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{Featured Post} Interflora

OK, so this featured post is somewhat near and dear to my heart….

Way back in the day when I was a lowly assistant buyer, I had the world’s WORST boss. Seriously, she was Super-Mega-Bitch 2000. At one point on a business trip together she said and did something that I just thought was hideous – morally and ethically wrong. In my exasperation I pretty much told her she might go to Hell (she was an Eastern Orthodox Catholic and it was the only thing I thought might mean something to her). Her response? “Yeah. I know.”

Yeah. After that trip I started looking for a new job. I found one with FTD, the flower company. That’s when I started travelling overseas and doing all sorts of fun product development stuff that I ended up doing for the next 11 years.  Whenever we’d go to China or Thailand or wherever, me and my boss would get stupid-excited whenever we saw our little Interflora Mercury Man symbol. We actually tried to chase down an Interflora delivery van once with our video camera. Good times.

Basically, Interflora is the international way to send flowers and gifts to everyone you love world-wide! So when these folks asked me to write a little sumpin’-sumpin about gifts for women, I was more than happy to oblige. I mean, how could I not, right? 

Of course, flowers always make easy birthday gifts. You could go that route with roses or daisies or any number of flower combinations. I mean we’re talking about the number one flower company of all time. You can bank on their flowers every time. 

image image image

But you know, sometimes flowers can be predictable. Sending a present can be freakin’ expensive these days too. You have to buy the dang thing, wrap it, package it, go to the post office. Pain in the butt, no? No worries though because Interflora has some cool gift ideas for her that are non-floral. My favorite? The booze, natch.

image image image

Hello! Personalized champagne! Yes, please. And uh, you can buy these by the case. I’m just sayin’.

And don’t worry, you teetotalers can choose from boxes of chocolate, personalized cupcakes and food gift baskets. Lots to choose from.

So don’t just send a gift certificate or something equally lame. Everyone loves flowers! Or booze, or chocolates, or cupcakes…..get my drift?