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What Adele Does Right (and How You Can Too!)

I think we can all agree on how freakin’ fabulous Adele is right? Girl swept up the Grammys and rocked the house as well.

I’ll share a couple of the live kick-ass stuff in a second, but I want to point out a few thing the lady does and does spot on….other than sing, that is.

The Clothes

Adele is no waif. She’s got hips and tits and to me, looks like a modern version of a Peter Paul Ruben painting (please do yourself a favor and DO NOT Google ‘Rubenesque’ and hit images. You will not be pleased and the result is FAR from what I’m talking about here)1.

She plays up all the right things: the gorgeous hair, her beautiful eyes and the pouty lips that give Angelina Jolie a run for her lip-money. She wears figure slimming colors, belts that give her a waist and define her hourglass figure.

Her red carpet ensemble was simply divine and was far more lovely than some other outfits we saw.


She wore a different gown on stage and there's something about that dress you big busted ladies should note:



Our girl’s got a long-sleeve sheer top on her lace dress. For most of us, that means a strapless bra or those stick-on boob things. As a barely B-cup kind of a girl, I find both of those options are a pain in the ass. Nothing ever really stays up very well and God forbid if you accidently catch some nipple when removing the adhesive bra thing. “Ow!” is an understatement.

So check out the top of her dress. See the nude V-neck underneath the black? You can barely see it, but it allows Adele to wear a bra and still give the illusion of baring a little skin. Well done, Adele. Well done.

If you have a similarly styled wedding gown (or any dress for that matter), any decent seamstress can add this feature in for you.

Nail Art 

If you’ve spent even a nano-second on Pinterest, you’ll see that nail art is all the rage. We see daily versions of perfectly painted nails clasping an OPI bottle. While Adele plays it a little conservative in terms of her clothing, she does show a little rock-n-roll with her nails. Love the glitter front and the blood-red BACKS of her nails!

And I loved the oval shape. Been seeing that trend pick up speed in the last few months around here (here being the interwebs).  image



As someone who is horrid about applying make-up, I feel a little bit like a fake talking about this, but it’s pretty cut and dry. Adele has a heavy face. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, but her make-up is always flawless and she plays up the right things for her face-shape. It’s ALWAYS about the eyes. Heavy mascara, lashes and liner draw the eye up as does her blush. Keeping a pale lip (as she often does) keeps you focused upwards and not on the weight she might be carrying around her chin/neck. I found a great on-line tutorial here on how to create the same look.


Like most women, I adore Adele’s music. We can all relate, right? Her latest video, “Set Fire to the Rain” performed at the Royal Albert Hall had me thinking WEDDING BACKDROP the first time I saw it.


Watch to the 1:00 mark (at least!) and check out the lamp shade backdrop. The lamp product developer in me? Oh, it made my little heart sing with joy when I saw this! I started thinking about a cool DIY backdrop project that I have no business spending money on…. I’m thinking a painted wood back, string lights and mini shades. I found this super-cute DIY tutorial on Good Housekeeping.com on making mini shades for string lights out of little mouthwash cups! Check it out here and start thinking about how you can mimic the video. I’m fantasizing about painted cord covers, mini-shades (the kind you use on chandeliers) and I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT because it would be truly bad ass.


At the tender age of 23, Adele gets it. It kind of pisses me off when women who are so young are so together. When I was 23, I had my head so far up my own ass… I love that she knows who she is and that’s that.  We can all learn a little something from her attitude, me thinks. If you didn’t see it last night, check out this amazing interview from 60 Minutes.

 She found an app that let her swear through her phone? Oh, you know she’s my kind of girl!

Like most folks, I’m pretty excited about Adele’s rise to fame. What I love most is that she isn’t all about tits and ass and baring it all physically. She bares her soul through her music and that, THAT is what makes her totally alluring, sexy, mysterious and yet totally relative and relatable.

Hooray for Adele!


1 You did it, didn’t you? I warned you.