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{DIY} When Your Parents Get Their Martha On

We had my parents in for Easter weekend. I baked  a ham. We ate lots of cheese. I went shopping with my mom (new work clothes were MUCH needed) and my dad and The Candyman went to a plane museum and ate cheeseburgers.

My mom and dad brought us the cutest little DIY projects they made. I shouldn’t be surprised though. My parents have always had the DIY things going on. My mom knits and sews and crotchets and shit. My dad is like McGuyver mixed with the guy from This Old House. He does things right, but he’s been known to get, uh….creative…with his projects. Leave him alone in the garage for too long and the next thing you know he’s built a whole closet contraption thing that’s on pulleys. If he borrows your shovel, he’ll clean it sharpen it, paint it and customize it with your name before he gives it back to you. And you think I’m exaggerating. Just ask him, he’ll teach you how to DIY all day long.

My mom made me a little bath pouf tree.

She said it might be a cute idea as a blog post. I think she’s right. How cute would these be at a little shower, all lined up in cute colors, or all in white – inexpensive too, right?


Tiny terra cotta pots

Craft Moss

Floral Foam (also called Oasis)


Bath Poufs

Green Crepe Paper

Craft Sticks

Strong Glue Dots

The hardest part will be wrapping the stick with crepe paper and sticking it into the pouf. Use a strong glue dot or three to keep the pouf attached. It won’t have to hold forever, just long enough to be cute!

OK, so check out what my dad made for us!



He printed wedding pictures from off the blog (!) as well as one of my mom and printed them on transfer paper. Then he hollowed out some eggs, AIRBRUSHED them and then added on the pictures and the little Easter bit. I have no idea how he made these, but  aren’t they sweet? Since each egg has a little hole at the top and bottom, I’m going to run some ribbon through them and make them into Christmas ornaments!! How fun will that be? I’m totally gonna get my crafty Martha on!

And now it just hits me – it’s clear I was born to DIY. It’s in my blood.