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Goodie Bag

I've got a lot of random stuff that I've been meaning to share, so I'll do a little catch-all here in order to get it all out!

I saw these in the Two's Company catalog and am smitten. Makes me wish I was having a beach wedding!

This is a board I created from a wedding featured in Veranda magazine (I subscribe). I didn't get it posted very quickly and then it was featured on Style Me Pretty, so there wasn't a real rush. My thoughts? Pretty. Gorgeous. Expensive.

Briar Press has tons of FREE down loadable "ornaments" like monograms, borders, birds and beasts, flowers and lots of others. These are just a few I like.

GORGEOUS etched champagne flutes from Anthropologie. These were only $12 each. I almost got them for our toasting flutes, but stopped myself. I might go back and get them though.

They also had the etched pattern in wine glasses. I love the merchandising here - how they've planted herbs in the glasses. Actually, chives in back and I'm pretty sure that's a strawberry plant on the left. I think this is a grand idea for table arrangements. Lovely.

These are on sale at Pottery Barn. They aren't for sale on their website though, in-store only. Cute for bridesmaids, but contemporary enough for groomsmen. There are lots of men out there who like scented candles!

I love these! It's felted soap from Anthropologie. The wool encases the soap and as you use it, the felt exfoliates your skin and the soap shrinks. When the soap is gone, you cut open the felt shell and replace your soap and re-use! Re-Use. Re-Cycle. Go green, if and where you can. Great BM gifts, at $14.00 each.

Last, but not least - I was perusing local letterpress companies and found this non-local company F2 Design from Lubbock, Texas. They have this awesome letterpress poster of Blues/R&B/Funk master Little Milton. Grits Ain't Grocery is a great song (The Candyman will be flabbergasted that I know it) with oddly romantic lyrics:

If I don't love you baby
Grits ain't grocery,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And Mona Lisa was a man

(Oh yeah! Let's get into it. Listen.)

All around the world, I'd rather be a fly
I'd light on my baby and stay with my woman till I die
With a toothpick in my hand I'd dig a ten foot ditch
And run all through the jungle fighting lions with a switch
Because you know I love you baby
Oh you know I love you baby yeah
Now if I don't love you baby I tell you

Grits ain't grocery,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And Mona Lisa was a man

(Oh baby. Uh! Listen.)

All around the world I've got blisters on my feet
I'm trying to find my baby and bring her home with me
You better run into me baby and be convinced
If you don't run it to me right now woman
You ain't got no sense
Because you know I love you baby
Oh you know I love you baby yeah
Well if I don't love you baby I tell you

Grits ain't grocery,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And Mona Lisa was a man

(C'mon y'all. Hit me. Oh baby. Listen.)

All around the world I never will forget
I lost all my money, my woman, and my pet
But I've got to have you baby and I will settle for nothing less
Give up all my good time baby and stay for happiness
Because you know I love you baby yeah
Oh you know I love you baby yeah
Well if I don't love you baby I tell you

Grits ain't grocery,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And Mona Lisa was a man

The very first dish I ever made The Candyman was yellow grits (none of that white crap) made with whole cream served with this salmon salad I make (grilled salmon, green onions, red bell pepper, lemon juice, olive oil - done). They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Mission accomplished! :)


Red Hot Orangina and Purple Passion Party

I've mentioned before that I'm in the design biz....I need to use the term "designer" sparingly. Basically, I design and develop home decor products. I don't do any sort of technical design. I sketch poorly but can get the gist across. I have great ideas in my head that I translate to true designers overseas who then bring my creations to life both on paper and physically. I'm leaving in a few weeks to go review next seasons designs. I've been sending over all sorts of color boards and trend ideas. I started incorporating lots of wedding photos I've found because there are so many great looks out there that convey a fabulous color story. Here are two that I thought I'd share.

I call this one Red Hot Orangina. Blood red, orange and pink are HOT!

I call this one Purple Passion Party. Purple is huge in Europe right now. I'm showing it mixed with pink (it extends the Red Hot Orangina color story).

The funny thing is that I call story boards by these quirky little names (everyone in my field does this) and no one in China/India/Taiwan/Vietnam knows what the heck we're talking about. They just want Pantone numbers. I'm so much more organic than that. Most times "organic design" is difficult to communicate, but I work with some great artists. It's amazing how much you can say without words, but with a sketch pad and pencil.

P.S. Seems like the photos are showing sort of pixelated. Sorry about that! Not sure why as my original image is pixel-friendly.


Something Blue

OK, so not technically "something blue," but work demands I churn out some color stories and these are mine to share! Blue is to die for and mixing and matching with turquoise, royal blue, robin's egg blue - whatever shade you can think off, is the name of the game. At least, that's what I'm designing!

Blue Tuxedos! I cut these out of a magazine and have no idea from where. If you know who these are, let me know so I can give props! Felt ring from Anthropologie only $12! Beaker-style vases tied with ribbon from Two's Company. Cobalt blue tea lights from Park Hill Collections. Ribbon wrapped cake stands (perfect for cupcakes!) also from Two's Company. Reclaimed redwood Adirondack chair from Viva Terra. Acrylic beverage dispenser from Pottery Barn (think self-serve signature cocktails!). This amazing antique lighter is an interesting (probably expensive) groomsmen gift. This one is a blue hard glass enamel with silver watch lighter from the late 1920's, by Juvenia in Switzerland. However, you can customize Zippo lighters here. Big, giant BLING! Rings by Henry Dunay, Elizabeth Locke and Slane & Slane.
Blue resin bangles from Twiggy Bangles on Etsy.
Happy Tuesday!


Country Chic and Green

I don't think to have an outdoor or country themed wedding means you have to go all Hee-Haw on your guests. We've all seen beautiful examples of this on many-a-blog. Because work demands color out of me as of late, I'm incorporating my blogging into the same.
Enchanted Seed Bracelet, $298 at Anthropologie, Rustic Green pitchers, urns and vases can all be used as stunning centerpiece containers, available through CreativeCo-Op. Garden style flower girl dresses are the cutest! This one is available at Shabby Baby. Antique-looking figure could be a lovely table decor option and can be found through Park Hill Collections. Apple green jersey knit dress with ruched sleeves and ruched side seems. Tie collar. Easy skirt hits just below knees (particularly awesome for Thirty-Something Brides with Thirty/Forty-Something maids!). Machine washable. Travels well. Dress available at Shabby Apple and is on SALE for $46.50. Shabby Apple also offers free shipping both ways on all exchanges. You can't beat that! Eco-friendly waxed linen wrap bracelets are available at Viva Terra in both Pearl and Kyanite. They're offering free shipping on these items until April 30th! Recycled glass balloon vases available at Viva Terra. Leaf Wreaths can hang on church doors (I'm doing it for my wedding!), minis on the ends of pews or even on windows. You can find these gems at Park Hill Collections. Having a bird themed wedding? These little Papier Mache lovelies are perfect! Find them here! Recycled glass pitcher and matching ribbed glasses are a garden wedding fit from Park Hill Collections. Daisy cake and the beautiful pastel green bouquet from who else, but Martha! Love, love, love the herb bottles!


Chic and Green

From top, Tea Forte Sachet Favors from Beau Coup, Jumbo Jewels from Donald Huber, Siegelson, Russell Trusso and Judith Ripka, Bamboo Spa Rode from Viva Terra, Hand painted ring from Craft Tastrophe, Edamame Bruschetta - photo by Reed Davis, Hand painted Shoes by Craft Tastrophe, Herb Soap available at Anthropologie, "Veranda-tini" garnished with a gardenia - photo by Reed Davis, Wrapping paper by Kate's Paperie, Mini Vanilla Lavender Cupcakes - photo by Reed Davis, Arm Bouquet by Angela Sadler, Pennycrest Plates available at Anthropologie.

I'm on a veritable color roll, people! Tomorrow I'm working on Country Chic Green!