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New Gear!

So y'all know that I recently had a birthday. My folks and The Candyman got together and got me an extraordinary gift. It's something I had been coveting and saving up for for several months. This is what I got!


I am so excited because this means I get to actually take pictures again! Like, maybe good pictures - not just point and shoot bullshit. I mean, I do have a camera other than a point and shoot. This is what I've got:


Totally hot to death retro, right? Old school, for sure. It belonged to my dad and he gave it to me in high school. I used to shoot and develop a lot of my own black and white, but that was a looong time ago. I have long forgotten the meanings of apertures and f-stops and white balance and all that crazy photography lingo. Oh, and have you checked out today's digital image editing tools lately? Holy crap. I am WAY in over my head, but I'll learn it eventually. It's a process and a hella-fun one at that.

So you know what this means, right? Yes, you are bound to be subjected to my forays into digital photography. Forewarned is forearmed, people. But try to look at it this way, at least you will no longer be subjected to my lame, LAME attempts at cool photography with my point and shoot.

So I turned myself loose in my backyard this weekend and took my little 40D out for a spin. Here's what I came up with. I don't thinks these totally suck (not that the material is all that exciting), but practice makes perfect, right? Oh, I'm having so much fun!


I sent one of these to the friend we bought the camera from and his reply? "Tack sharp!"

Woot! Woot!

 Anyway, hopefully I'll have new pictures up of my TruLu Couture stuff since what I currently have is dog shit. But that might have to wait until after the move. I mean, we're up to our eyeballs in boxes! I can't believe all this stuff is like, happening.


Want Fifty Bucks? A Contest! 

When I first got engaged, I did all the disgustingly typical things: The Knot, bought every bridal mag I could get my hands on and generally started to freak the eff out. Let's face it, I had no idea what I was doing. Not a clue.

Blessedly, a recently married Nashville bride turned me on to Snippet & Ink and SMP and I was a goner. Hook, line and sinker, ladies. However, I did not abandon the master and mother of all DIY, The Martha. I signed up on her website thinking I might use her on-line tools. I never did, but I liked them all the same. I liked logging on and having Martha tell me how many days were left until my wedding. It was like Martha knew. I loves me my Martha.

Anyway, after the wedding, I found myself tooling around on her website again and saw this little blurb under "Planning Tools" that read:

Congratulations, Louise! Help out other engaged brides by reviewing your vendors. Choose a free gift from one of our favorite partners.

Free gift? Whoa. What is this? Martha wants to give me a present? Hell to the yeah, I wanna know what she's going to give me. It's got to be good, right?

Yes, there was a small catch. You have to fill out a minimum of 5 vendor reviews to get your free gift. Well, how hard is that? Easy-peasy is what that is! And if you didn't already know, The Martha is linked to Wedding Wire, where I happened to find my florist, Angela Sadler. I think all brides need to take the opportunity to review their vendors with all the honesty they can muster. It provides an excellent resource for other brides. It doesn't mean you have to slam your worst vendor. I did not like my DJ. However, there was a woman at my wedding (planning her own wedding now) who thought the music was awesome. She's like a decade+ younger than me, so our musical tastes have a great chance at polar opposition. Anyway, you get my point. Review your vendors. It helps other brides. And seriously? We need all the freakin' help we can get.

OK, so back to the free goodies. I can't remember all the options, but I know what I chose: Canvas on Demand. Easiest choice ever. Why? Because I am a total whore when it comes to things that go on my walls. I'm not sure which obsession is greater: shoes or wall art. There isn't an inch of naked wall space in my house. Not one. My brother is a painter so I have some of his stuff up. I have friends who are artists. My grandfather was a photographer, so I have tons of his stuff up.  I also collect cool pieces on my overseas trips. It's seriously an issue. I need a bigger house simply because I want more wall space. No lie.

So the freebie from Canvas on Demand was a voucher for $59! Pretty cool right? I ended up getting a framed 8x10 canvas for $35 with tax and shipping. Not bad, right? I'd post the embedded code they sent me to "share with friends and family" but I can't find the damn email. Just know that we used this picture and it looks fab.The only problem is that we have no place to hang it. Seriously, I have no idea what to do with it.


The other cool thing about getting this canvas was that they sent me TWO $25 gift vouchers for Canvas on Demand, or Great Big Canvas or Photo Pop Art! How cool is that? So Great Big Canvas is exactly as it sounds and has a TON of options - like favorite cities, floral scenes, college crap. It's way cool. See:


Now the Photo Pop Art stuff is not my personal preference, but you know, to each his own. There might be people out there who really want an Andy Warhol-esque canvas of their Great Dane (yes, this is for you, Candyman).


Or you can do something with your wedding or engagement pics.

So now, I am finally getting to great part of this post, now that I've forced you to read all my ramblings. You know those TWO $25 gift vouchers? They are yours, if you win the contest! As much as I'd LOVE to keep them for myself and blow some more cash on super-cool stuff to hang in my house, The Candyman might just kill me if I do. So, in order to continue living and to keep peace within the art-laden home, here's what you've gotta do to win. If you opt in for more than one option, you get more than one entry. Easy-peasy.

1. Leave a comment.

2. Follow the RSS Feed (that little orange square right below the Twitter link) and let me know in your comment.

3. Follow me on Twitter (let me know in your comment).

4. Tweet the contest (let me know in your comment). 

5. Blog the contest (share your link-love, baby!).

6. Fan me on Facebook (click on the Facebook link on the right) and let me know in your comment.

Holy crap! That's a lot of options. Oh, what am I getting myself into here? Anyway, the contest will be open until midnight on Saturday, February 20th. I'll post the winner on Monday, February 22nd. Cool? Get to entering folks! I am so excited!

Oh, one last detail - the vouchers expire on April 1, 2010 - so you need to be able to use them by then! Now get busy and enter! Have fun!



After-Ceremony Shenanigans

After we got hitched, The Candyman and I hid in the chapel hidey-hole until all the guests were loaded on the shuttles and carted off to Mere Bulles for apps and cocktails.

Jonathon Campbell took some additional shots with our bad-ass ride as well as in the chapel itself. Check it out.


 My MOH's sweet little son drew us a wedding day picture. On one side, it's a picture of the wedding ceremony.Here is The Boy tell me about what he drew. What I find humorous about this child is that he's so smart and a little shy and quiet and reserved. However, when he was an infant I used to rock him to sleep to Eminem's "Without Me." It was the only thing that would put him to sleep! "Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside!"

On the other side it says "Have a happy life together." I am not sure if it gets any cuter than this.

Man, my hands look old. That bad-ass ring used to be my mom's. J'adore.

My necklace from Manila. It was so cheap, it hurts. A five-strand seed peal necklace and matching bracelet for under $30. Everyone should go to Manila.

Just hanging out in our finest.

Gettin' my sassy on.

Adore this shot! I just love love love the big windows and the sheer lace curtains.

Football mums, garden roses, gerbera daisies and fern curls.


 I LOVED my purse. My sweet friend Trish owns Nashville's best vintage clothing shop, The Hip Zipper. Seriously, it's voted so every dang year! I told her I was looking for this purse and not only did she find it for me, she gave it to me as wedding gift!


Probably my single most favorite picture. Actually, it's between this one and the one at the top of this blog. I just can't decide. Like, since when did we get so cool? There is nothing I don't like about this picture. I mean, even the gorgeous sunset is reflected in the car.

Jonathon? Seriously. I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did capturing our wedding. I don't ever get tired of looking at these pictures. I was just telling The Candyman this morning how happy I feel when I look at them. I remember what I was thinking and how I was feeling at the moment these were all taken and I get all gooey inside.The Candyman and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Again.

Blog Attendance Update - I gotta go to China on Sunday. So ick. It's so cold there right now. I'm going to try to schedule some bloggy-blogs, but I might be MIA at times. You know how it went last time. Same deal. Happily though, the trip is a mere 15 days. WOOT! WOOT!


Yuck it Up




And back to the recaps.......

The great thing about a First Look scenario is that you get all the pictures out of the way (for the most part) prior to the ceremony and the reception. I am so glad we did this. Any of you with an ounce of Type A coursing through your veins - I highly suggest the First Look. Why? Because I was SO impatient! I was ready to get my reception on.

So after the first look, we had some more formal shots taken as well as some fun ones. Jonathon Campbell, photographer extraordinaire, has a photo-journalistic style, but managed to capture some really great formal portrait styles as well - all with just a hint of flair and personality. And when I say personality, I mean ours, not his. His photography shows off the personality of the people in front of the camera, not behind it.

The Candyman and I crack each other up all the time. We talk all the time. We make faces at each other all the time. We are cheesy and goofy and we don't care. We are so not cool, but I think we do a good job at faking it when we need to. Jonathon was able to capture that in ways that were endearing and charming and just plain romantic. What's great is that our families are the same way! Both are goofy and cheesy and fun and I am so glad we got that vibe captured on film! Below are some of the images that capture this spirit. While they aren't the ones that I will have matted and mounted and hanging in the living room, they are the ones I think I love the very most.

Typical. A shit-eating grin on The Candyman's face and me cracking up!

I absolutely adore this photo. Joshua, The Candyman's brother and Best Man is the wittiest creature I know. He can be so dead-pan. It's awesome. Joshua also has what The Candyman refers to as "The People's Eyebrow." I think this has something to do with the wrestler/actor The Rock, but I have to admit, my knowledge of the WWF is limited. Both The Candyman and his brother have the same eyebrow thing and Joshua is showing it here. I'm sure the look followed a snarky comment that set The Candyman into hysterics.

This is The Candyman and one of his other brothers, Preston. Preston was paralyzed when he was 18 years old (he's 40-something now) and has just the most incredible spirit. Wheelchair or no, those two behave like any other siblings.

OK, I've got to preface these next couple of shots. My MOH is not one who laughs or smiles a whole lot. She never really has been. It's not that she's grumpy or unhappy, it's just got to be something really funny for her to laugh. Her children are very similar. They are not unhappy children, just somewhat serious, like their mother.
Here we are about to get some shots of the The Flower Girl and the MOH and me. As you can see, the FG is taking this very seriously.

Jonathon took a couple of shots with the FG just sort of standing there looking at the camera. She wasn't smiling and looked a little scared. Sharon, Jonathon's partner in crime, gingerly asked her, "Do you think you can give us a little smile, honey?" And right on cue:

Jonathon (or maybe the second shooter?) immediately got this shot right after:
Me and the MOH cracking up at the FG. She went from this sad-looking little girl right into happy mode at the gentlest of prompting. It was too funny!

As I've mentioned several times before, I had to have some "help" in filling out my dress. Not familiar? You can read about it here. Here's my MOH in a moment of jocularity over the new wedding day cleavage!

And then me, checking out the girls myself:

My mother will totally hate this picture of herself, but I love it. She's totally laughing at me for some reason and clearly I'm enjoying myself too!

From the smug look on my brother's face, I know he's probably said something disgusting and/or completely inappropriate. However, since we're family and we all have a totally twisted sense of humor, we think it's funny too.

Now, this last shot might be my most favorite picture of all time. For reals. I'm not exactly sure how this started, but my brother and I have been doing this for decades. If I'm remembering it correctly, he and I were young and were acting up (Southern for misbehaving) one day. Someone (I want to say my dad, but it could have been my mom) told us to knock it off and to stop acting like little cretins. The adults left the room and I asked Austin what a cretin was. He made this weird face at me and made a strange sort of snorting noise and said, "That's a cretin." I mimicked him the best I could and said, "Like this?" And he said, "Yeah, like that!" And thus, The Cretin Face was born. It lives on to this day. Behold, The Cretins.

So it's Friday and this is the last weekend before the holidays. If y'all are as behind as I am then it will be a crazy-insane weekend, no? The beginning of next week is going to be so off-the-hook for me that I'm not sure how much posting time I can get in! Besides, The Candyman and I are heading out to The Carolinas to visit families so will be on the road quite a bit. If I can't get in any good posting time I want to say the following:

Merry Christmas to you. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish peeps. Happy Kwanza to those who celebrate it. But to all, regardless of how or where you celebrate this time of year, I wish you peace, love and all the happiness and health that The Candyman and I are blessed to have. Please be safe in your travels - look out for the other guy as he might not see you. Please don't drink and drive. Lastly, thank you to all of you who have followed and who continue to follow me in my writing and rants. You have made my wedding journey unforgettable in so many ways. Happy Holidays everyone! More recaps to come!




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