My New Girlfriend
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 8:24PM
Louise in Designers, Fashion

It's Rosa Clará. Total effing eye-candy. There are a few things about this 2011 collection that I am specifically drawn to: she's not afraid of sleeves, the 60's or PANTS! Go on, check it on. 

Long lace jacket? Yes, please. 

I keep seeing a lot of stiff tulles and lace on gowns and I love this flirty version of it!

God, she's like channeling the inner Audrey Hepburn. With POCKETS!! I don't care what you say, I still love them.

Sleeves and embroidery - 'nuff said.

An ethereal version of the structured one above.

Oh. My. God. PLEASE, someone get married in pants. PLEASE! 

Just 'cuz. Pretty, right?

And she has all kinds of hot-to-death accessories. Will you please LOOK at that lace? Fucking total *swoon* already.

And to go alond with all the pretty lace and embroidery, you can get a cake to match your dress.

And then add a pretty lace clutch.

And you're all set to get married.


Piece of cake, right?

So, will I have to share my girlfriend, or do you already have one of your own?


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