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Claudia Endler Designs ~ A Sponsored Post

It’s funny how time and money can change your perspective on design and what you like vs. what you think you like.

When I graduated from college I had a mishmash of clothes, jewelry, shoes and furniture.  My clothes were an incongruous collection of hard-core punk-rock pieces from my early high school days mixed with a full bounty from The Limited (I worked there all through high school) and a very odd collection of early 90’s, oversized grunge-esque crap. My shoes and jewelry reflected the same. I had three pieces of “real” jewelry: two yellow gold necklaces and one pair of big yellow gold hoops (still have them too!) that my parents had given me in high school.

When I struck out on my own, I had hand-me-down furniture from the folks mixed with anything that was under $100 that I could physically lift and move myself.  These parameters resulted in things like: a rattan love seat used as a couch, milk crate side tables and not much else. As I got older and made more money, I bought actual furniture, but it was still stuff that was on sale. Always on sale.

I did the same with clothes and jewelry and I kind of wish I hadn’t. I think of all the money I wasted on trendy crap (i.e. lime green canvas Dr. Marten knock-offs for $9.99 at Shoe Carnival) or the plethora of 90’s baby doll dresses I bought and actually wore. I mean, I look TERRIBLE in those things, but they were in style and I wanted to be stylish, not really realizing that I’d have looked a lot better in something that was less trendy and more fit appropriate.

I find myself leaning away from expensive trendy pieces. If I see a  piece that would be fun to have, I generally try to find a version of it at Forever 21 or something because I am NOT about to spent $400 on a studded hobo bag that some magazine will tell me is “out” in three months. Eff that. I will however, spend $400 on something that I am for certain I love and will last me for freakin’ EVAH.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post, sponsored by Claudia Endler: what’s your style? What’s your wedding jewelry style? Will you look down at your hand or your husband’s hand in ten years and say, “What was I thinking?”

When I stumbled upon Claudia’s website, I was really taken by the modern simplicity of her style.  Does modern and unique mean it will be out of style in the next nano-second?  I don’t think so.  Check out some of these great looks for men’s bands that she’s offering:




My fave is the 2 of the 3mm bands with one 5mm band.  Simple and modern, yet totally classic.

What about cool groomsmen gifts (man, those guys are hard to shop for!)


Need some great gift ideas for your mom, FMIL or maids? She’s got some super-cool, super-sexy pieces that I love (Honey-pie, Christmas is coming!).  Check these out.



All of these pieces from Claudia’s Modeux Collection are under $200. Not too shabby for the real deal, right?

Need a little sumpin-sumpin for yourself? Yeah, I thought so.  Love these super-sexy statement pieces:

My favorite from her entire online collection?

Brushed sterling silver cuff = yes, please.

So, go on over and check out Claudia’s stuff. You totally won’t be disappointed.  And let me know what you like about it. As we all emerge from the Singleton lifestyle, prepping for married life (or currently exploring married life to its fullest) do you find your styles changing any? If so, how? More complex or more streamlined? Is your husband’s style being incorporated? Lemme know!

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