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Petticoat Junction

It’s been a while since I posted something about gowns. I’m way behind on that. My bad.

I’m going to admit something that might end up embarrassing me a little bit. There’s a style of dress that is so not me, but I totally love it. It involves pick-ups, to a degree. Now, don’t get all feisty with me. Pick-ups have come a long way! I’m not talking about those horrid, horrid gowns that make you look like the top of a lemon meringue pie. No, no. Not those. I’m talking about the gowns that have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ under the hood, almost like you’ve got on two (TWO!) dresses at once. More precisely, like you’ve got on a kick-ass underskirt or petticoat or something cool like that. It very much reminds me of the Marie Antoinette styled shoot that Annie Leibovitz did for Vogue when that Kirsten Dunst movie came out. Layers and layers of brocade…sigh. It makes me all swoony inside when I think of the fashion from that era.

Anyway, I was sifting through the Spring 2012 gowns and saw a few in this trend and thought I’d share.


St. Pucchi

Ulla Maija

Alfred Angelo

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart

Judd Waddel


Matthew Christopher

Oscar de la Renta



Sarah JAssir

Sarah Jassir


The Jassir and the Matthew Christopher make me all happy and gooey and fluffy feeling inside. The second Pronovias feels a little meringue-y. You? Do tell.