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Do Over.

Dear Thirty-Something Bride Readers and Contest Finalists,

There are bots at work. Robots, that is. And they are voting. And voting and voting and voting. I've spent WAY too much of my time over the last two days tracking this issue and trying to figure out what to do. Cancel the contest all together? Pull out the bot votes and count "real" votes only? Disqualify bot-vote recipients? Before I share what Carissa and I decided to do, I've got some things to say.

The intent of this contest was two fold. First, I wanted to help a sweet, talented woman get her name out into the wedding community. Carissa wanted to sponsor the contest and I was in support of her, the contest idea, and being the platform for that contest. Second, I wanted it to be FUN! I wanted readers to get to know the couples a little, not just see a picture or hear yet another sappy engagement story.

This intent has gone so far awry with the tech savvy hackers who have come into play. There is NO WAY to point a finger and blame, so please don't. There are so many different kinds of poll-voting codes out there, it's sick. There are a million ways to hack and many people do it simply for fun. In my research on this, I even found a forum where people will share different polls on-line, simply with the intent to hack them. So uncool.

So, that being said,  we are starting fresh. Yes, that's right.

I've spoken with Carissa as well as the Legal Team here at The Thirty-Something Bride. We cannot count the votes as is. We simply cannot. Because we cannot precisely determine who is hacking, I am not going to blame anyone. Could I spend a crap-load of time trying to nail a culprit or two? Sure, but I'm not going to. Why? Because that is NOT what this contest is about. I will not let lame hackers determine the outcome of what is supposed to be a most wonderful prize and opportunity for the winning couple and the talented photographer. I will not disqualify people for something they may or may not have had a part in.

I feel absolutely awful at how this has played out. It was supposed to be fun.  I've participated in similar polls many times and I think they are awesomely exciting, which was the point. However, our voting has been compromised and we need to take this action in order to make it fair for all parties involved.

I am mortified and embarrassed that my website has been compromised. As a blogger and a sponsor of this contest, I humbly apologize for the inconvenience and heart-ache this may have caused anyone involved. Truly, that was never the intent. The maliciousness of the internet world is scary and strange. We understand that many, many, people worked hard to vote their asses off for their favorite couple. To you, we apologize profusely and hope you decide to vote again. 

To vote for your favorite couple, all you must to do is this:

1. Please send an email to DulceContest@gmail.com.

2. Please put the name of the couple you would like to vote for in the title of your email AND in the body of the email.

That's it! Easy-peasy, right? We will accept emails until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11th at 11:59pm.

We will count ONE VOTE per email address.

GOOD LUCK to ALL our finalists!


Win Your Wedding Day Photography!

I'm reposting for the weekend to remind all you lovely 2011 and 2012 brides to enter to win your wedding day photography!

The lovely Carissa Uribe!

I found photographer Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photography lurking around some photography website a long while back. I liked what I saw and contacted her to see if she'd want to feature a wedding she shot on my blog. She, as well as the bride, were both game. So that's how we "met." Then I learned that Carissa herself was a bride! After she was married she simply could not resist being an Unfake Bride herself And really, how she could not?

So when contest time came up, we decided it was as natural a partnership as could be. I really like Carissa's style. I like working with her on these little blog projects. I enjoy emailing her and talking with her on the phone. She's creative and fun and polite and intelligent and totally open to suggestions and to having fun while she's "working." And I have that in quotes because it's hard to call something you adore "work." It's clear to me that is the kind of photographer Carissa is. She's passionate about what she does and that shines through in her pictures. Here, I'll just share with you what she told me and some examples of her work. And as a testament to her love of all things wedding-photography related, when I  asked her to send me a few examples of her most favorite pictures I was thinking maybe she'd send me no more than 20, 30 pictures...tops. Oh, no. I lost count. All I know is that I had four of the most gianormous emails I think I've ever had. And you know what? It was hard for me to choose my favorites too. I wish I could put them all up, but this post shouldn't take 800 years to scroll through. I'll try to be as succinct as possible.




Carissa told me:

When people ask me what my style is, I always have a hard time answering. Not because I don't know what it is or because I'm not confident in myself. It's more because my style is just that... mine. I try not to compare myself to others.

I suppose if I had to pin it down, I would say it's a cross between photo journalistic and modernly artistic, if that even makes sense. But honestly, my style comes from how I view the world: how all the little pieces of my life come together and make up who I am as a person. From the emotions that I see and feel and in turn, capture with my camera. Every wedding is so different, so beautiful in its own respect. And it is my ultimate goal to encapsulate every wedding for the unique love story that it is. To freeze moments in time with my photos so that those memories can be brought back to life. So that a bride can be dancing with her groom again, with just a glance at a photograph.

Basically, I'm just a girl who loves all things about love. Oh, and pretty light! 

So now do you want Carissa as your photographer? Good. That's the point. Because were giving Carissa away. Well, not exactly Carissa, but her talent as a wedding photographer!

Here's what you can win:

~ Full wedding day coverage

by Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photograhy (full coverage meaning from the moment you start getting ready to the moment you leave the reception!) 

~ An online gallery of your photos for family and friends to view and purchase prints.

~ A CD of all wedding photos with exclusive printing rights. 

Killer, right? Here's what you gotta do.

  • Answer the following questions (creativity is the main criteria folks!) in an email and send to BOTH thethirtysomethingbride@gmail.com and dulcephoto@gmail.com. If you feel akward answering a question, go ahead and skip, but remember that creativity will weight heavier on other Q's!

1. Will you "abstain" at any point during your engagement?

2. WHAT or WHO is your greatest wedding day/wedding planning fear?

3. Bridal party: "The more the merrier!" or "I don't need the drama."

4. Describe your wedding vision in three words or less.

5. If you and your fiance won a million dollars TODAY, where is the first place the money would go?

6. If you could invite one famous person (alive or dead) to your wedding who would it be and why?

7. Wedding day fashion: heels or flats? Why?

8. What is your definition of "marriage?"

9. How many carats (yes, we [meaning me] are encouraging rock-envy)?

10. If your wedding was a movie, what would the theme song be?

  • Include at least ONE photo of you and your fiance and NO MORE than three. Seriously. We (meaning me) will totally disqualify you for overloading our (my) in-box.
  • Include your wedding date! We've extended the contest to include 2011 AND 2012 brides/grooms. 

Once you do that, Carissa and I will each pick out our two favorite entries (four finalists total) and post them here. Then you, dear readers, get to vote for your favorites! We'll be posting the answers with the photos of our favorites and you get to pick the winner!

But of course, there are rules. Always thwarted by the damn rules. They are actually pretty easy-peasy. Here are the basics:

  • Only one entry per couple, please. 
  • All entries must be received by Feruay 6, 2011.
  • You must have your wedding date set (to ensure availability), and it must be in 2011 or 2012.
  • This contest is only applicable to new inquiries of Dulce Photography.
  • If you live outside of Park City, Utah, travel fees (air fare/hotel) will apply and must be paid for by the winners. Travel must be finalized no later than 2 months prior to the wedding date.
  • Entries that do not win will be given a 10% discount (please inquire to see 2011 Collection rates) as a thank you for entering the contest.  

For all the legal mumbo jumbo about these rules and prizes and such, click here.  Please make sure you read this!

So hop to it, ladies. Get your entries in stat and you could win yourself AH-mazing wedding photography! So, how excited are you? Enter NOW!


That Really Cool Thing?

It was so cool.

What if you could just leave all your shit behind for a week? What if you could just let go of the balls and let them just bounce on their own for a bit? Would that help?

You bet yer sweet ass it would.

The clarity that comes from talking with like-minded people? A brilliant antidote to the cluster-fuck you think your life has become. 

The relief of knowing that you're not the only one with a brain that is just non-stop all the damn time? It's sweet.

Great conversations with new friends, old friends and family - the people who know and care about you - can be cathartic in ways you don't know until it happens.

The teensy weensy problem with all this wonderfulness is that one must come back to those balls left bouncing. They have all but deflated, and I've got to blow them back up and start the juggling all over again. I feel I've stepped back into chaos and that's not good

The challenge is to re-create that feeling of calm and serenity on a daily basis. Oy, what a challenge it is to step outside the madness and review it with an open mind. I think that challenge gets harder with the addition of a fiance, husband, baby, dog - whatever. It's not just your chaos/madness/cluster-fuck. You get to share it.

Oh, the joy.

I'm dusting off those balls, getting them juggle-worthy. I'm doing that two-balls-in-one-hand thing right now while with my other hand, I try to pull-start the chainsaw.....yes, the chainsaw. You know those bat-shit crazy guys who juggle chainsaws, right? Yeah, I feel like that guy right now.

What I'd really rather be doing is hanging out here again.That totally wouldn't suck.

In the meantime, all you brides without photographers really need to enter the contest from yesterday. It lasts until January 31st, so HOP TO IT! Click here to read all about it!

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