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It’s Not Buyers Remorse

It’s not.

But I feel like we are so far in over our heads.

The electrical is done. The finished that today. I can talk about it now. The electrical? The house was up to code,  circa 1964 when the house was built. Now? Not so much up to code. So we negotiated a tough deal and now we don’t have to worry about our house burning down in an eye-flash.

The painter is coming on Thursday, as is the granite guy. And I have a dentist appointment. The floor guy is coming on August 1st and the laundry room/half bath smells like piss.


I nearly killed myself with Killz, a super-toxic kind of paint that kills smells.  You’re supposed to use those ventilation masks things, that I totally did not use. And thanks be to The Candyman, I didn’t kill myself trying to determine WHERE EXACTLY THE SMELL OF PISS IS COMING FROM AND WHY DID I TOTALLY NOT SMELL IT BEFORE????

I actually think it’s an ammonia spill on old wood that is the piss-like smell.

So can I say that this is NO Young House Love. We have NO IDEA what we’re doing.

I mean, it took THREE TRIPS TO LOWES to get our paint decisions right.


That’s SIX different color paints there. Seven if you count the trim color. The lightest one closest to the light switch is the color choice for most of the house. The dining room and living room will be a light grey.

This week we’ve pulled all the registers and switch plates off the walls. Interesting, to say the least. Some of the intake registers clearly show their age – 48 years of dust came out along with the painted-on vents.

We’ve pulled out a shit-ton of spider flowers from all around the house. They are beautiful. Look it:


However, these little beauties smell like skunk. No kidding. And they are prolific in their seeding.

I’m so worried about it all. The list is endless and the funds most certainly are not. My mom gave me some good advise today – to make lists of everything we want to do and prioritize and to keep the list a running one – that priorities change and morph. Right now, the details are killing me. The registers and light plates and bathroom mirrors and light fixtures and ceiling fans and how do I keep grout clean?

Lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.