Tips for Moving Newlyweds
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 9:03PM
Louise in Politics

You know how you’ve registered for all the Crate & Barrel Staccato china and stemless wine glasses? You know how they come to you in all that weird, accordion-style paper? Keep that paper.


And the individual bubble sleeves that your plates come in? Keep that too. All of it. I did. The Candyman thought I was bonkers. Guess who eating the words “looney tunes” now?

So keep all that bubble wrap. Shove it in some big 40 gallon trash bags and shove it in the attic. Or the basement. Or wherever you can find a space. Just keep it because when you move (and if you’re young, you WILL move) you will love me forever. You will come back to this blog and say, “Louise, you were so right!”

And I will nod knowingly.

Seriously? Keep the shit.

That being said, we are officially in the new house. We are not technically out of the old house yet. There are pieces of furniture that were put together in the house that now cannot make it out of the house without being dismantled and that just hasn’t happened yet. Next weekend.

But fuck all the house stuff. There’s plenty of time for all that. Because guess what? The house stuff is never ever going to end. Good thing we have a lifetime together. That is if we don’t kill each other over what to do with the fourth bedroom. Or what’s going to happen with the area next to the pool pump.

The coolest most important thing EVER? Me and The Candyman? You know we live in Charlotte, right? You know what’s going on here this week, right? My kick-ass husband, through his firm, got us tickets to the to the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, BITCHES!!!

Whether Democratic or Republican, you have to admit it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Right? We’re so excited. I am so excited. I can’t wait to hear our President speak. I can’t wait to hear CLINTON speak. And Pelosi. And The FOO FIGHTERS are playing and so is MARY J. BLIGE. At Panthers Stadium! The DNC ROCKS!

Now, the biggest question: What does one WEAR to a Democratic National Convention that is being held outside, all day, in The South with the ever possibility of rain? I mean, it’s the fucking DNC! How can I even think of wearing my comfy shoes when all the cool kids will be backstage? Cool kids like Michelle Obama. A tall lady, like me.

What does one wear with zero time to shop and zero budget – as the clothing budget all been spent up on the aforementioned home?


Update on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 7:18PM by Registered CommenterLouise

DNC Update:

They've changed the venue to one that is indoors because of the weather. The ticket number has gone from 78,000 to a mere 15,000. Four thousand of that 15 are delegates, so only 11,000 tickets. My guess is that we don't get to go. There are tons of volunteers and shit who worked for theirs and while I donated, I didn't DO anything, where other folks did. There are more deserving. I do hope we get to go, but it doesn't look like it! BOO!


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