the Swiss would know a thing or two about the cold, no?

Perhaps a bit avant guard, but I like the idea of a two-piece wedding set. Oh, and I looooove the hat.


This Ian Stuart ensemble probably belongs in the last post, but the jacket is too cute.

Oh, hi! How about sweater dress from Teresa Helbig? I like the arm warmers. Is that what they are called? Like the leg-warmers of the 80's but for your forearms? At least leg-warmers originally had a purpose. Somehow, that makes me feel better about having worn them with my Forenza Shaker Knit Sweater (worn backwards, of course), Mia flats and my prairie skirt. You know you're jealous.

Stay warm errybody! I'll show some more re-caps of the rest of the reception this week! Woo! Hoo!


Ask, and You Shall Receive.

I have a new pen pal. It's true. We're going to trade BFF charms and eat brownie batter together when she sleeps over. She asked me about cocktail wedding dresses. Granted, I think the question was hypothetical (nee rhetorical), but it got me thinking about cocktail-length wedding dresses. And then I just couldn't STOP thinking about cocktail wedding dresses. I had to do something about it. So here it is.


Dolly Couture. La-la-love it!

So sweet, you'll go into a diabetic coma. The pointy shoes are a must with this kind of dress.

Dolly Couture


The bride dyed her crinoline to match her hair! I just want to start singing "Break Out" by Swing Out Sister when I see this photo. Is that weird? Also by Dolly Couture via her blog.


Then what about THE coolest short dress ever?


SATC much anyone?


Oh, and look at these gorgeous things by UK's Stephanie Allin.

I want to buy this one to vacuum in. No? Too much?I think it would make that particular household chore so much more enjoyable that I'd actually take over the wicked, wicked task from The Candyman.


And for reals people, I think this shimmery, slightly sparkly ballet wrap is to *le die for.*

Also by Stephanie Allin.


And just look at it with THIS dress! Whoosh!

Vera Who? Monique What? I think I gots me a new favorite wedding gown designer and her name is Stephanie Allin, suckas.

This post is for you, Susie!

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