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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 8:03AM
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We can talk a lot about those moments in weddings, whether captured on film or experienced first hand, that speak to us emotionally. Or perhaps the correct thing to say is, I can talk a lot about those moments in weddings.

Right now, I’m following Becca’s (A Los Angeles Love) wedding recaps and I swear, I tear up at every post. The woman is an incredible wordsmith. Couple that fine and amazing talent with a heart so big, you feel like it takes over a whole room, and yeah – the waterworks are gonna happen. Her most recent post discusses her décor, their small-budget-in-a-big-city and the final outcome.

In Becca’s photos, you don’t see a lot of over the top floral masterpieces. You don’t see aisle runners, flower poms, chair covers, up-lighting or pin-tuck linens. There are no fancy chargers. No initials on the dance floor. No gum paste flowers on the multi-tiered cake.

There were folding chairs (the metal variety). There were paper picadel strands. There were DIY sprayed spaghetti jars. There were Ikea vases and strands of white Christmas lights purchased on-line at the last minute. There was a trip to the L.A. Flower Mart. There was a food truck.

How does it sound to you? Does it sound cheap? Does it sound ugly? Is it something you cringe to read because a) ohmygod I would never or b) I’m in the same damn boat and I hate it or c) what the hell is paper picadel?

Check out some photos from Becca’s blog that share some of the moments from her wedding.

These are a few of her “décor” shots. You might think, but I want roses! I want Lily of the Valley! I want orchids! Well, sometimes, you don’t always get exactly what you think you want. And realizing this during wedding planning is a fantastic time to learn because when you’re married, you don’t always get what you want. It’s all about compromise and adjusting and learning, so if flowers (or the dress or the venue or whatever it is) is causing a WPM (Wedding Planning Meltdown), it’s time to approach the problem from a different angle. Trust me on this. I knew that our wedding was all about the love, but there were so many times I got lost in the worry. WAY too lost in the worry and I let it take over the love. Please don’t do that. I know Becca got lost a few times, but what she got out of it was exactly what she wanted: a beautiful wedding on a budget that was incredibly meaningful and chock full o’ love. The décor pictures are inconsequential to the photos of her getting ready and her ceremony/reception that can be found here, here and here.

For all the worry and WPM that Becca had, this is one wedding I can’t get enough of. I tear up at the sheer happiness of it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because Becca and I are friends now. I wonder if I have a few happy-jealousies at all the dancing (not a lot of that going on at my wedding). Mostly, I am just so over-the-moon elated at the sheer wonderfulness of it.

Becca claims her wedding isn’t blog worthy. Au contraire, my friend. It is so worthy, I can’t even stand it.

The point of this post was not to hijack Becca’s wedding. Seriously, it wasn’t! In her last post she shared an incredible link called Moment Junkie. I’d never seen this site before so now I’m totally addicted. I wish I’d seen this in my planning. It’s basically a collection of really cool, funny, emotional based wedding photos. They are the photos that you need to see. They are the photos, like many of Becca’s that capture the love, the fun and the meaning of a wedding and a marriage-to-be. Here are a few pictures that I hijacked from Moment Junkie:


Dennis Pike Photography via Moment Junkie.


Mindy Leigh via Moment Junkie.


Roving Girl Photography via Moment Junkie.


Mahal Bella Photography via Moment Junkie.


Heather Nan via Moment Junkie.


EpLove via Moment Junkie.


Get Stak via Moment Junkie.


Brad Ross via Moment Junkie.


Nordica Photography via Moment Junkie.

And because I just can’t help myself, one of my favorite Wedding Junkie Moments from my own wedding.


Nashville Photographer Jonathon Campbell Photography, natch.

OK, I have to stop the madness! I could post pictures all day long, but if I did I’d be a big blubbering mess. So go get all choked up on your own!  Check out the Moment Junkie site, check out Becca’s wedding recaps. Whatever you do, remember the love, people. 

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