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TruLu Couture Featured WHERE?

Holy amazeballs, y’all. Hell hath frozen over.

SMP Link

You know my girl Hillary, right? I posted her engagement shoot here. I posted her boudoir shoot here. I talked about the accessories I made her here. You can also read how I met her, when I was an extra as a part of her What Not to Wear ambush. She’s also a kick ass Nashville florist, owner of  Brocade Design Arts. You’d think we were in cahoots, what with me all the way up Hillary’s ass. No, I just think she’s super-cool and I have an extraordinary amount of respect for this woman who transformed herself, both inside and out. Majors props.

I have been waiting with bated breath for her photos. I had a feeling she was submitting to SMP…and I was right! Yesterday she was featured on Style Me Pretty under Destination Weddings!

She didn’t end up wearing the hair toy I made her, but I have to say, the orchids with the yellow centers were a MUCH better choice in the grand scheme of her color story. It was all so beautiful. Here’s the sash….


Hassas Photography

She had lamented not having a lacey gown, as that was the direction she was leaning when she was first gown shopping. She ended up with something the POLAR opposite (I can relate). She asked me if I could bring a little sumpin’ sumpin’ of the now-missing lace into the sash, so I embellished the gray satin with vintage lace and vintage pearl beads.

I have to say, I’m really freakin’ excited to be one of the featured vendors on SMP, though I have a hard time swallowing that particularly bitter pill!

Make sure you check out all the pictures from her day. They are amazing. I’m going to beat down her door to come full circle. I mean she HAS to be an Unfake Bride, right? RIGHT?

Oh, and since we're on the subject of vintage lace things? I finished that shrug from last week. I finished adding all the appliques and then I decided to hand-bead the whole thing. So glad I did because it's fabulous now Check it.



It’s up and for sale here and here.  Turned out cute, no? Makes me wish I was getting married again. But only a little!


{Product of the Week} Lace Shrug Happiness


This morning I learned (sort of) to use the white balance in photo editing. Why? First, because pictures taken with a flash are so ugly they make my eyes bleed. Second, because I took these pictures at the ass-crack of dawn when no human should really be awake, alert or really functioning in anything other than a horizontal position.  However, I’ve got places to be and crap to do today my lovely little blog readers, so had to get this post finished pronto. The Candyman is always telling me, “It’s OK to skip a day of blogging, you know. It is your blog.” And then I start hyperventilating and he finds me curled up in a ball in the corner and he realizes that notion is not one I’m going to entertain.

Early rising it is then.

The topic for today is this little lace shrug I designed for TruLu Couture that I ADORE! It’s coming along quite nicely and I hope it will eventually make some bride giggle madly over it’s eventual loveliness.

OK, first up is the lace. DOOOOODS. It’s vintage, though I have no idea how old it is. It’s not that old because it’s synthetic material. It could be 1960’s, it could be 1980’s. I have no idea. But HOW CUTE is the little swag design with the little flowers? Be still my heart. I saw this fabric and immediately thought of my girl Veronica and how she might be a wee bit jealous of my find. There wasn’t much of it, but I bought it in hopes of figuring out the best use for it. There was just enough of it to make this little sucker and I’m so happy with it.

It’s got the little ruffled cap sleeves and a fitted bodice, front and back. I gathered up the front because everyone likes a little ruching, right? It will have a hook and eye closure at the very bottom, but it probably won’t even need it.

What I love most? The back. Check it.



(As I look at the editing quality and my first attempts at "white balance" use? Clearly, I have much to learn. I only play a photographer on this blog. Please don’t think that I compare myself to professionals. I so don’t. Basically, the shrug is ivory on ivory, though it shows like four different colors here.)

Once I get all the lace appliques sewed on (by hand…gah), I’m going to go back and lightly bead the lace with some seed pearls and teeny tiny sequins, just to step it up a notch.

I’m trying to decide if I should take a little bit more of the applique design down the center back or leave it as it. I think maybe just a little bit more…..what do y’all think?


Product of the Week, TBD

Will you believe me when I tell you that this


will soon be beautiful?

It’s vintage (c.1930-40’s) and is either rabbit or mink. Me and the vintage lady I bought it from think it’s mink since it’s got a nice shine to it. Rabbit is a little more matte.

I think this might have been a coat at one time, but was taken apart for some reason or another. It’s still got a nice shape in what I think used to be the shoulder/collar area which gives me a great base to work off of. It will be a labor of love to clean, interface and line, but I believe this will make a really pretty shrug for a winter bride!

As a side note, the Vintage Flea Market that I got it at? This month was the big show they have twice a year and OH MY GOD. When we upgrade from the dining room set I bought 8 years ago for $500? I’m totally going to this market to buy a giant repurposed farm table.

I’m just sayin’.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for yesterday’s comments. I made some Asian-style turkey burgers and they were delish! I am super-excited about some of the recipe links y’all left me too!


Cool Idea! Up-do Accessories!

OK, so yesterday I showed you The Giant Pouf. Today, I want to share this other idea I got from the photo shoot.

We had a model all dressed and ready to go and when I went to put whichever headpiece I had assigned to the dress on, it just didn’t work. We tried all sort of different pieces and it just wasn’t coming together with the dress and the hair. Frustrated, we called over the hairstylist to enlist her creativity.

We showed her our previous ideas, which she too dismissed. She looked through all the products, gently shaking her head, just as we had done. She asked me, “You got anything else?” I did, but they were things that were incredibly simple that I had kept packed up. I mean, after The Giant Pouf the plain things seemed sort of….dull.

I pulled out the few remaining goodies in my arsenal of hair toys and the hairdresser made a beeline straight for The Annabelle Headband exclaiming, “Ooooooh! This one!” However, we had already tried a ribbon-styled headband on the model and it just did not work with the look, which we all started protesting to her at the same time.

“No! Not as a headband! Like this!” and she immediately started twisting the headband into the incredible bun she had created, leaving the small, beaded accent toward the top of the up-do.

Check it out:


I simply adored her take on the headband and the idea of pinning pretty ribbon into a detailed up-do like this. I’ve seen flowers and sparkly pins and such pinned in, but never a ribbon. I simply had to share!

So what do you think? Do you love this idea or what?


{Product of the Week} A Giant Pouf

Hey y’all!

First of all, the effort it took me to get out of bed this morning? Herculean. I’m slightly jetlagged from a wedding in Tucson this weekend, but it is well worth it. Such fun, so heartfelt. More on that later.

Today I’ve got a TruLu Couture Product of the Week for you.

This piece is particularly interesting for me. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and felt it was a little too “out there” to actually make.

I written about this before, I think; how I’ve been somewhat reserved and  stagnant in how I actually design pieces because of my background at the corporate level. In that world, you have to dance a very precise and delicate dance on the top of the trend bell curve. If you’re too soon, nobody gets it and you don’t get any sales. If you’re too late, you aren’t innovative enough and you don’t get any sales. It’s been an interesting process for me to let all that go and just design from the heart.

So, when I had the opportunity to show my pieces to Premiere Bride, I decided to quickly put together this statement piece that’s been cooking in my head. I was nervous to even show it! What’s interesting, it was the FIRST thing they noticed. There was gushing and demands for me to finish it in time for the photo shoot, which I did.

What is is: a big pouf. Smile

Basically, you’ve got pouf #1 that made from a nylon cross-weave tulle. It’s different from regular tulle in that the weave isn’t in tiny diamond shapes, but in squares. It has less drape and more body so it will keep it’s shape better.

On that pouf I randomly sewed on pink and ivory vintage silk flowers. Then I made pouf #2, this one slightly larger than the first. On the inside of that pouf, I sewed little vintage velvet leaves, then sewed the entire pouf around and over the first pouf. In a nutshell, the leaves and flowers are '”trapped” inside the veil, giving it a very ethereal, dreamy sort of look.



Here are a few of the pictures I took of the model who wore it for the photo shoot. The photography is crap (my bad), but you can get the gist of the size and shape. The model was wearing hot pink suede stilettos and it just made the whole look pop. Can’t wait to see the real deal !

Everyone at the shoot totally loved it and it made me feel great about stepping outside the box a bit. Design validation is always a feel-good thing!

What do you think? Is it too out there are just out there enough? It’s definitely not a conventional piece, that’s for sure!

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