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{Unfake Boudoir Shoot!} Let’s Get Sexy!


OK, now that the disclaimers is done…

Welcome to the Unfake Boudoir Shoot of our bride-model, Viola! I think these are some AH-mazing photos and hope you enjoy them as well as what she’s got to say about her boudoir shoot.

Photographer: Jana Williams Photography

Lingerie: La Perla



What made you decide that a boudoir shoot was the way to go versus a bridal session?

Honestly, I decided to do a boudoir shoot instead of bridal session because I wanted to feel beautiful and sexy and free in these photos. I want my husband to always have these and remember what a free sexy spirit I am even when I’m 80!





Would you consider yourself body conscious? If not, great! If yes, please explain how you overcame that for the boudoir shoot.

Sure, I’m body conscious! I think everyone is on some level, but Jana really worked putting my body in very flattering positions. Her notes of  "Bend your back, relax your shoulders, lift your butt.” were super helpful! I was shocked at how curvy and in-shape my body looks!  Thanks Jana!





Did you do anything to "prep" for the shoot? Diet? Exercise? Shopping?

Yes, a little. Jana suggested that I drink a ton of water and eat early dinners 4 days before the shoot. I was feeling so excited that I just ate less, I think.





What was your comfort level during the shoot? Please explain how you felt.

I was super nervous when I first got there because I have never done anything like this before. With all the direction and coaching that I got from Jana, within 20 minutes I felt calm and sexy. We had music playing and I was in a beautiful room in front of this amazing window, not to mention I had my hair and makeup done and that always makes me feel a thousand percent better!



Would you do this again? 

Hell YES!! This shoot created a shift in my life. I needed to feel pretty and sexy again and let me tell this shoot did that for me ! It changed my life! I feel kinda silly saying that, but it really did. I would say to every woman out there call Jana Williams and let her do her magic with you!  Her taste and style let me with artistic sexy photos that I can cherish forever!

Kinda gorgeous, no? Thanks so much to Viola for sharing this pictures and to Jana Williams Photography for the incredible shoot!

And don't forget, there's still time to enter to win the Pre-Loved Melissa Sweet Gown

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Reader Comments (5)

I'm totally inspired. One big question. How do you find the perfect photographer for such an intimate session?

September 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChristie O. {Hindsight Bride}

Is this really a bride? It seems more of a PR campaign for the celebrity photographer or the model herself.

I love to see real women doing these in such a classy non-90s-glamour-shot way, but this seems no different than all of the fake wedding and engagement photography out there.

September 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterskeptic

I apologize -- Ms. Vanessa Viola is a model/actress. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1466675/

If she's really getting married, then great! Beautiful model/actresses deserve blog posts as much as anyone. However, I enjoy reading this site for its ability to call bullshit on most of the wedding industry fake imagery. I understand cross-promotion going on, but ... Hillary/Hilary (sp?) and her photos were so much better for her being a recognizably real person. If her post helps her flower/design business, then good for her.

(And I'm a size 4, so I'm not rampaging about different body types.)

And if I'm coming across bitchy, it's because our minister just informed us that he cannot perform our Nov. 26th wedding. I don't want to see almost perfect looking women posing for boudoir photos telling me how awkward they feel about their bodies!

Well, not today.

September 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterskeptic

OK, so she's a model. Can she give us some pointers on looking and feeling great in front of the camera?

Hey skeptic, you said, " I don't want to see almost perfect looking women posing for boudoir photos telling me how awkward they feel about their bodies!"

Why invalidate someone else's experience at all? I've known a few professional models and actresses who have profound insecurities about their bodies. As a woman (also a size 4) with her own body issues, I can attest to the courage it takes to admit to these issues. I have also been hurt by reactions such as yours. When I admit to feeling out of shape or doughy and I get flack because I'm relatively pretty and thin. It's not about what others see or think; it's about what a woman sees in the mirror every day. Let this girl have her moment to be proud of her beauty and also candid about any of her own insecurities. Neither you nor I need to project our own insecurities onto her by dismissing hers. Agreed?

September 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChristie O {Hindsight Bride}

@Hindsight: I talked to my photographer's wife this weekend about a boudoir shoot: her own (with a female photog) as well as encouraging brides to do them, having felt so empowered. When I asked her about choosing a photographer, she told me it was all about how she felt with them. I would definitely suggest a female and meeting with several who specialize in them to see how you click. Clicking and feeling comfy seems to be the key.

@Skeptic: As an editor, I have to take what's being submitted to me at face value. I don't simply post what's given to me, that is for sure. I try to strike a good balance of inspiring eye-candy that is still "real-life" with a healthy dose of "keepin' it real." I found this submission absolutely stunning. I sent the photographer the interview questions (as I always do). Sometimes they send the answers back, other times the brides do. In this case, it was the photographer. Perhaps this was all total bullshit, but unless I reach out to the photographer and/or bride and ask, we'll never know. Personally, I won't accuse someone of lying to me, simply because the woman is a pretty model. Models get married too. And models have body image issues.

As Hindsight Bride mentioned, being thin doesn't award you a "get out of jail free" card when it comes to being self-conscious.

As for cross-promotion, I put Hillary in this blog because she is so real. I promote her floral business because I believe in it. Hillary has never, ever - not once - asked me to do anything for her or her business. She did ask me to make her hair accessory and embellish her bridal sash, for which she paid me. As far as I know, she has not promoted my blog or business other than to mention her features here on her own blog. Her personal transformation, both inside and out, is an incredible journey that I have been allowed to follow and chronicle and for that I am nothing but mesmerized and grateful.

And I can understand you being skeptical, angry and questioning this post. Your officiant just bailed - you're allowed to be angry. If taking it out here helps, then I'm OK with that. I've done that before too : gettin' pissy on blogs when I'm having a bad day. If it helps you not take it out on the fiance or your family, I'm cool with it. I can take it. :)

September 21, 2011 | Registered CommenterLouise

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