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Local Loveliness

I was touring around Etsy yesterday TRYING to find something cool for The Candyman for our second anniversary, which tradition says is cotton. We are following tradition. I don’t want to get something predictable, like a t-shirt. Or clothes of any sort. I want something cool and yet it can’t be over $50 (budget, budget budget). I found this killer Dias de Los Muertos quilt wall hanging thing, but it was WAY over the limit. *sigh* Any ideas would be more than welcome…

Anyway, I started shopping under the “local” function and ran across a very cool vintage shop cleverly called ReInVintage. It has 15 pages of things that I simply love. Perhaps you will too!

For the brides:


Early 1900’s iron, rope and silk purse. $88

image image

Vintage white gloves with scalloped edge detail. $24


Vintage kitten heels. $30

Pour moi:


1930’s Black, yellow and silver dress with suede waistband. $385

(I ‘d wear it sans petticoat)

image image

1950’s De Lisa Deb Heels, $64

(And yes, I think I just might wear these with that dress! Though in reality, prolly not unless I want to cut my toes off to fit into them!)


Vintage handbag, $28


I just love when I can shop (window or otherwise) local, don’t you? What’s your favorite local haunt? Share the link if you are so inclined! I love exploring new finds. Of course, local does not have to mean Charlotte in this instance. Share your local love worldwide (that’s right, T30SB is in 150 countries! WOOT!).