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The Key to My Heart

Oh, the pain. I love these so much. One day The Candyman will be some rock-star lawyer (not that I'm not proud of my current, not-for-profit, double-state Bar passing, kick-ass lawyer!) and will deck me out in my heart's desire.

My favorite is second from the right in the bottom picture. In platinum, please! We all know that Tiffany isn't affordable at all. However, they do offer these little guys for $100, sans chain.

All photos courtesy of Tiffany.
Actually, Tiffany does sell a few things that are under the one hundred dollar mark if that's where your gift giving budget falls (mine doesn't, sorry Cousin/Matron of Honor!). The have a few bracelets, key chains and charms that hit the mark. So if you're big on the brand name and short on cash, those might be the way to go!

Honeymoon blogs to come - hopefully this weekend. However, I have a veil to finish sewing, invites to assemble, a backyard that has a pile full of DIY dirt in it (maybe I'll blog about the "tile" we're laying) and a wedding cake yet to be discovered. I NEED A CAKE! The Thirty-Something Bride might be headed fro another WPB (Wedding Planning Breakdown). Noooooo....


Bracelets, Clutches and Tiaras, oh my!

I hope I've got some local Nashville brides reading my blog because The Bride Room is having a Paris Trunk Show on May 1st and 2nd. Now I'm not sure about the "Paris" part because we live in Nashville (that was an attempt at humour, dear bloggers), however it will be featuring Debra Moreland. She makes pretty things like this:

Photo courtesy of Debra Moreland

I might have to go check it out! There's a 10% discount, so that will at least get in me in the door. Hm, I really like the hairstyle in the picture above and well as the head bling.

Check out this gorgeous Lucite clutch I found on Ruby Lane. It sold for $200 and it wasn't even signed. She guessed it to be a Wardley. It's sooooooo pretty.

Photo courtesy Ruby Lane

So ever since I signed up at Gartner Studios for my invitation templates and 50 FREE FONTS I've been getting some updates via email. I highly recommend doing this. Getting myself on a bunch of wedding email lists was the best thing I've ever done in this whole wedding planning gig. It's annoying, for sure, but all the information starts coming to you much more quickly than if you were hunting for things solo.

At any rate, Gartner Studios is having a 15% off any sale over $20. Here's a cute, personalized and inexpensive gift for only $14.00! Buy a couple of them as bridesmaid gifts and you save some cash. And guess what? The engraving is free. Booya. What a deal. Go here to find it!



Check out the cool boutonnieres from San Fransisco's Rosenow Floral Designs!

From the boutonniere website, it appears that they can do custom designs, regardless of location. I think this would be a cute gift idea for grooms/ushers/best men who aren't necessarily big on flowers.

More to come soon on my invitation project!


Do You Wear a Size 7?

If so, bust a quick move over to Dikuza Handmade Accessories because this shoe, originally $130, is on sale for $29.99! The Juji has a 4" satin beaded wrap heel, satin white and silver base sole with matching color beads, sequins, embroideries, white crystal rhinestones on upper and matching design with white crystal rhinestones on heel.

And guess what? If you head over to BestWeddingSites.com you can win a pair of Dikuza shoes valued up to $355. Total score.


Old School

Many years ago I remember watching a show about New York City and interesting spots to tour. This was long before I had ever been to New York, so was fascinated. I remember specifically two places mentioned. The first was a spot called The Tenement Museum. The Tenement is a New York City Museum that tells the stories of immigrants who lived in 97 Orchard Street, a tenement built in 1863 on Manhattan's Lower East Side.I visited this spot on my second trip ever to NYC in the late 1990's. At the time, it was less promoted and was run mostly by curators who served double duty as tour guides. It was one of the most fascinating tours I've ever taken. The curators were so passionate about their work and the information they provided gave us a complete history of New York City with stories about the dwelling's inhabitants. It was truly amazing and I highly recommend this museum as a NYC must see. It's down in the Lower East Side near the Bowery, an area that has been booming with eclectic little shops and eateries in the last five years or so. Nearby the museum on Houston is Katz's Deli, home of the world's largest and BEST pastrami on rye. I'm just sayin'.....

The other, more bridal blog worthy segment of the show was about M&S Schmalberg, an amazing manufacturer of custom fabric flowers. I was reminded of the show after perusing Martha Stewart Weddings Idea of the Day "Colorful Gowns." She featured a MOYNA clutch, gorgeous Louboutins and a flower by M&S Schmalberg.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

According to the show and their website, "through a delicate hand made process, using your fabric or ours, along with hundreds of antique tools and dyes, we can create anything from a petal to a cascading garland of flowers and leaves. Custom shading and hand painting is available for that special design." Check out some their amazing pieces!

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