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DIY Round Up!

I love DIY. It makes it your own and saves you money (sometimes). I try not to get too excited about certain projects because while they may look cool and easy, many times they aren’t (Hello, Martha? I’m talking to you!). Some may require certain tools and the investment in those tools may outweigh simply purchasing whatever you’re trying to make (unless you have REAL PLANS to reuse those tools).

The projects below appear to have the need for limited tools, time and effort, with the first project being the most difficult.

I think these I’ve found would be fun for weddings or just everyday things! Enjoy and Happy Friday!


Wine Bottle Centerpieces


Check out this video by Dan Rojas. The dude is a little bizarre and the video is slightly longer than it needs to be (love his reaction to his cat), but with a $45 tool investment and a little time you can create this look. I do recommend goggles and gloves, which Dan decides to forgo.


Paper Fortune Cookies


DIY fortune cookies? These would make an ADORABLE favors, using your own color scheme and adding special/personalized fortunes inside! Check out the instructions here. All you need is paper and adhesive. For reals.


Ring Bowl


Don’t want to pay $50-$60 for a ring bearer’s bowl from Paloma’s Nest? You can make your own! This DIY tutorial is in German, but it’s so self explanatory, you can just follow the pictures on this tutorial. The supplies you need:

1. Nudelholz = rolling pin

2. Efaplast = Efaplast, modeling clay you can buy right here for cheap.

3. Pinsel = small paint brush

4. Häkeldeckchen = doily

5. Acryl = acrylic paint

6. Schmirgelpapier = sandpaper

7. Schälchen = bowl

The one step that I wanted clarity on? I figured it out by cutting and pasting the phrase using Google translate. Easy peasy! And you could totally personalize these! So cool. They might even make fun favors, if you've got the time and inclination.


Bird & Branch Centerpieces


It doesn’t get easier than this. Find some branches in the woods, from your parent’s yard – wherever you can find them (but don’t cut them off of living trees, please). Spray paint them any ol’ color with any ol’ spray paint. Get little fake birds (or butterflies or raw cotton bulbs or paper flowers or…you get the picture.) and glue them on. Hot glue will work, but I don’t trust it on paint. I prefer Fabri-Tac (available like, everywhere). Birds can be found at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s or Michael’s – any crafting supply shop has them. You can find a whole crap load of them here in pretty colors for  good prices. What’s fun about this is that it’s fast, easy and you can use it for dinner parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes, weddings. Imagine an all white table setting with white branches with white birds with little tiny tealight glowing throughout? Um, yes please.

So just a few cutie-pie things for you to get creative with. Do not fear the DIY. It’s (sometimes) easier than you think.


NEW! A Sneak Peek of Cool Décor Stuff!

One of my competitors in my "old life" of decor product development is a company called Two's Company. They have amazing designers and a lot of cool stuff. They just shared a preview of their new Fall line on Facebook and I just had to share!


Talk about recycling! How cute are these little soda can vases? Hm…and as I sit here thinking about it, if you got some old soda cans and sprayed them will paint that sticks to metal…hmmm. I think I feel a little DIY project coming on!

Glass boxes

Totally want these, just because. You could do fun moss-filled centerpieces with these bad boys. Yes? What else can they be used for?

cake stands

Love the mercury glass base and pressed glass tops. You could totally DIY this.


And how cute would it be to have these all over your tablescape? J’adore!

Do you love too?


Wearing White

Noooo....I don't mean on your wedding day. I mean after your wedding. And not on your body, but on your table. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking about dishes. Did you register for them? Will you? I definitely did. Why? Because as a Good Southern Married Woman I am required by Southern Law to do so. We need our "good china" y'all. My everyday china is nothing to sneeze at - it's Noritake stoneware - full service sets for 12 plus serving dishes that I got for FREE from a couple I know who sold their lake house and needed to clean it out. That haul also got me several of my Calphalon pots, pans and a few Restoration Hardware prints. Nice...

Anyway, I felt like while our everyday stuff is fine, it is very casual. I wanted to have nice china for Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving dinners. I like nicely set tables. My mom always does a really nice job of this and perhaps it's her habit of decorating the table that makes me want to have the "special" china for special dinners. We registered for our dinnerware at Crate and Barrel and I chose the Staccato pattern (we were lucky enough to have every single place setting piece we registered for given to us as a mucho generous gift from my aunt and uncle. THANKS, Sister!).

Why? Because it's simple, classic and elegant. I am going to go ahead and encourage everyone to buy white dinnerware, particularly for your formal stuff if you're going that route. Why? Because it's the most versatile. You can dress white with just about anything and have a gorgeous table setting.See:


Romantic, feminine and oh, so pretty!


I like this presentation from Young House Love. Imagine if they changed those table runners out for something more formal - like gold or silver - and took out the apple green bowls. Totally fancy-schmacy in a very simple presto-change-o kinda way.


Oh. My. God. Y'all know how I love me some doilies. How cute are these all scattered about? Love. And it's just the little accessories of blue that make this setting unique.Again, pick a color scheme that works for the holiday, theme of you dinner party or just your mood that day.


Come ON! How cute, right?

Think of it this way - your dinnerware and service pieces are like your little black dress. You've got one. It's basic. You rely on it. How do you make it current or different for the event you're attending? ACCESSORIZE ("The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!"). Napkins, napkin rings, flowers, candles, table runners/cloths - all of those things are what you need for presto change-o fabulousness. And you can ALWAYS get that stuff WAY cheap, particularly at after Christmas sales at places like Pier 1 or Cost Plus World Market.

And when you're shopping for dinnerware, you need to remember a few things. First, while you may think I'm nuts and want to go for a bold dinnerware pattern, keep this in mind. Studies have shown (I know this only because of the industry I've been working in for the last 15 years) that people enjoy their food LESS when they are eating it off of a wildly patterned dish. That's why when you look at dishes, most of the styles only have the pattern on the rims. People will actually enjoy their food less when eating off of something like this:

And they would enjoy their food more if they were instead, eating it off of this:

Images Source

The other thing to consider is the usability of your dinnerware. Can it go in the dishwasher? ? Lots of patterned pieces that are hand painted or have really detailed decals (like the one directly above) don't recommend it. If you'd like me to explain why, send me an email and I'll tell you. I don't think everyone wants to read about how dinnerware is kiln-fired and how varying kiln temps don't always create a consistent seal on decals, blah, blah blah. Just trust me, m'kay? I know about this junk. Also, does it have metallic trim? If so, you will definitely be hand washing. And don't even think of putting it in the microwave unless you feel like blowing some stuff up.

The other great thing about simple, white dinnerware is that you can add on pieces later that aren't necessarily part of the set. For instance, the Stacatto pattern does not come with a gravy boat. WHAAAA? I know, right? I mean, what kind of Good Southern Married Woman can one be without a gravy boat? After the wedding I was looking at some of C&B's plainer gravy boats and they were like eighty billion dollars. OK, maybe not that much, but right after the wedding/honeymoon, it felt like that much. I was trolling around Target not long afterwards and found a really nice quality gravy boat for $9.99. Love it. I also bought a double handled solid white serving tray for $19.99 that goes really well with the pattern too. If I hadn't written this post, no one would be the wiser that I didn't get it all together (shhh, don't tell my dinner guests). 

Oh, and just in case you need it, here's the how-to when you set your pretty new table for your first married-people dinner soiree.

Or if you just can't wait to have that dinner party, you can do what me and The Candyman did.

Mmmm. Grill cheese sammies and mac and bean soup. They actually taste better on fine china.

So, now that I've sung the praises of white dinnerware, what's your take? Are you going to register for every day china or the fancy-schmancy stuff? Patterned or plain? Do tell.


A Wedding in Progress

Happy Tuesday, Lovers. Good long weekend? Yeah, me too. A much needed massage at Corroboree and additional self-love treats the included wine drinking and a mani/pedi. I slept a lot and ate indulgently. And uh, now it's back to the grind. Bummer.

Yesterday I met up with one of "my" brides, Miss Natasha. She is another Nashville bridal blogger (Big Spoon Little Spoon) who is getting married on the coveted 10.10.10 date! I'm creating a custom shorty bubble veil and hair toy for her and we did some fitting and altering of it. It's going to look SO CUTE when it's done, I just can't wait. While I was over at The Spoon's residence, Natasha was so sweet to show me "The Room" where are things wedding have taken over. I was so excited. I have no idea why. It's not my wedding. I mean, I know Natasha, but it's not like we've been BFF's forever. I really do think that I've got an issue with the World of Weddings now. How, may I ask, did this happen? Good Lord.

At any rate, I took some snaps of her work in progress and am just dying to show you some little snippets of her amazing DIY planning thus far. Her colors are white, ivory and champagne with little snippets of black. It's looking REALLY pretty.


Bubble veil in progress.


A snippet of her AMAZING dress. She got it for a song too - SAMPLE!


The most adorable little bags for their candy buffet. See the LITTLE SPOON!?! So freakin' cute.


DIY wedding signs a la Natasha.


DIY Wedding Wands! What's a Wedding Wand? Just another option to bubbles, sparklers, rice, rose petals...you know, a Wedding Wand.


Her GORGEOUS poms! Miss Natasha tea-stained THOUSANDS of coffee filters. They really are stunning.


More coffee filter decor! Love it.


She hand-cut these to save bank on a one-time use punch. I hear patience is a virtue...The Virtuous Natasha!

Little Spoon is just 34 days out from her wedding. It's the final countdown, right? The girl has got it together though and appears ready to wed. She's been working her tail off so that she can try to relax these last few weeks before the wedding. I did the same too, although it still just gets crazy when you get down to the wire. I am excited that's she letting me do her veil and hair toy. Can't wait until it's done!

Are you getting down to the wire? Are you ready? Did you wait until the last minute for everything? Did you think a DIY project would be easy and were you wrong? So wrong? Do tell.


Fingernails on a Chalkboard

I used to consider trendy a bad thing. I guess sometimes I still do. I associated "trendy" with all things cheerleader-y and high school-y, even when I was in high school. I hung out with the "punks" and dyed my hair blue-black and wore white eye shadow and black eyeliner and smoked cigarettes flapper-style with crazy old filters. Hm. If fact, I kinda looked a lot like this chick except had crazy Robert Smith-esque hair.



Hot, right? Not! It was different though. Then I got really tired of being different, so when I went to college I joined a sorority because I wanted to  fit in. Most of the time I was just pissed that I had to do things in a group setting. I'm glad for the experience, but that foray into trying to fit in really didn't work out all that well. I think after that I just embraced my fashion weirdness and went with it. Over the years, I've worn some pretty odd things.  I remember having these electric green capri pants one summer and my mom saying to me, "You know if you'd paid five more dollars, I bet you could have gotten yourself some green pants." And people say my smart-assery comes from my father. Huh, you think? ANYWAY, over the last few years, I'm caring less about trendy and more about what fits and feels good and looks good. Gone are the days where I run out and blow my cash on the latest and greatest whatever.  I may drool over the latest D&G, but I'm not going to buy that crazy shit.

And you know, my job is all about trend. I gotta know what's hot and what's not in the decor world and try to balance on the top of the trend-right bubble. Too soon and you miss the the mass. Too late and you're just another copy cat. It's effing exhausting. Which leads me to the point of this post. Here is the latest wedding trend that I am DONE with. Enough, people. Enough. You are exhausting me.











So um, do you get my drift? I mean, I'm not trying to be all bitchy, but I'm just so OVER seeing every damn outdoor wedding with a chalkboard menu, or chalkboard signs, or chalkboard anything. It's been done to death. Planners, can we please see another idea? I mean, calkboards are handy in the classroom, right? Perhaps to take messages on by the phone. And I realize that the availability of chalkboard paint makes all the DIYers little hearts sing. I get it. I'm just over it. Anyone with me or am I on this ship solo?