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Food Trucks - Your Catering Alternative?

With wedding hindsight being 20/20, I question some of the trends that are out there and whether or not I coulda/shoulda/woulda. Some are easy. Bunting? No. I am not a bunting kinda girl, but I do think it's pretty. Photobooth - totally wish we'd had the cash for that. The list goes on and on. There's a wicked-cool trend out there now that gives me cause to pause: The Food Truck.

You know, the scary sorta mobile taco trucks you see in just about every city? They look good and smell good and you wonder, should I eat there? Is it safe? It certainly smells safe. In fact, they can smell down right divine, particularly if you're hungry. And who doesn't get hungry at at a wedding? I know I do. So are food trucks on your radar? I think there should be a few things to consider:

  • Are you doing it because it's cool and trendy or to save money? Check out the prices, you might not be saving as much as you thought.
  • Cool and trendy and cheap doesn't always equal "tastes good." Make sure you taste test and discuss all your food truck catering options.
  • Is it legit? Mobile food trucks get inspected too and need to post their scores based on your state's display laws. No one wants food poisoning.
  • Lines: waiting for your taco at 3am outside a club is a whole lot different than waiting for a taco at a wedding. Make sure the truck is properly staffed.
  • Zoning. Make sure your truck can park where you want it to park. Lots of new city ordinances are prohibiting mobile food trucks in certain areas.

Like all things regarding wedding and vendors, just make sure you do your homework. That being said, I think we should explore all that is fine and fabulous about food trucks. Tt's probably a good thing that I'm not in Nashville because a new truck has made it's presence known: The Grilled Cheeserie. I can just see myself driving and checking their tweets to see where the hell they were, just so I can get a grilled cheese sammy. Do not underestimate the power of a well made grilled cheese. The Candyman likes them so much, they were a part of his wedding poem to me.  It's true.

The Grilled Cheeserie

But fear not, there are PLENTY of food trucks in this nation to supply you with endless yummies. Don't believe me? Here, check it out.

Minneapolis and it's Smack Shack seving lobster rolls, shrimp sausage and more. Yum.


 LA has like, a bazillion food trucks. In the mood for Koren BBQ? Try the famous Kogi.


Need something sweet? How about Philadelphia's Buttercream Cupcake Truck?


Milwaukee's Street-Za dishes out slices of pizza topped with Wisconsin mozzarella and locally grown produce.

Turkey to Go, operated by the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. Apparently, they even make ice-cream sandwiches with turkey. After my peanut butter bacon cookies? Hell yeah, I'd try it.
In the mood for egg sammies? The Big Egg in Portland, Oregon.
And check this out....
Because there is no better marriage than pizza and wings, the Holy Matrimony food truck right here in my new town of Charlotte!
So maybe a catered food truck isn't your thing. That's OK. It wasn't mine. But you have to be honest, these seem like they might be a lot of fun to check out and try to find (ya gotta folllow on Twitter to find them). I mean, I'd eat at any of these places. But then again, I've eaten street food in mainland China and India - I've pretty much experienced every type of bodily food rejection there is. What's cool is that the majority of these trucks support local growers - and that is ALWAYS cool and trendy, if you ask me.
So I know Becca from A Los Angeles Love is doing her thing with a Taco Truck. Anyone else looking into mobile food resources as a means to a catered wedding? If so, what lead you to that decision? If not, is there a reason? And going back to that 20/20 vision post wedding, I might have looked into this as a wedding cake alternative - specifically if there was a mobile cup cake truck like the one in Philly! Did you have mobile catering? Any 20/20 hindsight tips and trick sot share? Do tell.