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{Product of the Week} A Giant Pouf

Hey y’all!

First of all, the effort it took me to get out of bed this morning? Herculean. I’m slightly jetlagged from a wedding in Tucson this weekend, but it is well worth it. Such fun, so heartfelt. More on that later.

Today I’ve got a TruLu Couture Product of the Week for you.

This piece is particularly interesting for me. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and felt it was a little too “out there” to actually make.

I written about this before, I think; how I’ve been somewhat reserved and  stagnant in how I actually design pieces because of my background at the corporate level. In that world, you have to dance a very precise and delicate dance on the top of the trend bell curve. If you’re too soon, nobody gets it and you don’t get any sales. If you’re too late, you aren’t innovative enough and you don’t get any sales. It’s been an interesting process for me to let all that go and just design from the heart.

So, when I had the opportunity to show my pieces to Premiere Bride, I decided to quickly put together this statement piece that’s been cooking in my head. I was nervous to even show it! What’s interesting, it was the FIRST thing they noticed. There was gushing and demands for me to finish it in time for the photo shoot, which I did.

What is is: a big pouf. Smile

Basically, you’ve got pouf #1 that made from a nylon cross-weave tulle. It’s different from regular tulle in that the weave isn’t in tiny diamond shapes, but in squares. It has less drape and more body so it will keep it’s shape better.

On that pouf I randomly sewed on pink and ivory vintage silk flowers. Then I made pouf #2, this one slightly larger than the first. On the inside of that pouf, I sewed little vintage velvet leaves, then sewed the entire pouf around and over the first pouf. In a nutshell, the leaves and flowers are '”trapped” inside the veil, giving it a very ethereal, dreamy sort of look.



Here are a few of the pictures I took of the model who wore it for the photo shoot. The photography is crap (my bad), but you can get the gist of the size and shape. The model was wearing hot pink suede stilettos and it just made the whole look pop. Can’t wait to see the real deal !

Everyone at the shoot totally loved it and it made me feel great about stepping outside the box a bit. Design validation is always a feel-good thing!

What do you think? Is it too out there are just out there enough? It’s definitely not a conventional piece, that’s for sure!


TruLu Couture Product of the Week

Hey y'all! I think you know that I've been a bit...uh...shy...uh....I guess about pimping TruLu Couture on my blog. Everyone left me really nice comments saying that I'm allowed to, which has been nice. One idea that was given to me was to feature a Product of the Week (thank you, Stephanie and Jeff!). Well, I thought that was a grand idea, so here we go!

The most recent sale I had was for a fabulous Nashville bride, Miss Hillary Robson. You might recall Hillary's kick-ass yellow and gray themed engagement shoot. Poor Hillary, the florist behind Brocade Design Arts, is *this close* to her own wedding and in the thick of the busiest time of the year for her business. Could you imagine? Ugh! She asked me a super-long time ago if I'd make her something for her wedding and then it sort of fell off both of our radars. A few weeks ago, she managed to share some ideas and thoughts about what she wanted and I got busy on a hair toy. Afterwards, she asked if I'd also embellish her sash for her. Well, duh. Of course I would!

I knew from reading her blog The Renegade Bride that in the beginning stages of her dress shopping, she was going full-throttle for lace. I happened to be at The Bride Room when I was still living in Nashville and I saw her trying on gowns - beautiful, lacey, ball gown type things that were just so stunning. Like me, her final selection was nothing like the first gowns she tried on. I’m not sure if she’s revealed the gown to others, so I’ll keep that on the super-shush, but I do know that her gown is not the lacey ball gown style she started off shopping for. It is, however, stunning. And perfect for her. Her wedding colors are gray and yellow and she added a dark gray sash to her gown.

In designing her fascinator, she pretty much gave me free reign and her absolute trust. After she sent me her bridal sash, I created an embellishment that coordinated, but wasn’t all matchy-matchy (ew).

Check them out!






I made the fascinator first, using a whole bunch of little goodies. The center piece is a rhinestone and pearl brooch that has a gun-metal gray colored base that I thought would pull in the color of her sash really well (it did!). I created a few little lace “petals” for the fabric flower, just so she could have a little of what her dress doesn’t have. I mean, every bride needs a little sumpin’ lacey, right? I included some loops of vintage (20+ years or more) nylon mesh and a hint of Russian tulle. I included additional loops of some dove-gray ribbon and snow-white hackle feathers.

Once I got her sash, I sent Hillary some design options and she went with more lace! I used the same lace that’s in the fascinator and added some dainty accents of ivory pearl beads, iridescent sequins and teeny white glass beads on the lace. Around the lace I added vintage pearl bead florets! When I was finished with them both, I think I might have done a little happy dance in the studio. Might have. Smile

I received a lovely email from Hillary today:

I can't express the love I feel for my beautiful pieces....they are perfection. Thank you so, so, so terribly much. You are a goddess.
Much love

It’s emails from happy brides who make me feel like a goddess. I’m just happy that Hillary got a little lace into her wedding ensemble! Can’t WAIT to see the pictures!

So have you finalized your wedding day ensemble?