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Win Your Wedding Photography from Dulce Photography! A Kick-Ass Contest....

Wedding Photography. There it is. You'll win your wedding day photography. But there's more to it than that. And you have to read this to win the contest, which is good, because then you'll REALLY want to win this contest.

The lovely Carissa Uribe!

I found photographer Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photography lurking around some photography website a long while back. I liked what I saw and contacted her to see if she'd want to feature a wedding she shot on my blog. She, as well as the bride, were both game. So that's how we "met." Then I learned that Carissa herself was a bride! After she was married she simply could not resist being an Unfake Bride herself And really, how she could not?

So when contest time came up, we decided it was as natural a partnership as could be. I really like Carissa's style. I like working with her on these little blog projects. I enjoy emailing her and talking with her on the phone. She's creative and fun and polite and intelligent and totally open to suggestions and to having fun while she's "working." And I have that in quotes because it's hard to call something you adore "work." It's clear to me that is the kind of photographer Carissa is. She's passionate about what she does and that shines through in her pictures. Here, I'll just share with you what she told me and some examples of her work. And as a testament to her love of all things wedding-photography related, when I  asked her to send me a few examples of her most favorite pictures I was thinking maybe she'd send me no more than 20, 30 pictures...tops. Oh, no. I lost count. All I know is that I had four of the most gianormous emails I think I've ever had. And you know what? It was hard for me to choose my favorites too. I wish I could put them all up, but this post shouldn't take 800 years to scroll through. I'll try to be as succinct as possible.


Carissa told me:

When people ask me what my style is, I always have a hard time answering. Not because I don't know what it is or because I'm not confident in myself. It's more because my style is just that... mine. I try not to compare myself to others.

I suppose if I had to pin it down, I would say it's a cross between photo journalistic and modernly artistic, if that even makes sense. But honestly, my style comes from how I view the world: how all the little pieces of my life come together and make up who I am as a person. From the emotions that I see and feel and in turn, capture with my camera. Every wedding is so different, so beautiful in its own respect. And it is my ultimate goal to encapsulate every wedding for the unique love story that it is. To freeze moments in time with my photos so that those memories can be brought back to life. So that a bride can be dancing with her groom again, with just a glance at a photograph.

Basically, I'm just a girl who loves all things about love. Oh, and pretty light! 

So now do you want Carissa as your photographer? Good. That's the point. Because were giving Carissa away. Well, not exactly Carissa, but her talent as a wedding photographer!

Here's what you can win:

~ Full wedding day coverage

by Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photograhy (full coverage meaning from the moment you start getting ready to the moment you leave the reception!) 

~ An online gallery of your photos for family and friends to view and purchase prints.

~ A CD of all wedding photos with exclusive printing rights. 

Killer, right? Here's what you gotta do.

  • Answer the following questions (creativity is the main criteria folks!) in an email and send to BOTH thethirtysomethingbride@gmail.com and dulcephoto@gmail.com. If you feel akward answering a question, go ahead and skip, but remember that creativity will weight heavier on other Q's!

1. Will you "abstain" at any point during your engagement?

2. WHAT or WHO is your greatest wedding day/wedding planning fear?

3. Bridal party: "The more the merrier!" or "I don't need the drama."

4. Describe your wedding vision in three words or less.

5. If you and your fiance won a million dollars TODAY, where is the first place the money would go?

6. If you could invite one famous person (alive or dead) to your wedding who would it be and why?

7. Wedding day fashion: heels or flats? Why?

8. What is your definition of "marriage?"

9. How many carats (yes, we [meaning me] are encouraging rock-envy)?

10. If your wedding was a movie, what would the theme song be?

  • Include at least ONE photo of you and your fiance and NO MORE than three. Seriously. We (meaning me) will totally disqualify you for overloading our (my) in-box.
  • Include your wedding date! We've extended the contest to include 2011 AND 2012 brides/grooms. 

Once you do that, Carissa and I will each pick out our two favorite entries (four finalists total) and post them here. Then you, dear readers, get to vote for your favorites! We'll be posting the answers with the photos of our favorites and you get to pick the winner!

But of course, there are rules. Always thwarted by the damn rules. They are actually pretty easy-peasy. Here are the basics:

  • Only one entry per couple, please. 
  • All entries must be received by Feruay 6, 2011.
  • You must have your wedding date set (to ensure availability), and it must be in 2011 or 2012.
  • This contest is only applicable to new inquiries of Dulce Photography.
  • If you live outside of Park City, Utah, travel fees (air fare/hotel) will apply and must be paid for by the winners. Travel must be finalized no later than 2 months prior to the wedding date.
  • Entries that do not win will be given a 10% discount (please inquire to see 2011 Collection rates) as a thank you for entering the contest.  

For all the legal mumbo jumbo about these rules and prizes and such, click here.  Please make sure you read this!

So hop to it, ladies. Get your entries in stat and you could win yourself AH-mazing wedding photography! So, how excited are you? Enter NOW!


And the Winner is.......

None other than our own Jessica, otherwise known as The Budget Savvy Bride!

Jessica is now the proud owner of one AH-mazing massage from

Corroboree Spa and Events!

I think that Jessica would say that entering contest is definitely a savvy and budget way to save on just about anything. I think this might prove her point.....

Jess, email me ASAP and I'll give you the super-secret spy code to share with the fine folks over at Corroboree to claim your AH-mazing massage. A word of advice: don't plan to do much other than veg after your massage. Your brain will be mush.

Thanks so much to Corroboree for the fantastic opportunity to promote a wonderful new local biz!




{Give-Away!} Uh....Corrobo-WHAT? CORROBOREE!

It's a mouthful for sure. It's called Corroboree Spa and Events. The phonetic is kə räbə rē′ but does that make any sense to you? Me either. So, in Thirty-Something Bride speak, it's basically co-robbo-ry. So now that we know how to say it, let's get on with it, shall we?

I was contacted by Carla (the co-owner) the day I won Nashville's Best Bridal Blogger. The spa had just opened and she wanted me to come in and try one of their services. Um, hello? Let me get this straight....you want me to come to your new spa, get a spa treatment and then talk about the blog? I couldn't get over there fast enough, people.

I had seen some press on the spa in HER Nashville magazine and the author of the article had written that it was one of the best massages she'd ever had in her life. Pffft. I gave zero credit to that statement. Why? Because I am a total massage snob, that's why.

As y'all know, I travel quite a bit for my job and go all sorts of crazy places. Places like China and India and Thailand offer massages at dirt cheap prices, so I try to make it happen when and if I have time. I have had some incredible massages in my lifetime. One was in Thailand where this little lady got up on the table with me and bent me into all sort of crazy pretzel shapes. Considering I was naked, I felt like I was in a gynecological review at times, but it was still top notch. And Chinese women have the strongest, teeniest little fingers that get all up under muscles and shoulder blades and such. At times it's almost painful, but those chicks get the job done, that's for sure.

One thing I don't like about massages is getting my legs massaged. I have had so many back and knee problems that I have a super-sensitive sciatica issue and rubbing my legs the wrong way is nothing short of annoying - at best. Even when I let massage therapists know, they still suck at it. 

So anyway, I showed up one evening at Corroborre, excited but leery. I wasn't sure what to expect. It had been raining so I sort of ran into the place to get out of the wet and was immediately hit by the smell of baking bread and a visually warm and inviting atmosphere. Not typical of a lot of spas - quite different actually, but nothing crazy.They have an Australian vibe going on here - in part to Corroboree's Managing Director Linsdsey Truman, who is from Australia, mates! Contemporary Aboriginal art hangs on the walls and digiridoo music is lightly playing in the background.

Carla Ciuffo, the spa's co-owner, greeted me and immediately took me on a tour of the place. What's super unique about Corroboree is that it's not just a spa place, it's an event place. They offer what's called a Culinary Salon:

An intimate event, participants of the Culinary Salon gather together in the heart, hearth and center of the spa, where our skilled chef will create, prepare and teach a creative course right before your eyes. The colors, aromas, and tastes are nothing short of amazing. After a morning of fun, fare and food, you are whisked away to your own customized afternoon of spa treatments. Once relaxed and limp as a noodle, you return to the kitchen for some fun and sit down to a fine meal you helped prepare, providing an unforgettable culinary experience.

How cool is that? And it's not like you show up and they teach you how to make cupcakes. The Chef in charge is Executive Chef Tully Wilson. Pretty damn impressive.

So I'm imagining how freakin' cool this place would be for a girl's night out, shower, bachelorette party - whatever! How great would it be to treat your friends and/or bridesmaids to a day of yummy food and spa treatments? Yes, please!

Carla introduces me to Fabron, my massage therapist. Fabron? Yes, Fabron. He looks like one of the many dudes from my high school football team. My first thought was, "This guy is a massage therapist? Riiiiiiight." I continued to be leery, regardless of the smell of bread that I was now craving something awful.

So I go and get all set up in the treatment room (after popping a mini-eclair in my mouth that was left for me in the changing area) and Fabron comes in and starts his thing. I was getting a treatment called The Bludge. I'm not sure if the treatment lasted 60 minutes or 90 minutes because I was freakin' comatose in the first five minutes. The Bludge is a combination of regular massage and a hot stone massage. They also hooked me up with what they call their "candlelight" treatment. Their website describes it much better than I can:

The candle is lit, the stage is set, and as the flame begins to glow, the warmth of the candle melts into an organic, hydrating creamy milk that is massaged into the skin, thawing muscles and delighting the senses. Our secret - the oil temperature is lower than the skins body temperature so this gorgeous product gently moisturizes, warms and soothes skin.

So I bet you're thinking, "Eh? Rubbing candle wax into  my skin?" Yeah, I thought the same thing. But you know what? It's incredible. It's completely organic and safe and feels so good. It's totally different than oil. It freakin' awesome.

So I tell Fabron about the knee/back/sciatica thing, not expecting much from him. He goes to town on my back and shoulders and gets rid of all the knots and tightness I constantly carry in my shoulders. He gets down to my legs and I'm about to tune out and just wait for it to be over. Oh no. He got it. He understood. He worked the hell out of my legs like I've had NEVER had done before. Seriously, it almost made me want to cry. If you have back issues, you know that living with a dull ache all day every day just blows. To get some relief from it was incredibly liberating. I can't thank Fabron enough!

So I'm getting this combo hot stone massage, hot soy wax thing, I feel fabulous and it's not over. The Bludge includes a body exfoliating treatment. I can't remember if it was a sugar or a salt scrub, all I know is that my skin was glowing and incredibly soft afterwards. Fabron left me and I felt like a warm noodle. I got changed and met back up with Carla and she greeted me with a glass of champagne with a candied hibiscus flower floating in it. Hell to the yeah.

I think what I liked best about this place was the at-home, yet totally professional vibe. I didn't feel like my therapist was a machine on auto-pilot, going through the motions to get a paycheck/tip like I often expereince.  I felt pampered and attended to. It was incredibly comfortable. I sat and chatted with Carla (quite an easy thing to do, by her own admission!) and just felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriend versus being shuffled through a spa. Standing O for Corroboree!

So what does all this fabulousness mean for YOU? Carla and Corroboree are offering a Thirty-Something Bride reader the same treatment I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing! People, this is an amazing offer that values close to $200! Here's what you have to do to win:

  • Leave a comment! Tell me what you love the most about massages!
  • Tweet! Tweet! Tweet the Contest! Make sure you have an @T30SB somewhere in your tweet so I can track it!
  • Post this contest on your bliggity blog - if you have one! Please include in your comment that you've done so!
  • Go on over to Facebook and let them know you like them! Let me know you've done that in your comment.

Each option will get you one entry, four entries per person is the max! Comment now! The contest will run through the end of the week, but do NOT delay!

Corroboree™  Spa & Events 

Located in the heart of Nashville on Music Row!

1014 17th Avenue South, Nashville TN 37212  

P: 615.750.3701



I WON! You Can Too!

I. Won.

That's right, bitches. Boo-ya. Love winning. Love love love it!

So thank you, Readers (and writers!). Ya voted me in and I am mucho appreciato! What did I win? This:



I am so honored to represent both Nashville and Ashely's Bride Guide! I really do love this town and I have been so welcomed by the wedding community as a daily interruption/intrusion/annoyance to their normal flow of business. Thanks for having me and for tolerating my nonsense!

I get all sorts of goodies as this year's winner, including tickets to the ABG SATC2 party! Sweet! Know what else I get? I get tickets to give away to the SOLD OUT party!

Who wants them? Leave me a comment ASAP! The first BRIDES who comment get tickets. Period. All ya gotta do is comment. But ya gotta be a BRIDE! The party is May 27th at Aloft Hotel!

And go on over to Ashley's Bride Guide, there's a Thirty-Something Bride interview!


{A Giveaway!} Blingtastic from Lottie-Da Designs! 

So y'all remember the Red Converse Unfake Wedding I featured a few weeks ago right? It was a two parter that you can read here and here. I spent a lot of time drooling over all their details, including Savannah's lovely headband. I'm always jealous of headband-wearing women because I just can't wear them. I  have a tiny little noggin and they never ever ever stay on. Ever.

That totally doesn't mean that I don't covet the hell out the one Savannah wore for her wedding. It's gorgeousness from Lottie-Da Designs on Etsy. Now, when you go to that link, you'll see that she's on vacay until April 11th, so my contest isn't all that well timed in that regard. HOWEVER, you can go to her sold section and see an abundance of gorgeousness. Like this:

Happy Ribbon Headband Gorgeousness!


Blingtastic Headband Happiness!


Super-Duper Blingtastic Ribbon Headband Joy!


Blinged Feathertastic Hair Love!

Blingtastic Feathered and Ribboned Headbanded Happiness!

Super-Blingtastic Ribbon Necklace!

(Whew, I wasn't sure how many more superlatives I could come up with!)

So what's the contest/giveaway for? Lemme show you!

Bling-o-Rama Ribbon Headband Fabulousness!

(OK, that was bad one!)

I have this sucker in my hot little hands and it really is exquisite. Want it? Here's the drill...

1. Leave a comment and tell me you want it. (Um, duh). = 1 Entry

2. Tweet this exactly: Blingtastic Giveaway from Lottie-Da Designs @T30SB = 2 Entries

(You've got to tweet this exactly so I can track it. Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this.)

4. Follow me on Twitter. = 3 Entries

(Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this with your Twitter @. If you already follow, just tell me your Twitter @).

5. Blog it, Baby. = 4 Entries

(Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this, along with the link).

Easy-peasy, right? Right. The contest will run until Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at midnight - in honor of me and the The Candyman's bein' hitched for a whole SIX MONTHS already! Wacky.