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Details Schmetails. 

I think by now you all may have put two and two together and know that I am fairly obsessive, slightly compulsive and anal retentive as all get out. It's true. I love the details. During the wedding planning process, I didn't really start having fun until I could wrap my arms around all the little things. Big picture stuff like researching and hiring vendors was a nightmare for me. I really didn't enjoy it. In hindsight, I think it was because I didn't have a clear vision in my head as to what my wedding was going to look like. I didn't have the details all figured out.

In my job, when I'm putting together a line of merchandise or creating an object, I don't always have a clear vision either. It's a very organic process. In fact, I got totally pissed at my boss yesterday because he wanted a finite, clear idea of a product when it's still in the zygote stage. I got all pissed and called him argumentative and he was all, "Um hi, KETTLE! I'm POT." His smart-assery did nada to improve my mood. Later, he came into my office and placed an empty water bottle on my desk as a peace offering. WTF? I didn't get it either.

At any rate, I started really having fun with the wedding planning when I was gluing labels on match boxes, sewing my veil, dyeing hair flowers and printing! printing! printing! all my menus and such.

I think the point at which it all came together was when I totally committed to my centerpieces. I had been fretting over what exactly to do. You can read about the freak out here. And if you're interested, I still have a bunch of bud vases to sell that I haven't had time to deal with.

After I committed to my centerpieces, went overseas and committed to my chargers, the whole shebang just sort of fell into place. It was awesome. You all know that I just love my photographer Jonathon and his wife Sharon to pieces (Sharon, you guys coming over for the Super Bowl or what?), right? Some of my favorite pictures from the wedding are all the detail shots he took. I know that I have posted about a million pictures of my wedding and you're probably thinking I'm the most narcissistic person on the planet (I feel that particular award goes to Paris Hilton). But truth be told, I am in love with my wedding. It's true. Could you tell? What differentiates all weddings? The people and the details, regardless of how fancy-schmacy or simple you want it to be. Here are my details.


 The Hair-Do!

The Bouquet.

The Jewels.

The Rings.

Out of Town Bags. The funny thing is that this was a"reject" bag. Note that part of the E and O are missing!

The Groom.

"I DO!" Shoes!

The Chapel.

Ceremony Flowers. I LOVE the red doors!

The Programs.

The Head Table.

The Cake Buffet.

The Tables. LOVED my chargers. By the way, I have like 50 of these to sell.

The Welcome Table.This included the picture of me and The Candyman (a gift from Sharon!), The Candyman's parent's wedding photo album, my parent's framed wedding invitation, my birdhouse that was for the cards and a place for presents. :)

A 45-year old wedding invitation!

Homemade Cookie Favors.

Matches. I think this might be my fave detail.It was so pointless, but just so much fun to do. It just made my little anal retentive heart sing.

The Bar. Mmmmm....Malbec.

I look at these pictures and I swear, I love The Candyman more each time I do. Why is that? I also want to get married all over again. Can I? Please? Pretty please?

What was the favorite little detail of your wedding? What are you working on now (if you're still planning) that you're loving? Do tell.


A Toast

We arrived at our reception with our party-hats on and flags waving! I was ready to go! We had a lovely cocktail hour of hugs and drinks and well-wishes from friends and family alike. One cool thing about a small wedding is that you get to talk to everyone, albeit briefly, too briefly for my taste! I wanted to chat with everyone all night long!


The call for dinner was made and we sat down to a really decent spread! One of the reasons we chose Mere Bulles as our venue was that we really loved the food. It wasn't typical "wedding food" in my opinion. Several people voiced the same and that made me so happy! We got in a few smooches during supper.


I tried to circulate the rooms as best I could. I missed talking to two whole tables! I felt really bad, hoping that The Candyman had gotten there, but as it turns out he hadn't. Great. However, those tables housed our immediately family (one from my side, one from his) and we are hoping that we are forgiven. A hearty "SORRY!" to:

Sis, Gary, Weeza, Joanna, Herman, June, Cookie, Liz, Brett, Lisa

(don't you just love some of our Southern nicknames?)

Once dinner was dispersed, The Candyman and I got up to say a few words to our peeps. The Candyman started out a little less than elegant and got a heartfelt razzing from the crowd. It was awesome, the abuse he endured. However, once the crowd felt he'd had enough, they settled down and allowed him to finish his thoughts. They were the most thoughtful and beautifully elegant things I've ever heard him say and I have absolutely no recollection what they were. How terrible is that? I just know that it was awesome.



Then I got the mic and gave some shout-outs to the folks who had helped me throughout the planning process.I don't know what was going on in this particular photo, but I must have been harassing The Candyman. ;)



Then my dad got up to say a few words. Now, right before dinner began, I walked over to my dad and The Best Man to remind them when we were going to do the toasts. My dad goes, "Toasts? What toasts?"

"Um, Dad. Remember when you were at my house over Easter? Remember that I asked you to choose a song for the Father/Daughter dance?"

"Sure, and I did."

"Yes, I know. Do you remember that I also told you then that you'd have to make a toast? You told me that even if I'd told you the day of the wedding that you'd have to make a toast, that you'd probably know exactly what to say?"

"I did?"


"Good thing I know what to say because I have no recollection of that conversation."

And that my friends, is how Alzheimer's begins. I'm most certain of it. At any rate, it was a lovely toast. And I have to say that my pops looks pretty snazzy in his tuxedo. I think he looks good for Sixty-Something!



Then our awesome Best Man said a few words.... I love this shot because it looks like the he's rapping. "Yo! Yo! Yo! Put you're hands up for the da happy couple in da hizz-ouse!"



Then it was time for my MOH to give her toast and such a lovely toast it was! I of course, listened intently....



...and laughed, 'cuz it was really funny as well as sentimental:


I've finally gotten to a breathing point post-wedding, post-honeymoon, post-Thanksgiving, post-Christmas, post-New Year, post-overseas trip to request a copy of the toast from my MOH! It was such a perfect toast, the best of the night for sure!


In our cousin-relationship, Louise has always been the city cousin, and I have been the country cousin, so it seems fitting that it is in the city-of-all-things-country that I was able to stand next to her on her wedding day, and I felt very honored to do so. But no matter the fact that she is a city girl, she’s still a Southern girl, so it’s also perfect that this wedding is taking place on the Southern side of the Mason-Dixon line where she finally met the right tall and handsome Southern boy. Clearly she was waiting (patiently, or perhaps with her foot tapping) until he came along.

I don’t have a sister. I have my Cousin Louise, and whenever I talk about her, I always preface it with “She’s-my-cousin-but-I-don’t-have-sister-so-she’s-like-a-sister.” Either way, she has been my go-to-girl for all things related to romance. She and I have spent a lot of time talking about boys, often while we were up late, eating M & Ms and popcorn, watching movies—or, when, we were miles apart—talking on the phone. And from when she first met The Candyman, I suspected he might be the one. This time, the talk was different. There wasn’t a lot of analysis or play-by-plays of the conversations. There wasn’t a lot of angst. There was a smoothness to it, a wait-and-see attitude that made me think, “There is something real here. This might be the real deal.”

And then, I met The Candyman. It was at a beach house in Garden City, and for The Candyman, it was trial by family. Many of you were there at that beach house, and the rest of you can imagine the details. I didn’t get to talk to The Candyman much that week (he might have been hiding out a lot), but on the last night, we were all at the dinner table. Louise was razzing The Candyman about something, and all of a sudden he glanced sideways at her and said, with fork still in hand, “Darlin’, if I weren’t so hungry, it would be so ON right now.” And he went back to his food. Louise laughed, we all laughed, and I thought. Yep. That’s him. He knows what he’s doing.

Since then, I have been amazed at the way Louise and The Candyman have nurtured their relationship with love, honesty, and, most of all, humor. I am so happy to welcome The Candyman to the family, not only because he loves my Cousin and calls her “Darlin,” but also because he has good taste in movies and TV, and he’s a good writer. And it’s kinda nice to finally have a lawyer in the family, especially since he’s the good kind.

But most of all, I am happy for you, Cousin. You are such a strong, smart, and beautiful woman, and I’m so glad you have found your smart, funny, and handsome Southern man. I wish for you both a marriage filled with adventure, joy, passion, and peace. I wish you many mornings of good conversation over coffee, yella grits, and good biscuits. But, most of all I wish you a lifetime of love.

Isn't that the most kick-ass toast ever?? Here's to you, Cousin! 


After-Ceremony Shenanigans

After we got hitched, The Candyman and I hid in the chapel hidey-hole until all the guests were loaded on the shuttles and carted off to Mere Bulles for apps and cocktails.

Jonathon Campbell took some additional shots with our bad-ass ride as well as in the chapel itself. Check it out.


 My MOH's sweet little son drew us a wedding day picture. On one side, it's a picture of the wedding ceremony.Here is The Boy tell me about what he drew. What I find humorous about this child is that he's so smart and a little shy and quiet and reserved. However, when he was an infant I used to rock him to sleep to Eminem's "Without Me." It was the only thing that would put him to sleep! "Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside!"

On the other side it says "Have a happy life together." I am not sure if it gets any cuter than this.

Man, my hands look old. That bad-ass ring used to be my mom's. J'adore.

My necklace from Manila. It was so cheap, it hurts. A five-strand seed peal necklace and matching bracelet for under $30. Everyone should go to Manila.

Just hanging out in our finest.

Gettin' my sassy on.

Adore this shot! I just love love love the big windows and the sheer lace curtains.

Football mums, garden roses, gerbera daisies and fern curls.


 I LOVED my purse. My sweet friend Trish owns Nashville's best vintage clothing shop, The Hip Zipper. Seriously, it's voted so every dang year! I told her I was looking for this purse and not only did she find it for me, she gave it to me as wedding gift!


Probably my single most favorite picture. Actually, it's between this one and the one at the top of this blog. I just can't decide. Like, since when did we get so cool? There is nothing I don't like about this picture. I mean, even the gorgeous sunset is reflected in the car.

Jonathon? Seriously. I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did capturing our wedding. I don't ever get tired of looking at these pictures. I was just telling The Candyman this morning how happy I feel when I look at them. I remember what I was thinking and how I was feeling at the moment these were all taken and I get all gooey inside.The Candyman and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Again.

Blog Attendance Update - I gotta go to China on Sunday. So ick. It's so cold there right now. I'm going to try to schedule some bloggy-blogs, but I might be MIA at times. You know how it went last time. Same deal. Happily though, the trip is a mere 15 days. WOOT! WOOT!


Invigorated! Oh, and The Ceremony, Part II

I feel so alive after writing yesterdays post, reading the groovy comments and getting a little lost  in the blogosphere last night. How lame am I? I don't care. I don't. I made an effort yesterday not to just scroll down through my Google Reader, but to investigate out and about and I found some really great reading. I highly encourage y'all to do the same when you've got the time. Tip: Good blog writers generally have interesting reads on their blog rolls. Check 'em out.

Where was I? I think I was walking down the aisle? Yes, I think so. When I first walked in with my Dad and everyone stood up I was thinking:

"What do I look at? Who do I look at? Oh! There's Marie! Hi, Marie!  Oh, her dress is so pretty. That must be her new boyfriend. Oh! Don't cry Michele, you're gonna make me cry. Oh, and there's Spud (it's a nickname) and he's wearing a TIE! Oh, the big wreath looks so pretty. There's the guitarist. This is a nice song. Am I walking too fast? Man, there are a lot of cameras. I don't see my mom. She should be in the front. Oh, there's a tall person. She's probably behind him. My hand feels sweaty. Am I sweating? Ew. What's my veil doing? Will the guitarist end the song right? I never noticed those art deco lights before. The light in here is gorgeous! My dad's jacket feels scratchy. I wonder if he feels scratchy."

This all happened in my head in about 6 seconds.

And then I remembered a piece of advice a sorority sister gave me.

*Interruption - Yes, I was in a sorority. Delta Zeta at Indiana University. I joined for a few reasons:

1. I had transferred to IU, was a sophomore and knew NO ONE.

2. Midwesterners aren't the most welcoming group of people, compared to Southerners. I was having a tough time with that and thought joining a sorority would help. I was partially correct.

3. Indiana is a "dry" campus and they only way to get into a party was to be in a sorority/fraternity. So you could actually say that I joined a sorority to get my drink on.

4. Yes, we sang songs, clapped and wore matching t-shirts on occasion. This wasn't as bad as you might think. 

5. Rush - yes, it's as bad as you might think. 

6. I have to say that my house was cool in the sense that it wasn't about beauty queens (though we had our share), cat-fights (though they did occur) or being a skinny bitch (yup). There were cliques and there was bullshit, but looking at it in its entirety? We were an amazingly eclectic group of women from far and wide and we were smart (in the Top 5 GPA every semester). We donated our time and energy to philanthropic adventures. It was even fun at times.

7. I continue to have great relationships with a handful of women though so much time has passed. Hence the advice, that I will get back to now. *


So the advice was to make sure I looked at The Candyman. To make sure that I paid attention to what was said, to what I said and to get into the moment versus being swept away by it. So that's what I did. I zeroed in on The Candyman and my mind became crystal clear!

I think The Candyman was about to do one of two things here. He was either going to A) take a trip to Giggletown or B) cry. Neither occurred. Whew!

Words, words, words. Gettin' hitched.

Listening to the poem The Candyman wrote. My MOH looks a little bored, don't you think? I think maybe she was just listening really hard. ;)


Aw, Mom! Don't cry! I love how my Dad is holding my mom's hand. The Candyman will probably get irritated at me for this, but he says this picture makes him sad. It's the empty space next to his Dad, where his Mom should be. She passed away when The Candyman was 11. After he told me, it made me sad too.

Time for The Candyman's ring!


OK, so I love the progression of these next couple of shots. Check out the MOH's face too! I know she's looking at her daughter, The Flower Girl!



 And that's how you get married, folks. Nothing to it, right? We had a grand time, that's for sure. Neither of us cried, thank GOD! There was a little humour involved, always good at a wedding. There was a little gooey romance, a touch of God, a lot of spirit and the most important thing? Love. It's all about the love. It's all you need.


The Ceremony, Part I

Just a word of caution - this post is picture heavy. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words and I just don't have time for a thousand words, people. The photos tell their own story. However, my snarky comments make the story that much more fun (for me, at least).


 This is after we'd taken the first look, family and formal shots. I was sequestered away as the guests started to arrive. This is me attempting to escape the hidey-hole. I swear to God, this was the longest thirty minutes of my life. I was SO bored and antsy and people kept coming in and saying stuff to me and I was like, "Get the eff outta here and let me chill! I'm getting married in a few minutes!" OK, I totally didn't say that. I just wanted to at one point. However, I think someone (maybe my MOH?) figured it out and got rid of everyone so I could chill. So to whomever did that, thanks! Much appreciated!


Yup, the nerves are kicking in! You can tell by the vein popping out on my neck. I think some more make-up is in order. Lip-gloss, maybe?


Make sure you have some water around. I was parched. Again, I have no idea where the ice cold water came from, but I really appreciated it.


Key players in formation? Check! Wait. Where the hell is the Best Man?


My Mommy MOH telling her daughter she's up next.


Come on! Look at he little feet all criss-crossed! How freakin' cute is she!?!


I don't know if you guys remember me telling you this, but the Flower Girl ran out of petals about half-way down the aisle. Apparently, she was paying so much attention to the task that she over-allocated petals and ran out! I think this is her "uh-oh" moment. Happily, mom coaxed her the rest of the way down.


My turn! I absolutely adore my veil in this shot.


Sharon, Jonathon's (my photographer) wife took this shot. She told me later that she was so upset that I walked in and looked directly at her. I have no recollection of this at all, but I think it's a great picture. I do look slightly on the freaked out side.

Up next? Well duh, it's going to be Part II, where are the hot-vow and steaming-smooching action happens! Can I just tell you, I totally get misty when I look at all the vow photos. I am so shocked I didn't bawl during the ceremony. Who of the married blog-ladies out there hit the water-works hard during their ceremony. Anyone?