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{Sponsored Post!} The Last Detail

As a DIY-heavy bride myself, I‘m always a little hesitant when folks contact me about featuring favors and decorations and such that can be purchased on-line.

And that’s just dumb.

The reality is, not all of us are creative. Not all of us own hot glue guns, paper cutters or have a rainbow of cardstock supply at our fingertips. Not all of us care about DIY. Not all of us have the time, inclination or desire. Are you that kind of bride? It’s OK if you are because there is help. The Last Detail is a super-swank, on-line shopping experience that can make your wedding planning a smidge easier.

And if you are a DIY kind of bride? You know there’s always a project that goes a little, um, shall we say awry? If you find yourself in a pinch, you’ll like this post too! 

SO anyway, I really like the variety of products The Last Detail offers, from the wedding favours to table décor to bunting, signage and more. My personal favorites are the pretty little heart cut-out bunting and super-sweet dessert picks. The 20 picks have a range of quirky messages such as 'little fancies', 'dainty delights', 'take your pick', and 'pretty sweet'. Cute, no?

Clip_6 Clip_7

They have a nice selection of wedding guest books too, if you’d like to go the traditional route. However, I’m liking this alternate “Wishing Tree” option (though I do wish we’d all stop calling it a “Wishing Tree” – it just sounds lame to me).

Clip_4 Clip_5

Super-cute butterflies, right?

The other thing I like about this site is how it’s set up. You can shop by “range” (like a theme: Vintage Floral, The Black Collection) to save yourself some effort or you can browse products by color. Anything that saves a planning bride some time is key, no?

Lastly, they’ve got a cool “Ideas & Inspirations” section that helps you with coming up with a theme, or color direction. Now, don’t scoff at that. Having a direction helps with your planning, whether it be a motif, a color or even a location. The hard part is simply choosing! So go check out The Last Detail, you’ll be happy you did!

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