Cotton Candy
Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 7:49PM
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I think we all know that The Thirty-Something Bride is a sucker for sweet things. Loves me my icing. I think I've made that abundantly clear. Thankfully, the things I really like aren't always available exactly when I'm craving them. This is a good thing, trust me. The reason my faves aren't around for me to totally scarf is because I like to rock my sweet old skool. Candy bars and chips and such don't really tempt me. But when it comes to candy, I'm a dead woman. Since Halloween is bearing down upon us, I'm sure to fall prey to some of my favorites: 

Necco Wafers




 Pixie Stix      

Candy Corn

And last, but certainly not least:

COTTON CANDY! What's funny is that I don't see this as a terrible way to go, this Death by Cotton Candy. And I think this is what I'd actually look like if I was running from a cotton candy tornado. But honestly, I'm pretty sure I'd turn and face the storm head-on, mouth open.


So basically, I love solid sugar. The Candyman gave me a hard time at our anniversary dinner because I was eating the sugar cubes they served with our coffee. I love popping sugar cubes in my mouth and just letting them melt...mmmmm. Sugar.

So I was happily surprised when I was reading through the November issue of Brides magazine. First of all, I totally stole this magazine from my orthopedic guy's office. Can't say I have ever thieved a doctor's office magazine before, but considering the balance of magazines available (People, Parenting and Motor Trends Today), I figured an actual bride left it and no one would really miss it.... Anyway, two little blurbs totally spoke to me.

First, I want to say that when I went hunting for images, it appears that the bain of my existence just posted about this very thing. Sigh. Always a day late and a dollar short. But I don't care, because I simply love cotton candy and now you can too. We ALL can, for the low low price of $50 and a trip to Best Buy. Check it out:


 That's right, it's a freakin' cotton candy making machine by Nostalgia Electrics (also home of the Kegorator). But the cool thing about this particular version is that you can turn HARD CANDY into the freakin' COTTON CANDY! Think about that! Take a Jolly Rancher, a Butterscotch or even a sugar-free hard candy and turn it into cotton candy - FOR $50! I'm all about this little contraption right now. You could totally do this at you wedding/shower/honeymoon (mmmmm...sticky!)!

Via the bane of my existence.


So the other little tasty nugget? More solid sugar. Literally. Now this is something that had I seen during my own wedding planning, I would have fallen for hook, line and sinker. I would have obsessed and massaged the budget for at least a solid week to try to incorporate. I would've been edgy and irritable and snapped at The Candyman for no good reason because here was yet another thing that every other bride in the world was going to have except for me. I would have shook my fist and damned those brides and their "sky's the limit" budgets. "Those bitches!" I would have seethed to The Candyman. And then he would finally catch up to the wedding-angst-du-jour and talk me down from the ledge that was Wishful Wedding Planning and back into Reality Wedding Planning. Soooooo....that being said, this next tidbit falls into the Wishful Wedding Planning. Somewhat wasteful in all aspects, but oh so lovely.

Decorated fucking sugar cubes. Check it out.

Amazing, right? The good thing about these, from Home Sweet Home Sugar Cubes, is that they offer a DIY eBook to download (for a price, of course) if you have a steady hand and the patience of Gandhi.

And if we had done the champagne toast thing (we didn't), I would have engaged in more fist shaking, foot stamping and childish behaviour because I would definitely have longed for these Champagne Sugar Charms.

Dropping the sugar into the champagne will create a champagne cocktail of sorts (minus the bitters), but most of all, it's crazy freaking pretty.

 I'll admit that I'm a sucker for the sugary-sweet-hurt-your-teeth stuff. I've made myself sick to my stomach and ripped mouth completely raw from over-indulging in it's various forms. But I love it. I do. I hope that if there is a heaven and they let me in,  I'll be able to enjoy it like this:  


I hope I haven't induced anyone into un-obtainable Wishful Wedding Planning, but hey, that Cotton Candy machine is only $50 and you can totally use it over and over and over....

So, what's YOUR favorite sweet thing? Do you rock it old skool like me, or does something else make you kookooforcocopuffs?

 Or more importantly, what's your current want-it-but-can't-have-it Wishful Wedding Planning obsession?

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