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See What’s Blooming with BloemBox!

So I saw BloemBox in the temporary exhibits in Atlanta and thought their presentation was just super-sweet, so I had to share! My brain was screaming at me: FAVORS! BRIDAL SHOWER! BABY SHOWER! CUTE! Sometimes it’s difficult to speak/think when my head is so freakin’ loud, but the folks at BloemBox didn’t seem to mind me gushing over their cute little boxes of seed love. Not one bit. They were super-duper friendly. Check it out:


I think we’ve all seen little seed favors before, but look how totally adorable this presentation is! I love the little Lucite stands! You could hang these from little wish trees as favors too! The boxed goodies come with a single silk blossom on top of each box. Inside you’ll find one 15' biodegradable, plantable tissue paper seed ribbon that grows into the blossom shown on top of each box! 


The smallest size are the little tins on the right and came as shown and filled with seeds of the corresponding flower on top. They come packaged as a set of 6 for $39. There are countless floral and even veggies to choose from! Oh, and even edible flowers, which I think is super cool! The slightly larger box that comes with the seed ribbon is $99 for a set of 6.



 BloemBox also offers large bulb kits, boxed sachets, organic seed mats, perennials, herbs and so much more! The color combinations are endless!


To top it all off, they offer personalized tags for any of their product offerings! You can get up o 9 sets (54 tags) for $35. Each additional set of 6 is $1.20 after that. And how nice was it for the man to hold this sign for me?

So check out BloemBox now! You can totally order right on their website. How convenient is that? Love it.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is just a product I think it cool and want to share.

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I bought one of these at a gift shop (I forget the flower) as a hostess gift for a lady who is a master gardener. She loved it!

July 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMom

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