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MarieBelle = YUM. 

A lot of years ago, I was in Soho basically getting paid to shop. Sounds like a great gig, right? Not so much when it's January in New York City, 10 degrees and windy as all hell. Ew. Not so much fun. I was basically running from store to store when I turned onto Broome Street and passed by the MarieBelle Cacao Bar. Yup, that's right it's a Chocolate Bar. And when I say "bar" I don't mean in the Wonka-Bar-Golden-Ticket sense. I'm talkin' about the "belly up to" kinda bar. Hell to the yeah. I mean, I'd take on a serious bar-fly status if I lived near-by! Anyway, I went in and ordered the Spicy Hot Chocolate. It's made with  60% cacao, chipotle, ancho chile, nutmeg and cinnamon. It was $9. For like 6 ounces. It was worth every freakin' penny. Since then I've definitely been a MarieBelle fan and they have grown to be a world wide chocolate sensation. They have the most beautiful chocolate truffles!


I was flipping through a catalog recently and saw that they are doing the cutest little gift idea! Check it out! They are little boxes that look like tote bags that hold two little MarieBelle truffles!

Uber-fabulousity, right? Totally love this box/bag thing. Someone (not me) needs to figure out a cute DIY go-around to make these for little favors! Right? I think Veronica needs to get on that.

They aren't very cheap. Each little bag comes with two truffles and is $10. If you wanted to, you could slap a label over the MarieBelle logo and make them do double duty as a favor and a place card holder! Or, just buy them for your maids or for your shower attendees. Or just buy a box for yourself. You will not be sorry!These little suckers can be found at Cambria Cove.

How much is too much for a favor? I think mine came in right around $2.00, maybe a little more. I know the boxes were $.50 each, the little labels were under $.05 each, the plastic bags were like a penny each, but I didn't do the total break down on the cost of ingredients for all the cookies. And honestly, we ate so much of the cookie dough, there really wouldn't be a way to accurately break down a per cookie cost!


I really enjoyed making my favors. I really liked thanking my guests with an extra little treat. While I don't find them a necessary thing when I attend a wedding, I am really appreciative of them. A few that I've liked over the years:

  • A hand painted watercolor bookmark made by the mother of the bride. It was a landscape of the distinctive California coast where the wedding was held.
  • A box of truffles (!) from the bride's favorite bakery. Mine were gone before the first course hit the table.
  • A mini picture frame that doubled as my place card.
  • Small oil paintings that the artist bride and groom painted for weeks prior to their wedding. Over a hundred of them were hung all together to make an amazing back drop in their back yard tent wedding. Everyone got to choose their favorite right off the wall!

So, what's your favorite wedding favor?

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Reader Comments (5)

LOVE chocolate, loved the boxes, and your cookies and the painting ideas, too! Personal touches that people, really love to have! Thx!!!

May 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

Love the truffles! Always a huge hit as favors.

May 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDognbird

DANG! Those are awesome! And definitely beyond my realm of possibilities. So pretty - they're like little treasures.

May 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterveronica

Those little boxes are so adorable! I might have to head down and see them in person!

I am actually not usually a huge fan of favors that aren't edible. I always forget them, or feel guilty getting rid of them if they don't suit my taste or I have no use for them. That said, I just volunteered to make lots and lots and lots of homemade jam for favors for my best friend's wedding in August, so I guess I'm more on-board with favors than I thought!

May 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterweddingness

Your cookies were definitely my favorite of any favors I've received - though of course I liked the bookmarks:) They were just the best treat the next day in the car as we headed home. I forced myself to save them til the next day, possible only because the reception dinner and cake were fabulous. But the cookies were gone before we were fifty miles from Nashville. Warning to brides planning outdoor weddings: I once hosted a wedding in my back yard. The favors were sweets in cute boxes. They were set out on a pretty little table by our flower bed. By the time the guests picked them up......ants.

May 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFlo

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