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Karma, The Wedding Chicks and Coming Full Circle


This picture will make sense in a second, I swear.

I believe in karma. I feel like for every bad thing I do, a bad thing will come back to me. So, I try not to do bad things. I’m brilliant like that.

I also hope that for every kind thing I do, a kind thing will come back to me. I believe that timing has zero to do with either the bad or the good actions, so it’s really hard to keep track of all the good and bad deeds and how each corresponds to the other.

Understand? No? Allow me to elaborate.

Let’s say I do something nice, like help an old lady across the street. Let’s say I did that in 1997.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually helped an old lady across a street, but I would given the opportunity to do so. Old ladies are cute and sometimes they fall down. No one wants an old lady to break a hip. Agreed? So let’s pretend I did that. In 1997. So then today when I get on the MARTA here in Atlanta after getting up at 5am, driving 4 hours and walking a trade show for hours and hours and a then stranger offers me and my friend a seat for no reason? That is karma. Karma doesn’t work in the tit-for-tat way you think it does. No. It takes its own sweet, damn time.

That kind soul on the MARTA train is the kind of experience that makes me believe that the universe is hard at work, tallying deeds and returning them in kind, both good and evil.

Today’s post is about good karma and let me tell you, it is widespread y’all. And it just makes so much sense.

So way back when this was a itty-bitty baby blog, one of my very first give-aways was with a local Nashville graphic designer, Rachel Jasper Designs. I  used her invites as part of an inspiration board that I submitted to Style Me Pretty. That board was a finalist in some contest they had. This was before SMP had their whole “Build-a-Board” thing going on and inspiration boards weren’t a dime a dozen. 

Then a little later on, I met a budding event planner named Emily Humphries of Simply Yours Weddings. We met for happy hour at PF Changs for what turned into a late evening of many drinks and good conversation.

Some time passes and I find myself in a pickle, needing pictures of some  TruLu Couture stuff.  I needed a model, stat. Guess who stepped up and modeled some stuff for me? Emily, that’s who.

Then of course, y’all know about all the interactions I’ve had with Nashville florist, Hillary Yeager of  Brocade Design Arts (reminders: What Not to Wear, e-shoot, boudoir shoot and of course, her wedding and subsequently TruLu Couture featured on SMP.)

How does all this  tie together? With this wedding featured on The Wedding Chicks. Invitations by Rachel Jasper Designs, flowers by Brocade Design Arts, event planned by Emily of Simply Yours Weddings and hair accessory by TruLu Couture! How cool is that? My part in this wedding was solely due to Emily’s referral. I think Emily is about to have a HUGE influx of good karma from all sorts of places.

I thought I might just start the good stuff flowing by offering my thanks to Emily for bringing this full circle. And here are a few peeks at the Good Karma Wedding , photographed by Austin Gros Photography.





rjdesigns image


For more of this gorgeous wedding, please visit The Wedding Chicks for additional photos, a recap and a listing of all the participating vendors.

Here’s to helping bring the good stuff around. Right?