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The Perfect Storm

Sometimes a perfect storm of friends happens. Lots of times it happens at weddings, whether it’s your own wedding or someone else’s.

This past weekend, I had the perfect storm of friends. A friend from college and a friend from my late twenties/early thirties – and all of us friends in Chicago. There was a time when we were thick as thieves; every weekend spent going to parties, throwing parties, making a party just about everywhere we went.


Jamie got married first. I remember when Dave moved in with her, I thought she was stupid. At the time, I thought living with someone before you got married was a mistake.

I was wrong.

Next was Scott. For the nine years I’d known him prior to him meeting his wife, I’d only met ONE girl he dated. And I knew she wouldn’t last. She didn’t.

When he introduced me to his now-wife Val and they kissed in front of me, I realized I’d NEVER seen Scott affectionate with anyone before. It was so was cute. I also knew that his girl was a keeper. Their wedding? I brought The Candyman along after only three months of dating. How could  I not? The wedding was held in Wilmington, the hometown of the bride as well as The Candyman. Those two are like peas and carrots when they get together.


And they all came to our wedding. Well, Val missed it, but she was 800 months pregnant.

They all have the kiddies now. And they are growing up so fast. Up until this past weekend, they’d never met – all the kids. As soon as they they converged in one spot, it was instant playtime.

Insta-pals. Kinda like their parents.


We stayed with Scott and Val that night and were woken up by their kids, screaming into the guest room, asking for playtime. They loved The Candyman something awful.

After our good-byes, The Candyman and I met up with my old boss,  his daughter and her boyfriend for brunch in downtown Raleigh. More old friends, new friends and time together.

The time. It’s important. So very important. Though short, I was so happy to have spent the happy hours with my people; the people who knew me at my worst, my best and all the me’s in-between.

The night we spent in Raleigh there was a horrible storm in Charlotte. Storms of the tornado variety. 

For me? The storm was in Raleigh – a perfect storm of old friends, good food, drinks and long talks that went well past bedtimes and hours we meant to be “on the road.”  Because when a perfect storm happens, you take cover with provisions. You gather your loved ones near. 

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Reader Comments (2)

Just perfect! Glad you had a good time.

March 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMom

The kids are so cute!Thanks for sharing!

March 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLisawhite

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