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{Featured Post} Ann Summers Lingerie Warms Up Christmas…

One of the very first buying jobs I ever had was with a lingerie company.  As an assistant buyer, I was allowed control of a few divisions. I bought crotchless panties and plus size hosiery. As an assistant I had first choice to all the samples before our annual sample sale. My lingerie collection back then was shall we say, unparalleled, except by perhaps actual strippers.

One thing I’ve learned about lingerie is that guys love it and women want it comfortable. I mean, there was a time when “I buy lingerie” was apparently the hottest thing I could say. At social functions, someone would ask me what I did for a living, I’d tell them and I’d be swarmed with men (and some women) who thought that my job made me more inclined to sleep with them. They were wrong, of course, but it did help me realize the power of the panty.

This brings me to the point of today’s post, sponsored by Ann Summers. {WORKPLACE WARNING: sexy stuff you might not want your boss to see you looking at!}

The power of the panty is a strong one. I recently showed The Candyman a website with pictures full of sexy women in GRANNY PANTIES and he was all, “Do not tell me the name of that website. I don’t need another time suck.” Do not under-estimate the power of the Wife in Lingerie, either. I’m just sayin’.


Buying lingerie online isn’t as tricky as it seems, especially the sexy stuff. I’ve done it before with relative success. True, the strap may not fall exactly where you want it, but in the case of this kind of lingerie, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you can get it on your body, I can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the time, it will serve it’s purpose. Smile

So let’s talk about Ann Summer knickers (I mean, it’s across the pond, let’s use the appropriate verbiage, no?) for a second. Sexy doesn’t mean a g-string that rides up your crack.  Sexy is as sexy does and sexy is mostly about how you feel.

Clip_6 Clip_7

These would be my top two choices in terms of sexy stuff. The gold glimmer stuff would go with my skin and it’s plain enough for me to be comfy in. The fact that is has a matching bra is a bonus.  The little skirt on the right? I’d pair it with some regular sexy black briefs. A little coverage so I don’t feel weird, but it also has garters. Garters are key in sexy lingerie. I don’t know what it is, but I think they drive every man insane. Perhaps it’s because they don’t really understand how they work. Or maybe it’s just the old timey-ness of them. Who knows. They work. And they are easy-peasy to buy online.

As I was checking out this Ann Summers brand (I actually care about who my sponsors are), I stumbled across an article:  Ann Summers is looking for their next model for 2012. 


They had “real” women submit applications and they narrowed it down to these 10 women. I’ll bet most are aspiring models, but it’s nice they appear to have selected a decent range of different looks and body types. I like that. They reached out to real women to show that we don’t all have to have tits made of anything other than actual boob flesh to be sexy.  My personal favorite:


I like the fact that the lingerie has more coverage and I LOVE that she’s got tattoos across her knuckles that read: HAUS WIFE.

This website has a good selection of super-sexy, erotic stuffs for the adventurous (or the curious) as well as goodies that are slightly more vanilla. I think the most important thing to realize when you’re considering lingerie is to choose what YOU like first while keeping your partner in mind. When you feel your sexiest, it really won’t matter what he says he likes. Trust me on this one!

So go check out Ann Summers and then come back here and tell me what you like. Thongs? High waisted panties? The nipple tassel thingies? Do tell.

*This is a sponsored post by Ann Summers.