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Cupcakes & Clash of the Titans

All day yesterday I had this DIY project mulling around in my head and it's STILL mulling around in my head, but it got me to thinking about cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. So last night after The Candyman and I had eaten dinner and watched Bones, I decided to make some cupcakes. From scratch. And frosting. From scratch. At like 8pm. Weird, right? But I totally wanted to make some cupcakes! More specifically, I think I wanted to use my bad-ass KitchenAid stand mixer that I registered for, didn't get as a wedding gift, but got for Christmas from my folks. SWEET! If you enjoy cooking at all, I highly recommend this sucker.

I pulled out the recipes I used when I thought I might bake my own wedding cake. Remember that? You can read about it here. And here. Thankfully, it only took me two tries to realize I am not a fancy cake baker.

So anyway, I decide to make a half batch since I only have the ability to bake 12 cupcakes at a time. I'm mixing away, and I'm realizing that something doesn't smell right. It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell real good either. I taste the batter. Hm. What? I taste it again. What the eff? Something is just not right in a nasty, but not rancid sort of way. I check my  fresh ingredients and they are OK. I check the vanilla and almond extracts. Wait, where's the almond extract bottle? Oh, I used it up and it's in the trash. I go and grab the bottle sitting on top of the trash and there it is. Anise extract. Not familiar with anise? It's basically freakin' BLACK LICORICE. I HATE BLACK LICORICE. So image if you can the lovely taste and aroma of butter, vanilla and Sambuca. Um, vomit. And the only reason the damn stuff is even in the house is because The Candyman uses it when he makes Pho soup. It's all his fault, right? Right.

So I clean up the nasty licorice batter and start over. Why? Because I want some goddamn cupcakes. I get it right this time and bake up some lovely treats. Once they've cooled, I go to frost them with the kick-ass butter cream I've made (sans anise, thank you very much) and I can't frost them. They are so light and fluffy that they just fell apart. I think the I let the KitchenAid have it's way with the batter a little too long. So in order to get the frosting on them, I basically have to take a big giant spoonful of frosting and just plop it on top and push down on the frosting to make it stick. They are the world ugliest cupcakes. They are the white trash of all cupcakes. Here, look:

These are cut in half for sharing with office mates, but still. These are effin' ugly. They do taste scrumdili-iscious though!

So I bet y'all are like, "What's up with the Clash of the Titans blog title, Louise?" I know I would be. So, they remade Clash of the Titans. The trailer is bad-ass. The Candyman has been walking around the house going, "Release the Kraken!" for the last couple of days. Every time the trailer comes on he's all, "Did you see that freakin' scorpion, honey? Did you see the Kraken? RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

I totally want to see this movie, but it has nothing to do with scorpions or releasing the Kraken. I LOVE Clash of the Titans. The original, starring the oh-so dreamy Harry Hamlin, was the first movie I ever went to with a boy. Actually, it was a big ol' group of girls with a big ol' group of boys. It just so happened that all the girls in the group were "going with" a boy in the group of boys. Sneaky, right? I was "going with" Bryce Tani. He was so cute. So shy. And sooooo cute. We sat next to each other in the movie and he held my hand. It was the first time I had held hands with a boy and it was sooooo dreamy. Almost as dreamy as Harry Hamlin from Clash of the Titans

About the time the Kraken was released, Bryce had nerved himself up to put his arm around me. I was in giddy-girl heaven. I looked down at all my other friends and they too were nestled in the crooks of their boyfriends arms screeching appropriately at the scorpions and Medusa and yes, the Kraken. So when The Candyman asked me if I wanted to go see a total dick-flick with him, you know what my answer was? "You betcha, babe." I have every intention of looking dreamily into his eyes as I get that giddy-girl feeling when he reaches over to hold my hand. I will screech appropriately at all the scary parts (no fakin', I get scared at movies!) and nestle into the crook of his arm when they release the Kraken. I can't wait.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Reader Comments (4)

Thanks for the hoot! I laughed so hard. When you mentioned those cupcakes on FB, I couldn't have imagined that they would, indeed, be the world's ugliest. You win!!!!!! Wish I had one, though.

I am quite jealous of the mixer:(

March 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFlo

You were indeed my first follower. Oh those days of wedding planning mayhem! I was such a newbie freaking out about everything and not having enough time and energy for all the inspiration I'd find.

Have a fab time at the movies dear - always best with a cute guy at your side. :)

March 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChic 'n Cheap Living

Swear to God about 10 minutes before I read your blog my fiance was walking around the house saying "Release the Kraken!" LOL

March 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

What kind of buttercream did you make? Sometimes if you don't let the mixer whisk fast enough or long enough, it's still too goopy and almost separated. Again, depends on the recipe.

March 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTabitha

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