Contest Update, Y'all!
Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 9:28AM
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Hey Everyone! So you know all about the fab contest that's happening here at The Thirty-Something Bride, right? No? Really? You should. It's a good one. All the details are here, but I also have a few updates for you.

First (and I can't believe I have to spell this out...but so be it, we've had some inquiries): This contest is not just for brides in their 30's. This blog is not just for brides in their 30's. I happened to be a thirty-something bride, hence the name. Who knew I'd be writing this damn thing almost two years from when I started? So if you're a freakish child-bride or an old, old lady getting married for the millionth time, you can enter. We don't believe in ageism here here at The Thirty-Something Bride. No, we do not.If we did, I'd be in a shit-pile full of trouble.

Second: If you would rather not answer any of the questions, that's ok, you can opt out. Just remember that creativity is best in the questions you do answer.
Third: This contest  has been extended out to 2012 weddings. WOOT!

Fourth: Now extending the deadline for entries to February 6th. Double WOOT! This gives you a little more time to get your crap together and enter!

SO ENTER! Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photography (dulce means "sweet" in Italian) is an amazing photographer. And it's OK if you don't live near her home town of Park City, Utah. Look at it this way: a photographer of her caliber for all-day wedding coverage will cost you thousands of dollars. Thousands. A plane ticket from Salt Lake City (a hub) to just about Anywhere, USA, will cost you $500 or less. I checked prices from Salt Lake City to Miami on a weekend in May and the price is $501. To Dallas is $334. To NYC is $369. To Charlotte is $318 and to Nashville is $400 (all prices found through my fave travel site Kayak.) So even if she isn't local for you - WHO CARES! It's still a deal no matter how you look at it!

Besides, you'll get pictures like these...for FREE.

So go here and enter to win today!

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