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Santa KNOWS.

He does. Santa knows the good stuff to give. He whispers my wants and desires into the unsuspecting ears of my friends and family. The subconscious takes over from there and in deciding what to give me for Christmas, these minions of Ol’ Saint Nick get it right and get it good.

The Candyman was creative and thoughtful in his gift-giving, as he always is. My family and friends were generous to a fault. I feel so blessed and lucky to be the recipient of so much generosity. I have to admit though, I’ve got some favorites.


Real English Nottingham lace that my aunt bought in Nottingham. Loverly, no?  She wrote that she would like to see what this lace grows up to be. Me too. Me too. It’s incredibly beautiful.

Now my father-in-law gives me/us the most interesting gifts, I must say. Last year he bought me perfume ( I am a perfume whore, so this was much appreciated). The year before that I got a ceramic Santa candleholder. The year before that it was Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue (I couldn’t get past page 12). That same year he gave The Candyman a framed painting of Elvis, the canvas of which was a mirror. This year? Oh, this year was epic.


Aw yeah, that’s right. It’s an Olan Mills special delivery, y’all!  It’s a canvas print of The Candyman circa the late 70’s, perhaps the early 80’s. It’s been hidden away somewhere, hence the water stains or mold or whatever the schmutzy stuff is on the edge there, but I believe that schmutzy stuff gives the piece (and it is a work of pure  genius)  its character.  Are The Candyman’s hands resting on his invisible knees or on the dark, evil shoulder of  Lucifer? With his blonde, Damien Thorn-esque hair, it gives me pause to consider the latter.

It was the merriest of Christmases! How was yours?


Groom Things

The involved groom is not a concept I’m familiar with. I mean, The Candyman definitely took part in the planning process, but for the most part, it was me. There were things he thought were super-important (the ceremony), very important (food) and not important at all (just about everything else). Personally, I wish we’d done something other than the standard tuxedo for him and the rest of the male bridal party. Not that they guys didn’t look great, but The Candyman’s tuxedo didn’t really fit him very well. I didn’t realize this factoid until a few months after we were married and we went suit shopping together. Boy howdy, that man can rock a suit. It made me a little sad that maybe he didn’t get to wear his bestest best like I did.

So here are a few things I’ve recently stumbled upon that I think are super-cool for your groom and perhaps groomsmen. Maybe your dad too!


Always + Forever Cufflinks via Bella Moda Co., $42. Discount if you buy 4 or more pairs!


Super cool iPhone/Wallet from Byrd & Belle, $28!


Belt buckles are a fabulous way for a guy to show his personality without calling it an “accessory.” I adore this Hunter S. Thompson one by bmused belt buckles by Arte, $20.  


This key chain? It says “I love you” in Morse code. How cool (and private and sneaky) is this! From C. Johannesen Studio, $22.


For the money clip kinda guy? Check out this Steampunk cool one from Compass Rose Design, $27.50.

I always have a hard time picking out stuff for the men in my life, but hitting up Cargoh.com and Etsy and searching under “guys” will help you find some interesting stuff! Do you have all the groom-goodies selected? What did you get for the Boy’s Team?