My Southern Man
Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 8:55AM
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The Candyman is a Southerner, born (on this day 37 years ago) and bred. He’s lived outside of The South before, but never for long and not happily either. My roots are Southern, though I’ve lived all over the damn place. Both of my parents are from South Carolina. I was born in North Carolina. Family vacations were spent in Myrtle Beach. The Candyman spent summers on his uncle’s shrimping boat in Wilmington. I’ve wondered more than once if our paths ever crossed when we were younger. Did I ever go into the beach shop where he worked when he lived in Myrtle Beach? Did we ever stand in the same concession line at The Pavilion? Doubtful, but I like to think we did.

Today is my Southern Man’s birthday. I love birthdays. And Christmas. I get really excited about them and have to nudge The Candyman into that excitement at times. His family isn’t really big on all the gift giving. This is contrary to every belief I have about presents. Presents are a necessity. Big or small, inexpensive or fancy – it matters not. The gift of giving is big on my list of favorite things.

I’ll tell you what though, figuring out what to get for The Candyman is no easy task. He doesn’t like clothes with fancy labels or anything, so it’s not like he craves those. I can’t buy him ties or belts or anything other than socks, boxers and t-shirts because he can be rather picky. He doesn’t wear or like jewelry. He doesn’t read for leisure because he reads constantly for his job. He likes food. He likes music. I’ve already given him an iPod, dinners out….it’s tough to find new stuff that he doesn’t need. No one wants freakin’ socks for their birthday.

So this morning I gave The Candyman his present. A banjo.

What? Doesn’t every guy want a banjo?

It’s a used Oscar Schmidt, but it’s in pretty good shape. The Candyman plays by ear, which amazes me as I am one who has to play note by note off of sheet music that sits right in front of my face. This morning, The Candyman and I sat in bed as he immediately just started picking away, saying, “I’m not sure how to do this” all the while playing a tune. I’m all, “Sounds like you know just fine!”

The Candyman loves bluegrass, so I figured it was time he had a banjo. I mean, he’s already got a dobro. Why not just add to the collection of Things The Candyman Can Play? We’re starting to run out of room now though.

Maybe we should have a couple of kids so we can start our own bluegrass band? Or maybe not. At any rate, please help me wish The Candyman the happiest of birthdays.

Love you, babe! 

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