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Ashley's Bride Guide

So what if you're not from Nashville? I won't hold it against you. It doesn't mean you can't check out Ashley's Bride Guide. Why? Because it rocks. I first met Ashley last May (HOLY CRAP, that was almost a year ago!) at my house. It was decided that a bunch of us needed to meet and I threw some wine and cheese into the mix and everyone showed up at the last minute. Generally, that's how I get people to be my friends - I lure them in with snacks. It was a great night that went looooong for a school night!
That night a few of us got a little tipsy (OK, maybe it was just me... and I think maybe Jonathon) and talked blogging and weddings and bridal crap. It was a ton of fun and the women sitting in the photo (do you see The Candyman hiding in the kitchen?) have all become both friends and even better friends since this photo was taken.
Miss Liza (perched seductively on the right) is now preggers and has a Mommy Blog.
Tabitha (you know, my kick-ass planner - she's in yellow) is now writing for Ashley's Bride Guide. She was even a third shooter for Jonathon at a wedding not too long ago!
Sharon is still managing JCP like the pro she is. To be honest she and I probably talk WAY too long and often considering we both have full time jobs and she has three kids to take care of. It's a good thing The Campbell's don't live closer because I have a feeling we'd be like, over at each other's house all the damn time.
You ceratinly know what I have been up to.
But what has Ashley (the chick with the killer biceps and the cammo hat) been doing? Well, let me tell you. She's turned ABG into one balls-out site and it just keeps getting better and better. Seriously.
For all the local gals, she's got THE Nashville list of resources and vendors. She highlights real weddings (you'rs truly was listed as one of the Best in 2009),luxury bridal, DIY and has a host of inspirational photos. One of the best things about Ashley's site is that a good chunk of vendors will offer you discounts if you mention ABG! Seriously? I could have gotten 20% off invitations? Dammit. I hate missing the good deals.
Ashley is a wedding force to be reckoned with. She's in touch, in tune and man, that lady is like, everywhere. It's kinda scary, actually. Neither of us ever have enough time, but I love hanging with her and picking her brain when we find a moment or two to chat. While I definitely love the look and maneuverability of her new website, it pales in comparison to the real deal: Ashley King is just a wonderful person. You should go give her some comment love based on that fact alone. Go. Now. You know you want to. Here, I'll make it easy. CLICK

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Reader Comments (2)

You rock! I have you to thank for hooking me back up with Ashley and Jonathon and everybody. Isn't the site awesome? I love it! Thanks Louise!

April 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTabitha

Woot woot! Thanks for the shoutout, lovely lady!

April 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLiza

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