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(Unfake Engagement Shoot!} A Last Bit of Winter…

I’m not sure how these folks had ANY amount of snow this winter…but it’s Kansas. You know how Kansas  can be. It’s such a rogue state.

Bill and Sarah are longtime sweethearts who finally decided to tie the knot. While their wedding is set to take place in Kansas City, they wanted to incorporate the town they love most, Lawrence, (where they met) into their engagement photos. They also wanted some fun in the snow.  The image with the individuals cheering in the background?  Taken at Allen Fieldhouse for ESPN's College Game Day.

Enjoy this last bit of winter eye candy.

P.S. In case you are wondering about the new job? I’m busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. 

Photographer   Belltower Photography

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography5

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography3  The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography4

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography6

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography7

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography8

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography9

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography10

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography11

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography12 The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography13

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography14

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography15

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography16 The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography17

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography18

The Thirty-Something Bride_BelltowerPhotography19

Congratulations to Sarah and Bill!