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POC? It’s a POP OF COLOR, Y’all!

Sorry for the late posting. I got lost on the internet and it took a while to find my way back.

Have y’all been watching “It’s a Brad Brad World” on Bravo? You know I have. The fact that Brad Goreski stood up to and is now competing with Rachel Zoe as a stylist? Go Brad. Rachel is a totally self-centered idiot bitch and I hope Brad cleans up the fashion word with her scrawny little horrid ass.

OK, so maybe that’s a bit harsh for this early in the day. I just really don’t like Rachel Zoe.

What I DO like is Brad’s new acronym, POC. It stands for Pop of Color, y’all! And I like the direction it’s taking, fashionably speaking. There may have been lots of blush and bad decisions on the Golden Globes red carpet, but adopting the POC (like Sarah Michelle Geller did) cannot be a bad idea.  It’s not exactly an accent, it’s like the anti-accent. Go here for some cute examples of it in La World du Fashion.

And so how can you express this in your personal wedding planning world? Here are some ideas I found across the interwebs (the reason I got lost).


The bright yellow envelope liner makes this otherwise soft color palette go POW! Hibiscus letterpress invitations by Delphine.


How CUTE is this colorful petticoat!?! And guess what? You can totally DIY to match a color palette too. Head on over to this site to read up on how you can make these.


And we all know that shoes are a great place to have a little fun!  And if you want to color the soles of your shoes in a fun contrasting color a la Louboutin? check out this cute little DIY video on YouTube. I kinda dig the song she uses while she paints.

image image

Add in some POC with bright flowers against pastels and don’t forget hair accessories! Great way to play with color. Don’t get locked into just white or ivory!


Totally not down with the moss placemats, but love the color usage! Check out more inspiration on Hostess with the Mostess.


Even super dreamy, softness can look rad with some bright lipstick! And bright lips are definitely all the rage these days. Not too long ago, I was in Sephora and gave a red/orange lip a go. I left the store and gave the color a mall test-run. Other lady-shoppers actually commented on how pretty it was! Sadly, the brand didn’t work with me and my sensitive skin, but it still looked cute! And check out this Scandinavian wedding site where I found this pic. Pretty cool.


And color doesn’t have to be solid! Think prints too! Love this nod to the Scottish tartan. And who doesn’t love Maggie Austin Cakes?

image image

And don’t forget about your groom!  Ties, shirts, socks, shoes, boutonnieres…they get a POC too!

So what do you think about the whole Pop of Color thing? Will you go there or keep it blushy and subtle and soft?


This & That

We’re going to recap the last few days for T30SB. There’s been much happening and lots to tell.

First off, happy MLK Day. If you’ve got today off, lucky you! I think Octavia Spencer said it best of MLK last night at the Golden Globes after she won for ‘The Help.”

 Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance!

Can we talk briefly about the Globes for a second? Just a sec,I promise. First off, who died and made Kelly Osbourne any sort of fashion expert? 0I mean, she wore a pretty gown, but since when did having hair the color of a Golden Girl become attractive?

Second, Zooey Dechanel in that Prada monstrosity? Not attractive, I don’t care WHAT the fashion “experts” are saying.  The black beading on the sides is supposed to make the waist cut in and create an hour-glass shape. She looked like a box. And I’m sorry, but when did side burns become a look for the ladies?  She’s much to pretty for this look, even though I constantly confuse her with Katie Perry.

Natalie Portman had an addition added on to the side of her gown. Nicole Kidman reminded me of a gladiator and my eyes went directly the the gold spots at the center top of her dress. All I could think of was “gold triangle nipples.” Charlize looked stunning in Dior Couture. Blush was all over the freakin’ place. Jessica Biel wasn’t wearing her ring, but was wearing a horrid, horrid lace thing. Of course Angelia looked ravishing if not a lot skinny and sort of macabre with the red slash of color going across her throat. Winners all around were the Kates: Beckinsale and Winslet.

Oh, and will someone please let Madonna know that she’s not funny, well-spoken, educated or British?

Now, onto more important things. I went to Atlanta this weekend for the Gift & Home trade show. It was  a lot of fun and I did some power networking, saw some old colleagues and walked and walked and walked! I also saw a few things that I thought worthy of posting.

Gorgeous cake stand, no? I kept expecting little wood nymphs to pop out and dance around the cake. Love how it was decorated with a mixture of fake greenery (can you tell? I couldn’t until I touched it) and real blooms. Something to consider if what you want may not be in season or is super-expensive in your area.

And I LOVE these flower vases!

Clever, no? The chain had a large O-ring at the end that you slip the flower stem/s through and the flowers “hang” inside the vase. Can’t you just picture these at a super-modern wedding? I can!

And check out this winter wonderland table setting!


Faux fur table runners with the same draped over the chairs. The centerpiece was a long birch wood log that was wrapped with faux snow-capped greenery and white mini-floral string lights. This is a bit over the top for anything but a styled shoot, but you could get some inspiration from this, methinks!

After I was finished with the trade show, I drove down to the Atlanta Scott Antique Show that falls on the second weekend of every month. Whoa. It was like several football fields of vintage eye candy. The good news? T30SB scored some more fur stuffs to create more lovely capelets and stoles for winter brides. I’ve got to get on it, in order to have them ready for y’all you need them.

Oh, and before I forget, my Twitter account was hacked and if you got a DM from me saying that someone was saying something nasty about you? It’s SO not true and please don’t click the link. I am WAY sorry for the inconvenience. I believe I’ve cleaned up the mess and we’re good to go.

Oh! And I totally found some INCREDIBLE vintage flowers and gorgeous variegated velvet leaves from this really cool supplier, so be prepared for more TruLu Couture loveliness. Can’t wait!

And from a married stand point, I just LOVE coming home to The Candyman after being gone for a few days. The hugs are more snuggly, the kisses are juicier and suddenly, all is right with the world. Do y’all get that feeling too?


Nosy Bitches Non-Denominational Gift Giver

When I posted my Gift Giving Guide a week or so ago, I did it because I am involved in The First Twitter Friends Nosy Bitches Non-Denominational Gift Giver exchange. Here’s the inside joke:

There are many of us bloggers who also haunt Twitter. Now for those of you who don’t get Twitter, don’t use Twitter, don’t understand the need for Twitter – I get you. If I didn’t write a blog, it would be rather useless to me too. However, it’s a great way to market yourself if you’ve got a business or a product (I have both) and it keeps you in touch with other people in your same industry. And it’s fun.

For instance, yesterday Jenna Park of  Whimsy & Spice Brooklyn Confectioners (I mentioned her marshmallows in my Gift Guide and her blog is Sweet Fine Day) tweeted this golden nugget of love:


Go ahead. I’ll wait.


I immediately shared it on my personal Facebook page and apparently one of my old college friends was in dire need of an emergency Hall & Oats fix and didn’t even know it.

So now you see the incredible value of Twitter, right? It’s about as important as Facebook.1

So back to the Nosy Bitches. Inevitably, several NB’s will be in some back and forth tirade or conversation on Twitter. Someone else will jump on in the middle and will be all “WAIT! What’s going on?” and more often than not, politely interrupt and join the fun. Hence, Nosy Bitches.

Nosy Bitch Bunny from Bunnies ‘n Beagles collected all our info and set up a very easy exchange of names. I got my girl Kayce from Foodie Was Here (formerly a blogging bride at Shiny Pretty Bits) who was one of my very first sales from TruLu Couture! She’s got impeccable taste and I was SO worried about getting her something in the indicated price range that would fit her style.


16K matte gold plated double hoop earrings with lovely yellow jade beads from Etsy Shop Luna Shine Shine.

I thought these were just lovely. The seller was a sweetie-pie too. Kayce got them and said she liked them, so hooray! I know I would wear them, so I hope she can too!

Now, I got two packages over the course of this last week that didn’t say who they were from! I thought one was from my Nosy Bitch, but after a few inquiries (via Twitter, natch), I found out they were NOT my Nosy Bitch gift and that it would be on it’s way….soon.

I got it yesterday. I was going to wait to open it on Christmas (I LOVE WAITING TO OPEN CHRISTMAS GIFTS!) but couldn’t stand it. I’m so glad I didn’t wait.

My Nosy Bitch, one Ms. KA of  The Discerning Dilettante, is one creative chick. First, she sent me a copy of the super-cool non-profit art magazine she works for ESOPUS. No advertising and totally cool shit inside. I’m taking it with me on holiday so other family members can have a look-see (Flo, you should TOTALLY subscribe to this magazine). She also sent me a gift from my own Gift Guide: a bottle of hooch. Awesome, right? Then, then the Nosy Bitch went all super-sleuth and checked out my Pinterest Boards, specifically my Ballet board.

Now I love ballet. I love it from afar, mostly. I was never the ballerina type. Always too tall, too awkward, not thin enough, not nearly enough grace…never enough of all the things one might need to be a ballerina. I took an adult ballet class back in Chicago. It was fun but confirmed the fact that I am both a giant and still missing the ballerina gene.  In college, as part of my Costume Construction Technology degree, I had to work back stage at the operas and ballets. I had to make a classical pancake tutu (SHOOT ME NOW). I had to do the costumes and stage hair and make-up for the ballerinas and had to hear oh my god I ate an entire cup of yogurt today on a regular basis. It was more than annoying.

Once I had them out of earshot, dressed and on stage, I’d park myself in a corner backstage and watch. They would twirl on their toes and leap through the air, muscles clenching and releasing, neck tendons standing out with the effort. Whether they were playing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy or a member of the corps de ballet they all looked so beautiful and effortless, but I know differently. They’d come off stage, heaving for breath, sweating like pigs, bent over at the waist with hands on hips looking like I did when I finished my first marathon, sans tutu, of course. The dedication to the dance is one to be revered and respected.

Soooooo, when I opened my Nosy Bitch gift  card, Ill admit I got a little choked up. She wrote:

As a young dancer I covered my closet in ballet clippings (wasn’t allowed to damage the bedroom walls) and though it’s long overdue to be dismantled, I didn’t want to just throw it all away. So voila, Untitled Ballet Collage #1.

Framed ballet collage, hooch and Esopus.

I was so touched. The little framed collage is going up in my studio. For inspiration. How can one not be inspired from the closeted dance collage of a young woman?

So to the Discerning Dilettante? Thank you so much! I can’t think of a gift (from a stranger, at that) that hit all my soft spots (art, booze, more art) so succinctly! THANK YOU!

I just love Christmas, don’t you?

1If you don’t read sarcasm very well, it’s not all my fault. Tone, inflection and eye rolling  are difficult to convey via the typewritten word.


Cool Idea! Up-do Accessories!

OK, so yesterday I showed you The Giant Pouf. Today, I want to share this other idea I got from the photo shoot.

We had a model all dressed and ready to go and when I went to put whichever headpiece I had assigned to the dress on, it just didn’t work. We tried all sort of different pieces and it just wasn’t coming together with the dress and the hair. Frustrated, we called over the hairstylist to enlist her creativity.

We showed her our previous ideas, which she too dismissed. She looked through all the products, gently shaking her head, just as we had done. She asked me, “You got anything else?” I did, but they were things that were incredibly simple that I had kept packed up. I mean, after The Giant Pouf the plain things seemed sort of….dull.

I pulled out the few remaining goodies in my arsenal of hair toys and the hairdresser made a beeline straight for The Annabelle Headband exclaiming, “Ooooooh! This one!” However, we had already tried a ribbon-styled headband on the model and it just did not work with the look, which we all started protesting to her at the same time.

“No! Not as a headband! Like this!” and she immediately started twisting the headband into the incredible bun she had created, leaving the small, beaded accent toward the top of the up-do.

Check it out:


I simply adored her take on the headband and the idea of pinning pretty ribbon into a detailed up-do like this. I’ve seen flowers and sparkly pins and such pinned in, but never a ribbon. I simply had to share!

So what do you think? Do you love this idea or what?


Occupy the WIC!


First and foremost, the shoot for Premier Bride gig went swimmingly yesterday. It was at a local winery and the weather was a surprising 85 degrees and cloudless. More on that later…

So I’ve been scouring the internet these last few days getting all the juicy-juicy on the new gowns from bridal week. First and foremost: Vera Wang has black “wedding gowns.” Um, no. Vera Wang designed some very pretty black dresses and is calling them wedding gowns. Yes,  a bride can wear any damn color she chooses, but can we PLEASE not start calling any ol’ color gown a wedding gown? It’s confusing enough as it is.

*Stepping off soap box.

Anyway, I came across this article on Huffington Post regarding plus sized gowns. Even though the author claimed it was “not another article about how models are too skinny",” it kinda was. But her point was not lost on me. It basically summarized the fact that bridal salons simply aren’t stocking the sizes that plus sized women need when they shop for wedding gowns. I recently saw an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” (the Atlanta store) where a plus sized woman, clearly with money to spend, could not find a single gown to fit into. The poor thing was in tears. It was NOT her first attempt at finding a dress to try on and you could just see her frustration bubble over.

The author made her points and it was a good article. I scrolled down looking to tweet the article since I found it so interesting and I saw the following comment:

You might be part of the (Ugh) "Wedding Industry" but you obviously are NOT clued into the Fashion Industry. NO ONE wants to see size XXX on their dress, gown, pants, etc. Thin models are shown so women can dream. Bridal, Ready to Wear, Couture, Swim, on and on. We are not proud of our FAT. The fact that these designers make the dresses in plus sizes is enough. We don't need to flaunt our fat. It doesn't matter if you are a size 8 or 18, you do not want it known that your are overweight­. It just makes for a big #FailWhale on the entire process. I am not sample size and am on a constant diet. I will never be a size 2 again. So be it. But I would die if a sales person brought me a size 14 wedding gown and said, "we can take it in" or worse, "they all run small". Who cares what they run? A girl/woman wants to feel like a princess for her wedding and not see a huge white cream puff drifting like a snow storm out of control down the aisle OR Runway. Let the sales people and designers show the tiny gowns, let them measure (discreetl­y) your size and let them order what they must. And for heaven sake, let the girls dream. Size should never enter into the equation. Period.

Oh, this made me so sad. A little mad, but mostly sad. Here’s why:

I am someone who has struggled with body image ever since I realized that I did not look anything like my friends did in their little Dove shorts. Even though I’ve never been by definition overweight, the internal struggle with body image has been debilitating and exhausting.

Having mostly overcome that struggle (though I trip and fall sometimes) it wrenched my heart to read this comment. The fact that she is constantly dieting is a huge red flag to me. The fact that she laments a size 2 makes me additionally sad and is converse to her “size should never enter into the equation” comment.

And do we REALLY care what the tag says? I mean, for crissake the way things are sized today is a JOKE. In my life, I’ve waxed and waned in my weight with the same 10 pounds, generally bouncing around with the same 4-5 pounds on a weekly basis, depending on whether I had frozen veggie burgers or pizza for dinner. Those 10 pounds on a 5’10” frame are only noticeable to me and my naked self. However, I have sizes ranging in my closet from a 2 to a 10 and I would say that 99.78% of those clothes fit me. It all depends on where I shop that determines the size. I have found that the more expensive the clothes the smaller the size I wear, like a 6. In cheap clothes it’s more like an 8. Jeans, before they started sizing them like guys jeans, were ALWAYS a 10. I’ve owned pieces that were a 12 and a 14 before too. The numbered size on a piece of clothing = BULLSHIT.

And the reality is that wedding gowns run small. They do. Period. Will that tiny piece of nylon fabric sewn into the side seam on the inside of your dress REALLY make you feel THAT BAD about yourself? On your wedding day? On any day? If it does, I say start looking inside yourself versus inside a dress.

And you know what? I DO want to see a plus sized model cruising down the runway. I want to know what kinds of dresses flatter a plus sized figure. On one of those “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes I saw a VERY voluptuous woman demand a mermaid style dress. I though to myself, “Oh no. That will not do well at all.” And  on the first very shiny dress, I was right. But she tried on another one in a matte material and it was va-va-voom HOT TO DEATH. I was dead wrong. And even the stylists were all, “Uh. We got that wrong. She picked the right dress.”

So what is the point to this post? Let’s see:

  • I think seeing plus-sized models on the runway is a good thing.
  • The woman who made the comment? I want to talk to you. I want to shake you gently and then hug you. I want you to love who you are. Don’t hate yourself. Stop dieting and start accepting.
  • I want the inspirational world we’ve been talking about so much lately to incorporate some real-lifeness. It doesn’t have to be every time, but more would be nice. I would like to challenge a photographer to submit a styled shoot with the taste level of SMP with a size 22 model. Or how about the model-thin blonde girl with a minimalistic décor set up at the VFW? I challenge you!

Maybe if we all continue to voice our opinions, wants and desires to the WIC, they will someday start to listen. This may be a pipe dream. Me? I still believe in the Power of the People. Maybe we should all step up and instead of occupying Wall Street, we should Occupy 7th Avenue. Or Occupy the WIC. Who’s with me?