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Details Schmetails. 

I think by now you all may have put two and two together and know that I am fairly obsessive, slightly compulsive and anal retentive as all get out. It's true. I love the details. During the wedding planning process, I didn't really start having fun until I could wrap my arms around all the little things. Big picture stuff like researching and hiring vendors was a nightmare for me. I really didn't enjoy it. In hindsight, I think it was because I didn't have a clear vision in my head as to what my wedding was going to look like. I didn't have the details all figured out.

In my job, when I'm putting together a line of merchandise or creating an object, I don't always have a clear vision either. It's a very organic process. In fact, I got totally pissed at my boss yesterday because he wanted a finite, clear idea of a product when it's still in the zygote stage. I got all pissed and called him argumentative and he was all, "Um hi, KETTLE! I'm POT." His smart-assery did nada to improve my mood. Later, he came into my office and placed an empty water bottle on my desk as a peace offering. WTF? I didn't get it either.

At any rate, I started really having fun with the wedding planning when I was gluing labels on match boxes, sewing my veil, dyeing hair flowers and printing! printing! printing! all my menus and such.

I think the point at which it all came together was when I totally committed to my centerpieces. I had been fretting over what exactly to do. You can read about the freak out here. And if you're interested, I still have a bunch of bud vases to sell that I haven't had time to deal with.

After I committed to my centerpieces, went overseas and committed to my chargers, the whole shebang just sort of fell into place. It was awesome. You all know that I just love my photographer Jonathon and his wife Sharon to pieces (Sharon, you guys coming over for the Super Bowl or what?), right? Some of my favorite pictures from the wedding are all the detail shots he took. I know that I have posted about a million pictures of my wedding and you're probably thinking I'm the most narcissistic person on the planet (I feel that particular award goes to Paris Hilton). But truth be told, I am in love with my wedding. It's true. Could you tell? What differentiates all weddings? The people and the details, regardless of how fancy-schmacy or simple you want it to be. Here are my details.


 The Hair-Do!

The Bouquet.

The Jewels.

The Rings.

Out of Town Bags. The funny thing is that this was a"reject" bag. Note that part of the E and O are missing!

The Groom.

"I DO!" Shoes!

The Chapel.

Ceremony Flowers. I LOVE the red doors!

The Programs.

The Head Table.

The Cake Buffet.

The Tables. LOVED my chargers. By the way, I have like 50 of these to sell.

The Welcome Table.This included the picture of me and The Candyman (a gift from Sharon!), The Candyman's parent's wedding photo album, my parent's framed wedding invitation, my birdhouse that was for the cards and a place for presents. :)

A 45-year old wedding invitation!

Homemade Cookie Favors.

Matches. I think this might be my fave detail.It was so pointless, but just so much fun to do. It just made my little anal retentive heart sing.

The Bar. Mmmmm....Malbec.

I look at these pictures and I swear, I love The Candyman more each time I do. Why is that? I also want to get married all over again. Can I? Please? Pretty please?

What was the favorite little detail of your wedding? What are you working on now (if you're still planning) that you're loving? Do tell.

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Reader Comments (3)

Lady, you kill me. Amazing details!

February 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChic 'n Cheap Living

what amazing details! congrats!

February 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBEL

I love your details. The hair is amazing! I'm thinking about doing something similar with mine. Who did it?

I'd divulge all of my little details, but then they'd go showing up in some magazine. :) At the moment though..DIY laterns which will hang over each table. It's pretty much going to make our reception. One of these days I'm going to get around to blogging about it. Promise.

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