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{Unfake Engagement Shoot} Kim & David: When Big City and Country Collide!

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Kim and David are set to be married in April 2012. They are complete opposites, yet they fit together perfectly.

To this, I can relate. I’ve lived in large cities and been around the world more times than I can count. The Candyman prefers his coastal Carolina roots to just about anywhere else (except Hawaii) and informs me of this fact on the regular.

But I digress…back to our cute couple. Kim is the city girl with a closet full of shoes. She loves live theatre, shopping and the fast-paced city lifestyle. She almost always has a smile on her face and a Starbuck's cup in hand.

David is a home-grown country boy. He'd rather watch the nature channel than American Idol and nothing makes him happier than a home-cooked meal. Too bad Kim can't cook.

For their engagement session, photographer Meagan O’Neal decided to do a "dual" session that would really show off their different personalities. They started the day at a barn while the sun came up.  They ended the shoot on the bright streets of Atlanta in front of the Fox Theatre.

I love that the pictures are a physical representation of him stepping into her world and her into his. As it should be, right? 

Photographer  Meagan O Photography


Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits68_low Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits93_low



Oooh, hello to cute boots!


Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits90_low Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits94_low



Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits18_low Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits7_low



Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits30_low Roe_Mathis_Meagan_O_Photography_Edits34_low



Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with your upcoming April wedding!

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Reader Comments (3)

Love the boots and the green pea coat, but I'm also struck by the sheer awesomeness of that shadow shot. Oh what a talented photographer can do to evoke emotion. Simply wonderful!

It is a cute concept of the photo shoot.

February 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTina @ Wedding Favors

It is always clear when people are happy, these guys are incredibly happy, that's what I can see on these photos. They are really really good and just marvelous, you dd such a terrific job!
Jodi Jimenez

May 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJodi Jimenez

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