I Need My Peeps!
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 7:58PM
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All righty then.

I think I might see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, indeed. A wee bit of it is peeking through. By week's end, I hope to exit the aforementioned dark tunnel and get back to some things that I want to do, like read some blogs. Sheesh.  

So the blog this evening has multiple parts. First part: I'm in a Blogger Land conundrum. They happen often times when Real World collides with Blogger World. This has become an issue twice just this week! You other Bloggers know of what I speak. Sometimes the collision is quite wonderful - a meeting of minds, likes, similar dislikes and a semi-command of the English language. All wonderful things. The other collision is when words are like weapons - intended or not. It's amazing what the written word can do. Words are powerful. They move me to tears more than any other media. I pride myself (perhaps too much) in being Captain of my Collective Words. However, what I want to say and what flows from my head to my blog are not always the same sentiment or meaning. It's maddening. Simply maddening. That's all I got for that right now. Definitely fodder for a later, longer post.

We have things to discuss. So let's move on.

Second part: I am feeling these past few weeks that I am at a bit of a crossroads. I can't put my finger on what it is and that too, is maddening. Maybe it's just that soooooo many things are happening right now. Work is so crazy I can't even tell you. I cried at work this morning. It wasn't even 8:15am. Seriously? That's how the days is starting? Oy. It's that, plus the fact that I haven't worked out in like a month and feel gross. Ugh.   I would much rather be at the Stella & Dot party that Sharon's throwing tonight at Studio Wed, but couldn't make it. There are more shenanigans with Tabitha  on Friday that I want to be a part of and yet, no time to call her! She's at Stella & Dot now.....boo. But besides all that silliness, I do feel something large is coming - and it scares me a little. I hate being unprepared.

Third part: totally self-congratulatory in every way imaginable. I am so going to lose this as I have some stiff competition. But like anything worth winning, I'm willing to put forth my best effort. So, that being said. Um look, I need a big favor.....

Y'all know my love for the local go-to spot for all things Nashville Wedding is like, Ashley's Bride Guide, right? She made me famous, I owe her.  And she's a super-sweet-cool-smart chick, so that helps. Anyway, Her Majesty is sponsoring a contest.

So, I could be all "Vote for me! Vote for me!" and I guess, I kinda am. BUT, I wouldn't want to win based on votes alone. This kind of win needs some merit behind it. Maybe? Perhaps I'm taking this too seriously and should just say, "Vote for me! Vote for me!" But no. Let's do this the right way. You gotta check out the local competition and give a fair comparison. Here's the group:


Click on the picture above of all the bliggity blog buttons and it will take you to Ashley's Bride Guide for all the links. If I was to vote for a blogger (other than myself - "Vote for me! Vote for me!") I'd go for The Renegade Bride. That crazy chick isn't even engaged and she's planning her wedding. I secretly ADORE her.

So go vote. You have to leave a comment. Share the love. Show the love. Go read some Nashvillians talking all things wedding! weddings! weddings! and get your vote on. Here.    

Update on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 4:51PM by Registered CommenterLouise

I forgot to mention...the prize for winning?

2 free VIP party tickets to our {sold out} Girls Night Out party + complimentary makeup + mini-manicures at party

2 free party tickets for your most loyal blog readers (must be brides!)

So, who wants to come with?

Go vote!

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