A Wedding in Progress
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 6:34AM
Louise in DIY, Decor, Details

Happy Tuesday, Lovers. Good long weekend? Yeah, me too. A much needed massage at Corroboree and additional self-love treats the included wine drinking and a mani/pedi. I slept a lot and ate indulgently. And uh, now it's back to the grind. Bummer.

Yesterday I met up with one of "my" brides, Miss Natasha. She is another Nashville bridal blogger (Big Spoon Little Spoon) who is getting married on the coveted 10.10.10 date! I'm creating a custom shorty bubble veil and hair toy for her and we did some fitting and altering of it. It's going to look SO CUTE when it's done, I just can't wait. While I was over at The Spoon's residence, Natasha was so sweet to show me "The Room" where are things wedding have taken over. I was so excited. I have no idea why. It's not my wedding. I mean, I know Natasha, but it's not like we've been BFF's forever. I really do think that I've got an issue with the World of Weddings now. How, may I ask, did this happen? Good Lord.

At any rate, I took some snaps of her work in progress and am just dying to show you some little snippets of her amazing DIY planning thus far. Her colors are white, ivory and champagne with little snippets of black. It's looking REALLY pretty.


Bubble veil in progress.


A snippet of her AMAZING dress. She got it for a song too - SAMPLE!


The most adorable little bags for their candy buffet. See the LITTLE SPOON!?! So freakin' cute.


DIY wedding signs a la Natasha.


DIY Wedding Wands! What's a Wedding Wand? Just another option to bubbles, sparklers, rice, rose petals...you know, a Wedding Wand.


Her GORGEOUS poms! Miss Natasha tea-stained THOUSANDS of coffee filters. They really are stunning.


More coffee filter decor! Love it.


She hand-cut these to save bank on a one-time use punch. I hear patience is a virtue...The Virtuous Natasha!

Little Spoon is just 34 days out from her wedding. It's the final countdown, right? The girl has got it together though and appears ready to wed. She's been working her tail off so that she can try to relax these last few weeks before the wedding. I did the same too, although it still just gets crazy when you get down to the wire. I am excited that's she letting me do her veil and hair toy. Can't wait until it's done!

Are you getting down to the wire? Are you ready? Did you wait until the last minute for everything? Did you think a DIY project would be easy and were you wrong? So wrong? Do tell.

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