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The winner of the artist's signed Wedding plaque shown here:



Just so you know it's legit, here's the obligatory Random.org screen shot!

Congratulations Beth! Thanks to all of you for your awesome opinions and feedback! Beth, I'm going to send you an email, so be on the look out for it so I can get your address to send you your prize!



{Contest} It's A Quickie!

OK, folks! I've got a quick contest for you! And it's sooooo super-easy! You don't have to Tweet or Follow or Facebook or anything of that nonsense. You just have to tell me what you think! That's all. Just give me your opinion and you can consider yourself entered!  Here's what you could win:

Totally cute, right? The sign is 13-1/2" long and 8" high. It's got two D-rings that the ribbon is tied to that you could always change out if you wanted to. Or, just remove the ribbon and set it in a stand or lean it up against something. It's painted in off-white with gold crackle finish and is embellished with the scrolls at top and bottom as well with little tiny pearls (not real, of course) on the letters. The sign is hand made and signed by an amazing artist. I can't share the details of that artist here (all legal mumbo-jumbo, I'm sure), but trust me, her stuff is to die for!  Here's another shot:

So what is it that you need to do to win this bad boy? Well, first you need to look at some more pretty pretty things by this amazing artist! Check these out!

So here's what you gotta do:

1. Tell me your favorite (it can be a single plaque or a set - like the Mr/Mrs or Bride/Groom)


2. Tell me how much you'd be willing to pay for your favorite (ballpark it, ladies).


3. Tell me your second favorite.


4. Tell me how much you'd pay for your second favorite.


5. If there's something unappealing about this, what is it?


And yes, The Thirty-Something Bride is getting involved in a little market research here, but it's for a good cause. That cause? Pretty stuff at affordable prices! So tell me what you think and win yourself a wedding sign for your Big Day. You want to know my favorite? The cocktails sign. Um, duh. Right? :)

Oh, and if you do feel compelled to Tweet or Blog or whatever, go right ahead.The contest will run until midnight on WEDNESDAY! So hurry!




Want Fifty Bucks? A Contest! 

When I first got engaged, I did all the disgustingly typical things: The Knot, bought every bridal mag I could get my hands on and generally started to freak the eff out. Let's face it, I had no idea what I was doing. Not a clue.

Blessedly, a recently married Nashville bride turned me on to Snippet & Ink and SMP and I was a goner. Hook, line and sinker, ladies. However, I did not abandon the master and mother of all DIY, The Martha. I signed up on her website thinking I might use her on-line tools. I never did, but I liked them all the same. I liked logging on and having Martha tell me how many days were left until my wedding. It was like Martha knew. I loves me my Martha.

Anyway, after the wedding, I found myself tooling around on her website again and saw this little blurb under "Planning Tools" that read:

Congratulations, Louise! Help out other engaged brides by reviewing your vendors. Choose a free gift from one of our favorite partners.

Free gift? Whoa. What is this? Martha wants to give me a present? Hell to the yeah, I wanna know what she's going to give me. It's got to be good, right?

Yes, there was a small catch. You have to fill out a minimum of 5 vendor reviews to get your free gift. Well, how hard is that? Easy-peasy is what that is! And if you didn't already know, The Martha is linked to Wedding Wire, where I happened to find my florist, Angela Sadler. I think all brides need to take the opportunity to review their vendors with all the honesty they can muster. It provides an excellent resource for other brides. It doesn't mean you have to slam your worst vendor. I did not like my DJ. However, there was a woman at my wedding (planning her own wedding now) who thought the music was awesome. She's like a decade+ younger than me, so our musical tastes have a great chance at polar opposition. Anyway, you get my point. Review your vendors. It helps other brides. And seriously? We need all the freakin' help we can get.

OK, so back to the free goodies. I can't remember all the options, but I know what I chose: Canvas on Demand. Easiest choice ever. Why? Because I am a total whore when it comes to things that go on my walls. I'm not sure which obsession is greater: shoes or wall art. There isn't an inch of naked wall space in my house. Not one. My brother is a painter so I have some of his stuff up. I have friends who are artists. My grandfather was a photographer, so I have tons of his stuff up.  I also collect cool pieces on my overseas trips. It's seriously an issue. I need a bigger house simply because I want more wall space. No lie.

So the freebie from Canvas on Demand was a voucher for $59! Pretty cool right? I ended up getting a framed 8x10 canvas for $35 with tax and shipping. Not bad, right? I'd post the embedded code they sent me to "share with friends and family" but I can't find the damn email. Just know that we used this picture and it looks fab.The only problem is that we have no place to hang it. Seriously, I have no idea what to do with it.


The other cool thing about getting this canvas was that they sent me TWO $25 gift vouchers for Canvas on Demand, or Great Big Canvas or Photo Pop Art! How cool is that? So Great Big Canvas is exactly as it sounds and has a TON of options - like favorite cities, floral scenes, college crap. It's way cool. See:


Now the Photo Pop Art stuff is not my personal preference, but you know, to each his own. There might be people out there who really want an Andy Warhol-esque canvas of their Great Dane (yes, this is for you, Candyman).


Or you can do something with your wedding or engagement pics.

So now, I am finally getting to great part of this post, now that I've forced you to read all my ramblings. You know those TWO $25 gift vouchers? They are yours, if you win the contest! As much as I'd LOVE to keep them for myself and blow some more cash on super-cool stuff to hang in my house, The Candyman might just kill me if I do. So, in order to continue living and to keep peace within the art-laden home, here's what you've gotta do to win. If you opt in for more than one option, you get more than one entry. Easy-peasy.

1. Leave a comment.

2. Follow the RSS Feed (that little orange square right below the Twitter link) and let me know in your comment.

3. Follow me on Twitter (let me know in your comment).

4. Tweet the contest (let me know in your comment). 

5. Blog the contest (share your link-love, baby!).

6. Fan me on Facebook (click on the Facebook link on the right) and let me know in your comment.

Holy crap! That's a lot of options. Oh, what am I getting myself into here? Anyway, the contest will be open until midnight on Saturday, February 20th. I'll post the winner on Monday, February 22nd. Cool? Get to entering folks! I am so excited!

Oh, one last detail - the vouchers expire on April 1, 2010 - so you need to be able to use them by then! Now get busy and enter! Have fun!



"Kick-Ass!" or "A Merry Little Christmas to Me!"

Are you familiar with Bright, Bold and Beautiful? No? You should be! Laura offers up some fantastic design ideas. She's aslo an amazing artist in her own right. She paints pretty watercolors. See:

Go look at her Etsy Shop too.

Anyway, she had a coolio contest a few weeks back and I won! God, I love contests. I mean, I love having them (I get so excited, it's sick) and I love winning them. It's always such a great surprise because I don't ever think I'm going to win.

Laura's contest was for Etsy shop (you know I loves me some Etsy) Carla's Custom Creations. I get to choose something off her Etsy shop or have a custom item made. I'm loving this thingy:

Cute, right?


The Winner!

Oh, I have to say that I am SO freakin' excited to announce the big winner of the Florrie Mitton Couture wedding garter! I have to say that I am super excited for her because she was one of my very first followers! We had many-a-offline conversation about lace (she made her veil too!). She planned her NYC wedding in four months (!) and now lives in London, planning her second wedding in Taiwan! Amazing! Congratulations to Miss Chic 'n Cheap Living!

Girl, email me stat so I can give you the super-secret code to share with Claire so you can claim your custom garter! And how appropriate that you won, considering she's in Lancashire!

Thanks to ALL of you who made this contest such a rousing success! I really appreciate the tweets, blogs and comments! I *heart* my readers. It's true.