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I’m Louise. Blogger. Wife. Designer of TruLu Couture Veils + Accessories.  If you’d like to know more, check out my bio.

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I Feel Famous!

Hey Everybody! Ashley over at Ashely's Bride Guide featured Parts I & II of my dress hunt today. Check it out here! I love being a guest blogger! What a treat! I promise, I won't let the fame get the best of me. :P


Can I get a "Hell, Yeah!" from my Brides?

Ashley, over at Ashley's Bride Guide, gave cool-ass props to this Thirty-Something Bride! Check it out! I'm pretty sure she's posting me as a guest blogger tomorrow. The focus will be The Dress. Sweet! The ABG site is a fab local resource, but it has great ideas abound, so don't limit yourself if you're not from the Nashville area.

I had a feeling Ashley might mention my blog, but I wasn't sure when or how. I actually got a phone call from Sharon, uber-cool wife to my uber-cool photographer, Jonathon Campbell, to wish me congratulations. I love how I found out.

For those of you who think this is cool, leave a "Hell, Yeah!" comment. For those of you who think I've turned into a total-freak-blogging-bride, leave the same. I could care less, I am so excited.

I *heart* everyone right now!

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