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From the Inbox.....

From the in-box of The Thirty-Something Bride:

Hi Louise,  

You recently worked with a colleague of mine on a post for American Bridal . I’m currently working on editorial outreach for David's Bridal to promote their bridesmaid dresses.  Your site has the audience we’re looking to reach out to and we would love to work with you.

I am contacting you to see if you’d be interested in either writing a post or allowing a guest post that features any of the lines or products that the  David's Bridal bridesmaid collection carries. If this is something you would be interested in discussing please email me back at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

{Name Withheld}

SEO Associate

Really? I mean REALLY? Do you think these people actually look at what's written here or just where traffic's going based on their quick Google search? Shame on you, SEO Associate for not doing your homework and not reading the information on how I pick and choose who we want to be sponsors around here.

I mean who in their right minds would choose ME to write in support of David's Bridal considering what I've written about them before: here, here, here and here?

I'm tempted to say, "Sure! I'd love to!" and take their money, just because they're stupid. And lazy. 

But then there'd be a bunch of lies all up on this blog and I simply can't abide the lies. 


Fighting the Big Fight, T30SB vs. TWC Smackdown

So I’m at the Wal-Mart this week, getting my shop on, right? It’s much less horrific than it’s been now that school’s back in. There are fewer rioting, screaming children in the aisles than there were a few months ago. A big thumbs up for moi.

I paid for my groceries and was on my way out when I saw this dude standing at a table near the exit. I noticed that he was a representative for Time Warner Cable selling services to innocent Wal-Mart shoppers, so I stopped to chat him up regarding the present state of our TWC service.

That state? The suck. We pay approximately $131 a month for: cable TV that came with one free year of Showtime and The Movie Channel, the highest speed DSL offered and wireless for our laptops and Wii box that we use to stream Netflix and our digital phone land line.

I set this service up the first week of November 2010. Since that time, we’ve have three different technicians come out to “fix” shit. The first guy came after about a month when the DSL was c  r  a  w  l  i  n  g. He messed with something outside, my internet moved along at a much better clip and all was well. Shortly after that though, we noticed that we no longer had access to The Movie Channel. I called, spent WAY too long on the phone only to be repeatedly told that the new sign up offer that I was saying I had (including those 2 premium channels) was not one they offered and it was only Showtime, blah, blah, blah. Just so you know? I didn’t make up that shit about TMC. I mean, they gave it to us, we had it before Tech #1 came out. I explained all this to no avail. I was told a supervisor sale rep would call me. That call never came. I decided to just let it go because it was a premium channel and a freebie, so eh – easy come easy go.

Fast forward a few months and we’re back to the crawling internet that I ignore for about a week, however it was soon followed by dead landlines. Telephone call number two for service technician number two.

Now this scenario was WEIRD. I call, make the appointment and it’s scheduled and they tell me that Tech #2 will be there between 11-1pm and he’ll call before he gets there. By 2pm I’d heard nothing so called TWC to see WTF was up. They say sorrysorrysorry he’s on his way. The Tech#2 calls and says he’ll be there between 3pm and 5pm. A few minutes later another guy, Tech#2B calls and says the same thing. I tell him the sitch and he doesn’t know what to do. I suggest he call his people. Meanwhile Tech#2A shows up, but has my wrong name and wrong issue, but MY address. In a nutshell, a cluster fuck. He fixes the issue, but is there for an extraordinary amount of time and sort of hangs around, I think he was expecting us to invite him to dinner or something? The thing about this particular service call? TWC has ZERO record of it. Surprise, surprise.

We go several months with small, yet annoying issues of service interruptus. Weird things are happening with the DVR…like it takes 20 minutes to change a channel, or The Candyman can’t find our wireless router to connect his laptop. I call for service again and we reset everything via phone and start over. This helps the wireless, but not the TV.

Around July the wireless is dropping like crazy, the internet is crawling and the DVR is doing things that make me want to smash shit. I call again and we do a phone reset for the TV. Fail.  I call again a few days later and set up another service call. Tech#3 comes, unplugs things, sets them back up and everything seems to be hunky dory. The DVR is recording like it should, the channels are changing and it feels like a small victory.

That was the end of August. Now our Netflix streaming is dropping its signal like a mothereffer, nor can we get connected to our wireless with any sort of regularity. The internet is sketchy. Our landline works, but the only people who call us are telemarketers. Happily, when TWC set us up, the numbskull who did so spelled my name SO WRONG that when people call and ask for us, we know they don’t know us and we say, “Sorry, no one here by that name!” without feeling like jackasses.

So all that leads up to me stopping at the TWC table in Wal-Mart, talking to the customer service guy. He sets up a service call with a supervisor-level tech for today from 1pm-3pm. I go home thinking perhaps the situation will be remedied.

I’m cooking dinner for The Candyman and I’ve got the Nightly News on and Brian Williams (so dreamy) is telling me all about how horrible the world is and my phone rings. I try to PAUSE Brian and it won’t pause. I’m struggling to stop the damn thing because I don’t want to miss Brian, but I have to answer the phone. Finally I answer and simply mute the TV, hoping I can rewind.

Guess whose on the phone? Its TWC with an auto-bitch telling me that there was a recent issue that was resolved in my area and do I still need the service? I try to record, rewind and pause Brian as the auto-bitch drones on and the answer to her question is YES, I still need service. I did forget the time of a conference call I have today so opted to hit number 3 to reschedule. This takes me 32 minutes to do and by the time The Candyman walks in the door, I’ve been on the phone with 3 people (counting the auto-bitch) and I’m  effing FURIOUS.

So now we get to the actual point of this post. The Candyman got pissy with me because he walked into the house and life was not serene. He hates this. I don’t blame him but he doesn’t understand why this makes me SO ANGRY. Well, let me tell you….

1. There is nothing I hate more in this world than paying for something and not getting it. I know that this somehow sounds foreign to some people, but I’m old school that way. You pay for something, you should get it. We are not getting what we pay for, period. The fact is when this happens to me, I will go to the extreme to get it.

2. I do believe that most people would look at this situation and say that the number of issues and service calls is a high ratio to the norm. Yes? If I count all the hours of waiting for a tech, being on the phone and trying to fix the consistent problems? We’re talking well over 15 hours of time.

3. Last, but certainly not least is that when a situation happens like this, for me it turns into politics. Allow me to elaborate. We all know that large companies are the total suck right now. Phone companies have been ripping people off for some times now with fee cramming and the like. Bank of America has just announced that it will start charging people $5 a month simply to make purchases with their debit cards. We’ve proof now that Wells Fargo overcharges and ignores the people it lends money to for the sake of their own profit (Patrick Rodgers? You’re my HERO!). I am so sick of this shit, aren’t you? So when I get passed from phone rep to phone rep, all of whom have no power, no control and a poorly written script? Yeah, I get pissy. The fact that I’ve been through this now with TWC NINE times (not counting all the phone calls) in less than a year? Yeah, it makes me furious.

The Candyman thinks I’m only hurting myself by being so angry, but he’s not the one who has to sit on the phone for stretches of time waiting to be serviced, talking to idiots who word-vomit script rhetoric at me instead of helping me. He doesn’t have to wait for these jackasses to show up and “fix” stuff. If he had to do all that? Well, he wouldn’t. He’s just go without, make do and let these giant fuckers walk all over us. No, sir. I cannot allow that. Sorry babe, it just ain’t happening. I’m like a pit bull on a bone right now.

So here’s what going to happen. I have been assured that a supervisor-level technician will arrive at my home today between 3pm and 5pm. I will request (then demand, if required): a new DVR box, a new and better wireless router and some sort of compensation, be it financial or in the way of free premium channels. Whatever it is, the punishment must fit the crime. If the tech leaves my house without fixing the problem and/or taking care of my compensation, I will cancel TWC and move over to the competition. Period. Is it a hassle? Yes, but I am the pit bull on the bone. Do not fuck with my bone, TWC. Do not.

So it’s not just the fact that our signal interrupts us streaming Friday Night Lights on Netflix. It’s not the irritation of resetting our everything in order to be able to use our laptops in our own goddamn house. It’s not the time spent waiting and waiting and waiting for someone. It’s all that combined with the fact that these big-ass companies think they can treat me (or anyone, for that matter) in a way that smacks of elitism, a lack of deference and complete disregard of my payment for services not rendered. I don’t blame the individuals I speak to or interact with (though they get the brunt of my fury) because again, they have no real power to do anything because the machine is too big.

Does anyone else see this (they must)? Does anyone think the whole “too big to fail” thing is a bunch of horseshit? Using the same logic you could also say they are too big to succeed. I think we have several points to support THAT logic, eh?  I plan to tweet this article and include TWC. Perhaps someone will take the time to read it. Probably not. Perhaps today someone will fix the problems and properly compensate me for my time, issues and headaches. Perhaps all of this will magically happen before The Candyman gets home tonight. Wish me luck.

What are your thoughts? Am I mismatched? Am I Seth Green fighting Andre the Giant? Am I spinning my wheels? Conversely, anyone got any addition insight into how I can best fight this fight? Do tell.