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“Our Nation’s Capital”

Back in the early days of us, The Candyman worked for a not-for-profit group (now debunked due to lack of funding) called The Justice Project. It fought to abolish the death penalty in the state of Tennessee. The job took him to DC on several different occasions. His first trip away from me was hard. We had just started dating and I didn’t want him to leave. Me? I left him constantly, hopping all over the damn world all the damn time, but it all felt different when he left. He called me every night he was gone (all two of them) and would tell me, in his best Forrest Gump voice, “I wish you were here with me in our nation’s capital.” I’ll admit, it made me swoon.

So when we went to DC together for Marie’s wedding (which, by the way will be an Unfake Wedding as soon as she gets her pictures!), it felt much like we were fulfilling a must-do in our relationship. Since Marie was married on a Friday, The Candyman and I took a bus, then the Metro to the heart of DC and spent the day walking on The Mall and checking out all the monuments and memorials. It was a stunning day and as we walked together, holding hands, taking pictures and eating giant, soft pretzels we kept saying, in our best Forrest Gump voices, “ I am glad we are here together in our nation’s capital.”

Since I lived outside the DC area all throughout high school, this trip back to The Mall was a little reminiscent of Fourth of July fire works, photography class field trips and early adolescent excursions into places unknown. A lot has changed since then so just like The Candyman, I was seeing lots of things for the first time.


The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden


Someone made a modern art sculpture of us! They got it right, even down to my chest size!

The Candyman contemplating art.


Straight up the Washington Monument.


This was my first time to the World War II Memorial and boy howdy, was it amazing. So incredibly moving.

One happy Veteran!


The Candyman, so proud of his home state!


All the men in green are World War II Veterans. World War II ended in 1945. That was 66 year ago! Most of these old dudes were well into their 80’s! It chokes me up to think of all that these men did for our freedom, and all they have been through. It was an honor to be there with them.


The Candyman reads Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address.


Where MLK delivered his famous speech. Keep the dream alive!


Copying names from the Vietnam Memorial Wall.


Memories of lost soldiers at The Wall.

These next few pictures were taken in front of the National Archives building. All of this was new to me and so, so super cool!

Big, crazy metal tree.



It was just a beautiful, modern art sculpture garden. So cool.

Sculpture. Chairs?



I think we walked about 5 miles that day and didn’t even go into one museum. We saw so much stuff. Have you been to our nation’s capital? If not, it’s a must see. Our entire day cost us about $25 including the transportation to and from The Mall and snacks. Museums are free. Memorials are free. Monuments are free. People watching is free. Learning and experiencing a good chunk of nation’s history is free. I left DC and this experience elated, but also with a bit of a heavy heart, particularly after wandering amongst all the WWII Veterans. It seems so sad and frustrating that all the good that this country has fought for and stood tall for appears to be crumbling under the weight of our own politics. There is a Congress filled  skanky, nasty politicians and a national debt incurred not by The People, but Corporations run by greedy fucking asshats who consider themselves irreplaceable. The sad fact is that the entire senior executive team at many corporations could be replaced tomorrow without a blip in the company's long-term growth rate or share price.1

*stepping off soapbox*

Ahem. My point? If you want to experience and appreciate all that is America, check out our capital. Be inspired. 

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Reader Comments (2)

The pictures of the WWII memorial are very moving. I get choked up in the same way when I see Honor Flight recipients at BWI Airport. I'm so proud to be from DC, it's a beautiful city!

May 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Preach it sister! They are Ass Hats! But we are paying for it.

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLori

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