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Lineage Bridal

OK, so I do sponsored posts. I do them for cashola. I don’t do them if they suck. Trust me, y’all. We bloggers get some FUNKY requests in regards to advertising. Dude. For reals. Some of it’s totally twisted what folks want to pay us to write about. But we don’t. Because money isn’t EVERYTHING. Even when you’re effin’ broke.

So now that you know this, it’s now supposed to mean EVEN MORE when I talk about Lineage Bridal, because I’m not getting paid to write about it. So here’s the skinny.

I met Natasha and her partner Jodene at a bridal show here in Charlotte when I first moved here. I really liked their concept. I really liked talking to them. We exchanged cards. We met for coffee. Natasha and I talked wedding smack and then we got into talking about some of our favorite kinds of charity work. I was a super-slacker volunteer with Mustaches for Kids, an event that Natasha headed that raised money for abused kids.

So on top of what I’m about to share, she’s a good person too.

OK, so Lineage Bridal isn’t a brand new concept, but it is a totally different way of approaching things.  What things?

Offering practical alternatives to the traditional and expensive gown, Lineage offers a diverse and stunning collection of couture bridal gowns at a price our brides can afford.

It’s a pre-owned wedding website, and coming within the next few weeks? A LOVELY pre-owned wedding boutique here in Charlotte! How exciting is that?

Let me tell you, Natasha has been working her ass off, traipsing all across the country gathering gowns for sale at a reduced price.

Wedding gowns are required to be three years or newer, retail $2500 or above.

These are not budget gowns, but they are much cheaper than the original cost. But I know what you’re thinking…ick, right? Who wants a  pre-owned gown? Well, I I’ll tell you what, I would have NEVER KNOWN THE DIFFERENCE .

Natasha invited me (meaning TruLu Couture) to join her in selecting some accessories for a bride. She has a temporary set up until her shop opens in a few weeks, but check it:

The Thirty-Something Bride Lineage Bridal1


The Thirty-Something Bride Lineage Bridal5


The Thirty-Something Bride Lineage Bridal7

She’s got a handful of gowns available for sale on her site.  She’s pulling together a bunch more too! And here’s a cool twist on the whole pre-owned thing, other than having a real-life boutique experience, she can FIND you the gown of your dreams! She’s got a small finders fee, but it’s totally worth it!

image image image image

Look at this level Vera Wang for $2990, originally $4990!

Check out her website, Lineage Bridal for a taste of what she offers. You can contact her at info@lineagebridal.com if you’re looking for a designer gown at a reduced price. And I’ll let you know as soon as her shop opens so you can have that boutique experience, get a designer gown and pay MUCH less than you would elsewhere.

Love it!

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Lineage bridal dresses are pretty nice :)

August 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGrandeur Weddings

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