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Honeymoon Pixie

This is a sponsored post. The integrity of T30SB is everything and all post are written by us. If we didn’t believe in their product/service then the post wouldn’t be on this blog.

An overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. This is the fantast locale of T30SB and The Candyman.

Don’t you wish there really was a wedding pixie? Don’t you wish she (he?) would just show up, sprinkle the magical mystical sparkle dust over you wedding woes, turning that garden pumpkin into the horse drawn carriage?

OK, maybe not a horse drawn carriage. That’s so Disney wedding circa 1985….

Leaving the fantasy world behind (because you know we’re all about straight shooting here on T30SB), there are some pretty amazing things out there that can ease those wedding woes of yours, especially if you’re pinching those pennies for the honeymoon.

Couples are doing all sorts of things when it comes to the post-wedding week-long sex-a-thon. First of all, they aren’t always a week. Some couples are taking a long weekend someplace nearby in order to give themselves time to further save for a longer, more exotic honeymoon. Some couples are going super-exotic and fancy, but for that long weekend versus a week.

There’s also the Honeymoon Registry. So many couples are using an alternate registry for the things they want and need. The reality is that couples aren’t getting married straight out of college, needing all sorts of household goods. We’re not jumping from our childhood homes to our married homes. We’re pit-stopping (some of us for longer than others) and we don’t really need the toasters and the blenders and the sheets and Calphalon. We have our own Calphalon, thank you very much.

But I digress. The  point here is honeymoon registries, most specifically, Honeymoon Pixie. Honeymoon Pixie is a fantastic alternate registry for couples who want or need a little help with the after-part of the “I do.”

Check out how easy it is to do:

Setup Registry

Setup your free honeymoon registry in 2 minutes.

Notify Guests

Notify your guests with our Facebook connection, email or announcement cards.

View and Give

Guests view your honeymoon registry and give a monetary gift towards your honeymoon.

Redeem Gift

Redeem your monetary gift funds at any time so you can enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams!

OK, but I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “OK, Louise, this sounds great, but get to the details.” Here are some of the import things:

  • It’s free to set up a registry website with your choice of custom designs, announcement cards, gift and guest tracking, boutique shopping links, travel tips, the Ultimate Packing List, honeymoon destination guides and Facebook integration.
  • Did you see that Facebook integration there? Your friends and guests can see gifts from your registry as they are purchased for you. This encourages guests to visit your honeymoon registry.
  • There is a 7% processing fee (which includes a 3% credit card fee) that your guest can pay when they donate to your registry (that’s the default)  OR that you can choose to pay if you don’t want your guests to incur the fee.
  • Wondering how you get the cash for the honeymoon?
    • Check mailed directly to you sent USPS First Class Mail (free).
    • Bank to bank wire transfer in the U.S. ($10 fee).
    • International bank wire transfer ($30 fee).
    • Your PayPal account (free; PayPal's terms may apply).

Not sure how to integrate an alternate registry into your wedding? Have no fear, Honeymoon Pixie has great Alternate Registry Etiquette advice.

And it’s not just about racking up cash for a plane ticket. You can register for fun activities (hello gondola ride in Italy!), gear (think luggage, camera), pampering (think couple’s massage), wining and dining and last but not least, you can add a charity donation to your registry. Check out this honeymoon registry for an idea of what it looks like once it’s all set up.

So what are your registry/honeymoon plans? Have you embraced the traditional registry? Are you including alternate options for both your guests as well as yourselves? Do tell.

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Reader Comments (3)

What a GREAT idea!!!! Love it.

May 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMom

I love the idea and the photo being included in this post. I so love it!

May 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTina

I'm using a honeymoon registry for my wedding! I'd highly recommend Wanderable -- super pretty designs and there's this live chat with a really friend person who answers all your questions!

May 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTiffany

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