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I had this other post all lined today, but SCREW IT!


I'm so excited!

And you know what the best part about it is? I sold it to another bridal blogger, Shiny Pretty Bits. It just makes me so happy to be a part of a community who supports each other! Although I don't always support the WIC (Wedding Industry Complex), I do support bloggers and brides working hard to make it their own without busting the bank, going crazy or feeling like they need to have some sort of event versus a wedding.

I'm just pleased as punch.


TruLu Couture Has Opened! 

I did it. I stopped standing on the side lines and I have just jumped right in. With both feet. I opened an Etsy Shop. Here's the background skinny so you don't just think I'm totally nuts.

I have degrees in Apparel Merchandising and Costume Construction Technology. I studied under a master German tailor and interned with a private designer. I have a minor in Marketing. I've been working in the retail/wholesale industry for my entire career. I know all about the business side of things and have been in that realm for quite some time. What I haven't been doing is flexing my own personal creative muscle. I haven't done that in a looooooooong time.

In all honesty, it's wedding planning that got all those creative juices flowing again. Thank you wedding community! I was inspired to DIY things that I wouldn't have normally thought to. I loved making my own veil. I loved making my own fascinators. It was fun. I missed sewing. I used to do it all the time, but over the years just let it dwindle. I've had other obsessions to tend to, thank you very much. But I've realized now how much I have missed it. So I made another veil, you know, just for the fun of it. Then I made a ring pillow. And a fascinator, and then another fascinator. And another ring pillow. Then I started thinking about an Etsy shop. And a website. And you know, stuff just started happening.

What I'm not going to do is kid myself, (or you, for that matter) into the fact that I have the best veils or fascinators out there. I don't. But it's all work in progress and I figured I'd stop wasting time on the sidelines and get in the game. You've got to start somewhere, right? As with all creative things I do, it turns into a sort of process - an evolution - if you will. The last time I was seriously sewing consistently, The Divinyls "I Touch Myself" was a chart topper. Yeah, it was a while ago. And as with any skill, if you don't practice, you're bound to be a little rusty. That's kind of how I feel. I feel like I've taken the Cruiser out of the carport and cleaned it all up shiny and oiled the chain and replaced the seat and I'm taking her out for a spin. You gotta give the oil a chance to get into those gears so you can really get going. I'm oiling up my chain, so to speak.

So I've name the venture TruLu Couture (I do have haute couture training, just so you know). I've got a website. It's TruLu Couture.com, but my stupid domain name bullshit isn't linked yet, so just go to this temp link for now. TruLuCouture.com will be up in a day or so. I've also got the Etsy Shop up and running. So go there, take a look around and tell me what you like the best. I think I might end up sponsoring my own darn contest! How ironic.




The Cinderella Syndrome

You know what I haven't blogged about in a long damn time? My most favorite accessory ever - the shoe. I got a lot of flack from friends and family in my early wedding blogging days about all my shoe posts. Well, damn it - shoes are an integral part of the whole ensemble - and not just on your wedding day! I can't stand when people wear ratty old shoes with a really nice outfit. It makes no sense to me at all. Or, God forbid, SNEAKERS of any sort as a fashion statement. *gag*

Yes, I am a shoe snob.

What that doesn't mean is that your shoes have to be expensive to look good because they absolutely do not. I was an enormous fan on Shoe Carnival as a twenty-nothing. I think I may have written this before, but at the height of my shoe-aholic-ism, I was pushing over 200 pairs of shoes. Yes, yes. It was an issue and part of the cause of my twenty-nothing credit card debt, I'm sure. I've pared (no pun intended) down significantly since then, but I still loves me some shoe.

I'm hear to give you brides some shoe advice.

  • First, if you find a shoe that's uber-cute and way expensive, find out the name and Google it for a lower price. For instance, the following shoe that I adore is the Martinez Valero "Corrine" Sandal. It sells at Nordstrom for $139.95. I Googled the name and found the exact same shoe for $59.95 at DSW. And if you want these in brown or black for an every day thing or for your maids, they are on Overstock.com for $49.99!

  • Please do not buy designer shoes on the cheap from lame on-line stores like this one. I guarantee you that this is a Chinese manufacturer knocking off Louboutin's. How do I know? I can recognize Chenglish a mile away. If the deal is too good to be true, it ain't the real deal. And maybe you don't care if it's the real deal or not - but when you support this kind of manufacturer, you're supporting really crappy stuff - like child labor, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions and more. Seriously, just don't freakin' do it.
  • Dude, DIY yourself into some really cool shoes. Yes, that's right. I said DIY. I did it, so can you. Even the shoes above can be done on the cheap. If you don't read ...love Maegan, you're truly missing out. That chick can DIY in her sleep. Check out how she made her version of the petal sandal
  • Still not convinced? OK, yesterday Rock My Wedding posted some gorgeous shoes by Emmy Custom Made Wedding Shoes. It's a UK based custom wedding shoe maker and they are so totally swoon-worthy.
  • Source

  • Killer right? I think the cheapest embellishment (not the shoe) I found on the Emmy site was £60, or $86.38. WTF? The custom shoes were over  £260 ($375). Crazy. And not cost effective at all. So what's a bride to do? I'm telling you, DIY! Head on over to your local Payless and check out their Lela Rose and Unforgettable Moments collection. Or, if you can stomach it, go to David's Bridal and check out their shoes. Here's some from their website.



  • Once you have your shoe picked out, you can embellish them at will! My blue satin shoes had this black and clear rhinestone monstrosity on them that I knew I would replace when I bought them. I dug through my vintage jewelry and found some of my grandmother's earrings that I knew would do the trick! I cut off the backs of the earrings with some wire snips then replaced the other bling by sewing them onto the shoes. I'm not going to lie, sewing them on was a bitch, but it was worth it for me to have my shoes look the way I wanted them too. See?

Jonathon Campbell Photography

  • If you're not a vintage jewelry whore like I am, hit up your friends and relatives - especially the grandma's! Those old ladies have some awesome stuff hidden away in their armoires, trust me. Or, go to Goodwill and find some funky retro pins. Or hit up an antique store and find some groovy old rhinestone stuff. What about feathers? Feathers are totally cool. You can find all sorts of feathers at any local craft store.


  • Don't own a needle and thread? Can't figure out how to sew them on? Dude, get yourself a hot glue gun. Or better yet, some Super Glue Gel. It's not as runny as the regular stuff and it's easier to apply. But BE CAREFUL. If you get this stuff on fabric or leather and you don't want it there, you're screwed. 

Just get creative it what I'm saying. You don't have to be a crazy DIY person or particularly talented. Find something you like and think about how to knock it off. Make it your own for less than the 300 bones some designers are wanting for a pair of shoes that you'll most likely have kicked off sometime during the reception anyway. Right? Right.

Do you love your shoes? Are you struggling with style, size, type, price? Where did you get yours and how much did you pay?


{A Giveaway!} Blingtastic from Lottie-Da Designs! 

So y'all remember the Red Converse Unfake Wedding I featured a few weeks ago right? It was a two parter that you can read here and here. I spent a lot of time drooling over all their details, including Savannah's lovely headband. I'm always jealous of headband-wearing women because I just can't wear them. I  have a tiny little noggin and they never ever ever stay on. Ever.

That totally doesn't mean that I don't covet the hell out the one Savannah wore for her wedding. It's gorgeousness from Lottie-Da Designs on Etsy. Now, when you go to that link, you'll see that she's on vacay until April 11th, so my contest isn't all that well timed in that regard. HOWEVER, you can go to her sold section and see an abundance of gorgeousness. Like this:

Happy Ribbon Headband Gorgeousness!


Blingtastic Headband Happiness!


Super-Duper Blingtastic Ribbon Headband Joy!


Blinged Feathertastic Hair Love!

Blingtastic Feathered and Ribboned Headbanded Happiness!

Super-Blingtastic Ribbon Necklace!

(Whew, I wasn't sure how many more superlatives I could come up with!)

So what's the contest/giveaway for? Lemme show you!

Bling-o-Rama Ribbon Headband Fabulousness!

(OK, that was bad one!)

I have this sucker in my hot little hands and it really is exquisite. Want it? Here's the drill...

1. Leave a comment and tell me you want it. (Um, duh). = 1 Entry

2. Tweet this exactly: Blingtastic Giveaway from Lottie-Da Designs @T30SB = 2 Entries

(You've got to tweet this exactly so I can track it. Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this.)

4. Follow me on Twitter. = 3 Entries

(Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this with your Twitter @. If you already follow, just tell me your Twitter @).

5. Blog it, Baby. = 4 Entries

(Leave me an additional comment and let me know you did this, along with the link).

Easy-peasy, right? Right. The contest will run until Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at midnight - in honor of me and the The Candyman's bein' hitched for a whole SIX MONTHS already! Wacky.


Oh, Just Because. 

Because. I love pretty things. I particularly love pretty shoes. All other accessories are secondary.


Bruno Frisoni Silk Satin Heels $766



Valentino Clutch $2900



Grey Mer Ruby Red and Jeweled Heel $388 US ($280 Euros)


Samuel Cirnansck




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