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Things to Come

You what I've realized about myself? I can be a total slob.

For the first time in my life, I actually have a "studio." I have my own room to create in. It's mine. All my sewing crap is in there, not stored in closets or under beds or atop cabinets. It's all in one centralized location (for the most part). In homes of yore, my studio has been part of my bedroom, part of my kitchen or part of the living room. I even made a friend's wedding gown in my kitchen. I'm not sure SHE knows it was made in my kitchen, so let's um, keep that just between us, OK?

But now. NOW. Now I have my own space. And because I don't have to share the studio with my Tupperware, bed or TV, I can spread out. And spread out I have. I am a slob when it comes to the studio. Shit is everywhere. But it needs to be. I pick things up and put them together and let them sit for a while to decide if I like that particular combination. I take it apart and put it together again. It's cathartic and inspirational all at the same time. I don't have to rush through things in order to clean it all up to make dinner or go to sleep. I love The Candyman for agreeing to let me have a room all to myself. Somewhere in the future of our married life, he will have a Man Cave. He deserves it. 

So what am I doing in said studio? I'm working on TruLu Couture stuff. You know, my bridal accessory line that I launched on Etsy a while ago? Well, that store sucks. Yes, it does. I rushed to put it up because I was a part of a Bridal show that I needed to have something up for. Between the time it went up sometime last spring and today, well - as most of you know - some shit has happened. Now, I have time to really pay attention to it. It's taking some time, but I am looking forward to a re-launch of sorts. My visit to Lina G's and just about every conversation I had while in California helped push me to make some decisions surrounding my plans and what I might be able to accomplish.

So here's a little mini glimpse into the world of TruLu Couture and what it will soon become.

I'm pretty excited. I'm sure I'll do some sort of give away when it's time to re-open, but until then I must practice much patience. And sew like the wind.

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Push-Up Bra Reduces Planet Size

Oh my. Oh my, my, my.

You know how sometimes there are things in the world that are so good you just can't stand it? There are some key elements in my life that I feel that way about. The Candyman is first on the list. He's truly a keeper. I caught him eyeing me seductively the other day and when I asked what was "up" he responded with, "I am so fucking lucky. My WIFE is so fucking hot." While this particular string of statements might be lacking a bit of the finesse of his usual romantic, sweet nothings, I've got to admit it's cool to hear my husband wax less than poetic on my particular level of hotness. Yeah, I'll take that all day long.

There are others things too, that totally blow my skirt. I'm sure I'm not the only one to cry when someone wins an Olympic event/American Idol, sees a father cry during a father/daughter dance or at those really sentimental coffee commercials from the 1980's. At least I hope I'm not the only one who cries at that crap. 

I felt much the same when I was introduced to Lina G's in Morro Bay, California. Just looking in the window, I felt my heart race and I got that weird, tight feeling in my sinuses when my eyes start to well right before I cry. Seriously. I couldn't wait to get in the place.

I was out and about with my aunt, who we call Sister (don't ask, it's a Southern thing). She took me by Lina G's. Sadly, Lina's was closed but we made plans to come back a few days later. From the onslaught of my emotional overload, I knew one day in there would simply NOT be enough. The following morning, I dragged my MOH (we call each other Cousin because that's what we are) there and spent over 2 hours simply looking and trying to decide what I would buy and how much I would allow myself to spend. I started talking with Lina and I quickly realized, as she dragged me into her back room to show me additional goodies, that she is insane. NOBODY keeps this kind of inventory of stuff unless they are insane. I quickly told her so and she whole-heartedly agreed! Insane to the core. But you know what? That crazy lady (and I am kidding) has got some kick-ass stuff. Stuff that just makes my little heart sing with joy.



Appliques, trims and lace....OH MY!

Beaded vintage ribbons and endless drawers of embroidery pieces and buttons.

Vintage French silk ribbon, bridal laces - all tucked in the most amazing little boxes and crates and drawers. It's like a vintage Style Me Pretty photo shoot vomited all over the place. I kid you not.

See that roll there on the left? That's vintage gold. Yes, that's right. Vintage woven gold mesh. Um ,yes please.

So I went back the next day with Sister armed with a wad of cash (a 20% discount if you paid that way) and TruLu Couture ideas rushing through my brain. I proceeded to spend the better part of three hours picking and choosing, pulling out my hair and gnashing my teeth in frustration over the fact that I am indeed, not a millionaire. As I started to wrap up my purchases, I noticed another woman going to town on her purchases. She was scooping up laces and trim like nobody's business. And trust me folks, this stuff  is not cheap. No sir. So me and the crazy purchasing lady started talking. She knows Cousin from their Mommy & Me classes from nearly 8 years ago. And guess what? I already knew her and her talent. She's an Etsy goddess. Her name is Kat and she makes these ridiculously insane headpieces, most notably worn by Courtney Love.


So we were all chatting it up, Sister talking with Kat about Cousin and their respective kids. Kat and I talking shop. Then it comes up that I worked at Frederick's of Hollywood back in the 90's. Lina worked directly for Mr. Mellinger (Frederick Mellinger, inventor of the push-up bra and owner of the company until he died in 1990) in the early 1980's. And suddenly the planet becomes teeny tiny as I stand there with total strangers who are all kind of connected in a strange, remote and interesting collision of worlds. Sister says to me, "Aren't you glad you did The Really Cool Thing?" And I swear, my eyes well up, my sinuses get that stuffy, strange feeling and I take a breath before I answer, "Yes. Yes, I am."  

Lina G. does not have a website, but she does sell a minute portion of her incredible collection on eBay. Her shop is located at 468 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 93441. Phone 805.772.7759

Check out Kat's Esty shop Liaison for super cool stuff.


TruLu Couture Has Opened! 

I did it. I stopped standing on the side lines and I have just jumped right in. With both feet. I opened an Etsy Shop. Here's the background skinny so you don't just think I'm totally nuts.

I have degrees in Apparel Merchandising and Costume Construction Technology. I studied under a master German tailor and interned with a private designer. I have a minor in Marketing. I've been working in the retail/wholesale industry for my entire career. I know all about the business side of things and have been in that realm for quite some time. What I haven't been doing is flexing my own personal creative muscle. I haven't done that in a looooooooong time.

In all honesty, it's wedding planning that got all those creative juices flowing again. Thank you wedding community! I was inspired to DIY things that I wouldn't have normally thought to. I loved making my own veil. I loved making my own fascinators. It was fun. I missed sewing. I used to do it all the time, but over the years just let it dwindle. I've had other obsessions to tend to, thank you very much. But I've realized now how much I have missed it. So I made another veil, you know, just for the fun of it. Then I made a ring pillow. And a fascinator, and then another fascinator. And another ring pillow. Then I started thinking about an Etsy shop. And a website. And you know, stuff just started happening.

What I'm not going to do is kid myself, (or you, for that matter) into the fact that I have the best veils or fascinators out there. I don't. But it's all work in progress and I figured I'd stop wasting time on the sidelines and get in the game. You've got to start somewhere, right? As with all creative things I do, it turns into a sort of process - an evolution - if you will. The last time I was seriously sewing consistently, The Divinyls "I Touch Myself" was a chart topper. Yeah, it was a while ago. And as with any skill, if you don't practice, you're bound to be a little rusty. That's kind of how I feel. I feel like I've taken the Cruiser out of the carport and cleaned it all up shiny and oiled the chain and replaced the seat and I'm taking her out for a spin. You gotta give the oil a chance to get into those gears so you can really get going. I'm oiling up my chain, so to speak.

So I've name the venture TruLu Couture (I do have haute couture training, just so you know). I've got a website. It's TruLu Couture.com, but my stupid domain name bullshit isn't linked yet, so just go to this temp link for now. TruLuCouture.com will be up in a day or so. I've also got the Etsy Shop up and running. So go there, take a look around and tell me what you like the best. I think I might end up sponsoring my own darn contest! How ironic.



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