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Cookin' Up A Contest! (and "I Wish" Wednesday!)


What's cookin' over here at The Thirty-Something Bride headquarters? Well, it ain't just a deep fried turkey, my friends. A contest, that's what! I am so, so excited, you have no idea. Here's just a little hint for what's in store....

1. De-vine. De-Gorgeous. De-Lovely. De-Lish.
2. There's customization involved.
3. Etsy, so you know it's groovy.

All will be revealed soon enough. Until then, you're going to have to make do with the hints!

Besides, everyone will be so stuffed with turkey tomorrow, it'll be tough to rouse anyone into any sort of excitement. Unless you're going to see New Moon, that is (like me). It's OK to admit it. Here, I'll go first: I am physically attracted to a 17 year-old boy named Taylor Lautner. In some states, that's perfectly legal (for instance, North Carolina). Surprisingly here in Tennessee, it's not legal. But come February when he turns 18, he's as legal as they come. So technically I am considered a perv, but only for 3 more months.


I'd like to give thanks to all of our Armed Forces both domestic and overseas and to their families at home who will be without their soldiers tomorrow.
I want to give thanks to my friends and family who I hope are blessed with happiness and good health.
And my wish is that (now and for always) when there is a person in need, someone will reach out a helping hand.
I want to give thanks to The Candyman, because he effing rocks! Love you, Baby!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


To Shrug or Not to Shrug? Or Should I Just Bolero?

Gawd, I've been so disgustingly busy at work, it's sick. Sick! Don't these people know I'm getting married ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!?!?! HO-LY CRAPTASTIC! As The Candyman keeps lovingly reminding me, "This thing's happening, Lula!" Lula is is what The Candyman calls The Thirty-Something Bride when he's feeling particularly sweet and amorous. It's true. ;)

Anyway, these incredibly lame work people keep piling stuff on my desk, like I might actually get it done on top of all the other stuff I have to do - like my day-job of product development. I do not have time for your silly meetings, unproductive conference calls or mass emails. No, I do not.

What I want to make time for is shrug shopping. I have suddenly fallen in love with the idea of a shrug. Etsy is chock full of them. I entered a contest for one, but alas, I did not win this cute little capelet from refectionbyds.

Pretty, no?

Totally loving this one from Bonzie! The only thing I'm not totally loving is the fact that it ties in the back. I don't think that would look good with the back of my dress - better for a strapless gown, I think. But totally swoon-worthy. right?

But what about this one from The English Dept?

Here's the thing though - these things are a snap to make. Seriously. I could probably make my own pattern if I had more time. Oh, who am I kidding? I hate making patterns. I bet I could find a cute pattern though and whip something out, right? I have a few problems though:
  1. The Candyman said no more projects.
  2. The sewing table is covered with wedding crap (by the way, totally disappointed in the lack of participation in my little PWC contest!).
  3. I think people are actually starting to get mad at me and my projects.
  4. Where in God's name am I going to find the time?
  5. This weekend is dedicated to OOT bags with the girls. Lots of iron on transfers and wine please!
I need to think this through. If I did, by chance, just happen to find a cute pattern, that is if just by coincidence, if I ran to JoAnn's at lunch tomorrow and just maybe, happened upon something cute. What then? Wouldn't I OWE it to myself to at least think about it? Right?

A little help here ladies. I'll have to do some fancy dancing with The Candyman!


I've Fallen into the Internet and I Can't Get Out!

So you know how you can totally get lost in the blog-o-sphere? I do it all the time and it's a total time-sucker. I read about something cool and click on a link. Then I see something else on that site and then click on another link. Suddenly, I feel like I'm in the 70's Fabrege Shampoo commercial (and so on and so on and so on). Blogs are the worst. I mean, come on! They really are. I follow 80 bazillion blogs and want to read each and every post on every single one but I simply do not have the time. Especially now that I am in wedding crunch time, coupled with the fact that I'm working double-time to help keep my company afloat so that I can pay for said wedding! I just need a "pause" button for about a day. Maybe two.

I'm totally off track here. My point is that I got lost on the Internet the other day and found the cutest Etsy shop. It's called Natalie As Is. She doesn't have many item, but what she does have rocks. Hard.

look at the gorgeous handmade sketch books! I think these would be perfect for a registration book - or simply a wedding gift. Maybe for a bridesmaid? The paper is acid free, so could be used as a photo album too. Lovely. Just lovely.

The other really interesting this she has for sale are Cupcake Pamphlets. Uh, come again? What the hell is a cupcake pamphlet? This is:

She has 2 volumes of 3 eight-page pamphlets contains the illustrated recipes. The first volume has:

~ Marbled Lemon-Berry Cupcakes with lemon Chantilly cream

~ Earl Grey Cupcakes on pâte sucrée with dark chocolate filling, earl grey Italian meringue butter cream

~ Walnut Browned Butter Cupcakes with browned butter & Scotch pastry cream filling, white chocolate walnut glaze

These are handwritten recipes that are accompanied by watercolor and graphite illustrations. Ingredients are given in both weight and measure. The pamphlets are ink jet printed on 28 lb acid free paper and hand bound in a vellum jacket. So cool! I headed over to her Flickr page and found these examples of her mad baking skills!

Who else gets lost in the Internet? Do you find as many interesting things as I do?


Dear Etsy Sellers

I am on the hunt for what I have always referred to as "hair toys." Ponytail holders, barrettes, scrunchies (it was the late 80's), clawclips, whatever - they are all hair toys to me. Sort how all farm yard fowl are "chickens." Don't ask.

I am searching for the macdaddy of all hair toys - the Wedding Day Hair Toy. Thus, my recent time spent on Etsy. The lovely Sarah Elizabeth has been kind enough to remind me of sites when she sends them to me. And then sends them to me again when I lose them or forget to bookmark.

At any rate, I've noticed an alarming and freakishly scary thing about those Esty sellers: the model heads they use to display their wares.

The best of the offenders.
This one is not so bad really. Decent hairstyle, but the soft wrap and no shoulders is distracting.

The dead, dead soul wearing a lovely orchid.

This reminds me of Japanese anime. Big, giant eyes and snap-on hair.

Really? No, really? Is there anyone out there who would actually purchase this product based on this display? This actually scares me a little bit.

So just to be clear, not busting on the product. Just thinking a living model, of any kind, would be better than the very scary heads used in some of the photos. I'm just sayin'.

I did not source any of these photos to protect the innocent and guilty.

P.S. As most of you know, I have a PhD in sarcasm. This post falls into that category.

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